Assassins Creed 1: Game Review

Assassins Creed series of games has more than 10 parts. Modern projects can boast a large open world, beautiful graphics and even a variety of weapons. However, you should not forget what started one of the most popular game series at the moment. Let's get acquainted with Assassins Creed 1.


Immediately after the announcement of the new game in 2008, Ubisoft shared many details with the gaming community. The release of the project meant a major breakthrough in the industry. The creators promised in details developed cities of the ancient world, an advanced system of parkour, an interesting plot and connection with modern time. Almost all the ideas the company managed to translate. Gradually invented technologies only developed and improved. Improved parkour, for example, we can observe in the newest parts of the series. So what was Assassins Creed 1 about?

Passage of Assassins Creed 1


Contrary to expectations, the main character of the first part was an ordinary resident of the metropolis Desmond, who agrees to experiment in a secret laboratory. He is in the center of events and studies of the ancient order of the Templars. The player will plunge into the Animus and return to the past. The ancestor of the main character is Assassin Altair.It is for him to play most of the time. Only occasionally will the game release you from the Animus and reveal some details of the plot.

Theft in Assassins Creed


The emphasis in the development of Assassins Creed 1 was placed on the mechanics and the open world, so the plot of the game has some minor problems. After a smart tie and beautiful cinematic inserts, the game sends you to the open world to search for victims, which must be destroyed by the will of the brotherhood. 9 targets are located in three cities: Damascus, Acre and Jerusalem. Locations differ in architecture, color and population. True, the types of classes in them are the same. Large settlements are connected by trails and countryside, where you can ride a horse.

With a third-person view of the game it is very easy and pleasant to engage in parkour, as well as to fight with opponents. The combat system is simple and based on counterstrokes and blocks. From the side it looks a little ridiculous, because while you are fighting with one Templar, the others are standing around waiting for their turn, and not attacking Altair.

Well implemented shelter system. In order for the guards to lose sight of you, you need to hide on the roof, hang around the crowd of passersby, hire musicians and ask them to divert attention.To identify enemies in the crowd, the player uses eagle vision, which highlights the hostile and neutral units in different colors.

It was in the first part that the now-popular “towers” ​​and the leap of faith had already appeared. To explore the nearest part of the city and get marks on a map of the area, you need to climb the highest building and look around. To go the same way down, the character can safely jump into a stack or a cart with hay under the tower. Now this feature is considered almost the main feature of the series.

Assassins Creed 1 by Mechanics

Passage of Assassins Creed 1

Arriving in the first city, Altair does not go straight to kill, because he does not know the location of the target. In the search he will be helped by the refuge of brotherhood in each of the cities, which gives the player tips. After that, you need to perform several side quests and prepare for the attempt.

Quests can not boast of diversity, but at that time, in 2008, this gameplay was breakthrough. In Assassin's Creed 1, the protagonist can keep track of goals, eavesdrop on their conversations, steal important documents, or catch negotiators. By collecting information bit by bit, you get the big picture and find out the location of the main goal at this stage.

Usually the enemy does not move alone and is always in crowded places. Consider that killing targets is the main part of Assassins Creed 1, since you will have to pick up tactics, quietly make your way to tricks, choose between silent killing or destroying everyone around.

After the elimination of one goal, you listen to the enemy's death confession. Whether he repents or not - decide for yourself, unfortunately, the game does not give a choice regarding the preservation of his life. After hearing the speech, you go for a new order from the fraternity. And this gameplay is repeated in Assassins Creed 1 many times. Now we can say that the ancestor of the series lacked a variety and side activities. However, this has been fixed in subsequent Ubisoft games.

assassin s creed 1

Where can I download?

If you are interested in the first part or you want to remember the classics, then be sure to download and play it. You can purchase a licensed copy of the game in digital stores Steam or UPlay. If you do not want to spend money on the game, then download Assassins Creed 1 repack from Mechanics or another team. Find similar assemblies on any torrent tracker.

Assassins Creed 1 game


Considered the original Assassins Creed is now difficult to call an interesting and exciting game.For 2008, the project was a breakthrough in terms of graphics, working out the details of the surrounding world, gameplay mechanics. Many games are still based on a similar gameplay, so the first Assassin should be given credit for its invaluable contribution to the industry and the birth of a large series of games.

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