"Asiks-Gel": shoes for athletes

Sneakers for sports such as basketball,Volleyball, running, walking occupy a leading position in the world market in terms of quality and volume of sales. Many prize-winners of competitions and championships in track and field athletics have won thanks to professional sneakers "Asiks-Gel".

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A few words about the brand

Its history is taken by the firm in the 1940sthe last century in Japan under the name Onitsuka Tiger. The company began its activity with the release of the world's first basketball sneakers in Japan. After 30 years it was renamed Acics. The name consists of an abbreviation for the well-known Latin saying "In a healthy body - a healthy mind."

Since then, the company has significantly expandedproduction of sports shoes and joined the ranks of the world's most famous brands. She has her own research institute in the city of Koba. It is developing the latest modern models of sports shoes with silicone inserts - Asiks-Gel sneakers.

Acics-Gel Kayano shoe series

Laboratory for creating professional shoes forrunning with interest follows the latest world technologies and introduces them at their scientific and technical enterprises in the development of running shoes. Particular emphasis is placed on the dynamic and orthopedic properties of models, as well as the individual characteristics of people. The result of these creative searches was the legendary Asiks-Gel sneakers (Kayano).

The Kayano series is considered by professional runners a symbol of quality and ideal footwear, as it has a number of significant advantages.

Developers have increased the space in the areasock, and the back of the sneaker tightly encircles the heel on all sides. Thanks to the use of a special foam Flyte Foam provides a smooth and springy transition from the heel to the toe. In the inner part of the sole used foam is very high density, which allows you to get very good stability in motion. Asiks-Gel models Kayano are made without seams - this helps to avoid the appearance of calluses and rubbing during long running. In the development of shoes used technology Dinamic Duomax. With her help, knee injuries are eliminated and the leg position is adjusted during running.

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Sneakers Acics gel Lyte III

Acics-Gel Lyte III - one of the most popular andwidespread models of this Japanese brand. Quality at a high level, excellent characteristics for playing sports and for running at any distance. Beautiful design and reasonable prices make this series of running shoes one of the most popular models. And not surprising!

Sneakers "Asiks-Gel" light recognized as the mostcomfortable and comfortable in the toe for the entire history of the Japanese brand, thanks to innovative technologies used in production. The following factors relate to the advantages.

  • Anatomic shoe that repeats the bend of the foot.
  • Thick nylon.
  • Water resistant suede.
  • Shock absorber system Gel.

Cut the forked tongue and comfortable lacing.sneakers asiks gel light

Women's volleyball sneakers Acics Gel-Rocket 7

The company cares first of all about quality and convenience when releasing its products. She offers shoes for both men and women, takes into account the anatomical structures of the feet of both sexes.

"Asix-gel" Rocket 7 - sneakers, designed specifically for athletes involved in volleyball, and making a huge number of fast lateral movements.

When developing this type of footwear specialistsGel inserts were used, significantly softening the load and impact during the landing. Also sneakers provide excellent lateral stability, preventing dislocations of the foot. The top is made of breathable mesh fabric. She is responsible for comfort and perfect support during sports. The underlay contains natural rubber, and not traditional rubber. This helps to achieve better adhesion to the surface and minimize slip. The insole is very comfortable and can be replaced if necessary. A special element located in the central part of the sole, takes care of stability and prevents the curling of the foot.

The Acics Gel Rocket 7 is designed for volleyball players with a normal and narrow foot width.

Children's sneakers Acics Gel Lyte V

As mentioned above, the company issuesline Gel Lyte the lightest and most comfortable sneakers for everyday wear, and for all sexes and ages. And this means that small buyers can also buy themselves models of Asiks, made to the same standards as for adults. Particularly popular is the classic silhouette of Gel Lyte V:

  • sole with shock absorption technology Gel;
  • Neoprene toe;
  • suede inserts;
  • comfortable lacing and monotonous coloring.

This model is at the peak of popularity since 1993.

If you want to preserve your health and createcomfort for your child, it is worth paying attention to the children's sneakers "Asiks-gel". Customers' reviews say most of all that this product is really meant to start acquaintance of small offspring with quality sports shoes.

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Comfortable sports shoes should helpmaximum disclosure of people's physical capabilities. All agree with this. But since these opportunities are not the same for all, and people with different physical data want to play sports, Acix Gel was comfortable and high-quality sports shoes for these purposes.

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