"Asepta", toothpaste: composition and reviews

Your health should be carefully monitoredeven from an early age and tame this useful habit of their children. Particular attention deserves the oral cavity, namely the teeth. In some cases, they acquire excessive sensitivity. In such situations it is recommended to use soft care products. For example, the brand "Asepta" - toothpaste, gel, mouthwash and others are characterized by low abrasiveness.

Causes of hypersensitivity

With the problem of hypersensitivity of teethmost people in most countries. Moreover, according to some information, over the past 10 years, the incidence of hyperesthesia in adults has increased to 68%. And this is only from the number of people who have been examined. It should be noted that the presence of this disease indicates a non-carious lesion of hard tissues.

Asepta toothpaste

When the tooth enamel is normal, it protects welltooth pulp from exposure to temperature and other irritants. Pathological changes in its structure inevitably lead to the fact that the sensitivity of the teeth increases. The disease can begin to progress after tooth decay. Other reasons may be:

  • elution of calcium from the enamel;

  • use of whitening paste;

  • tooth defect;

  • susceptibility to increased erosion of teeth.

To remove sensitivity, it is necessary to use therapeutic and prophylactic means. It is good in this regard, "Asepta" (toothpaste). About this product and will go further speech.


Effective disease control is helped by special pastes of the Sensitive type, which translates as "sensitive or" susceptible. "These include the products in question.

In such treatment formulations, someamount of potassium. This chemical element helps to reduce the sensitivity of the nerve endings of the tooth pulp. For this reason, most of these products contain potassium in the form of nitrate, chloride or pyrophosphate.

In addition, the product has a compoundcalcium and fluorine. This allows the formation of a protective film for the enamel - hydroxyapatite. In fact, the film is formed precisely due to the fluorine content. A reliable protection is created, which steadfastly resists the effect of various irritating factors.

Toothpaste composition

Thermal mud allows the formation of specialproperties that are given to the toothpaste "Asepta". The composition in this case has a calming and healing effect. Blood circulation also improves, and tooth enamel becomes stronger.

For antimicrobial resistance of teeth is responsiblethe content of xylitol and such medicinal plants as calendula, sweet clover, ayr. Due to the content of papain with time, you can return a lost snow-white smile. Also, you can forget about the raid in many aspects once and for all.

Efficiency of use

Thanks to the composition described,high efficiency of toothpaste application. The therapeutic and prophylactic agent not only reduces the excessive sensitivity of the teeth, but also helps strengthen the enamel. In addition, due to the antibacterial properties of "Asepta" (toothpaste) helps reduce the risk of caries. But most importantly, it removes inflammation and bleeding gums. A regular application of toothpaste is a guarantee of fresh breath.

High quality and reliability guaranteed

For the production of treatment-and-prophylacticThe Russian pharmaceutical company Vertex is responsible for the products. It was founded in 2003 and at the present moment is the largest domestic manufacturer of means in the field of cosmetology and medicine.

Toothpaste reviews

The company's products are divided into several series:

  • "Alerana" - reliable protection and care of hair;

  • "Asepta" - treatment and prevention of various diseases of the oral cavity;

  • "La Cree" is the proper care for problem skin.

The main task facing the company is to make high-quality and safe products that will be available to a wide section of the Russian population.

Indications for use

Treatment-and-prophylactic "Asepta" (toothpaste)good for use as a daily hygienic. Only experts recommend additionally to use any conditioner with fluorine content. In addition to hyperesthesia in adults or children, indications for the use of toothpaste can be the presence of such diseases:

  • gingivitis;

  • periodontitis;

  • stomatitis;

  • cheilitis;

  • glossitis.

As for contraindications, there are no special cases, except for individual intolerance of the components.

Method of application and result

To clean toothpaste "Asepta sensitive"is applied to the brush in small quantities. The process itself is performed in a circular motion. Since the state of the enamel directly affects the health of the gums, each procedure should be given due attention to them, carefully combining them.

After cleaning, rinse your mouth with water or some kind of hygiene product, delaying for half a minute. The entire procedure is carried out twice a day, in the morning and before bedtime, spending at least 2-3 minutes.

Toothpaste aseptas sensitive

The full result can be seen a month afterstart using the tool. Studies show that the sensitivity of enamel is reduced by 48.2%, the risk of bleeding gums falls to 61.7%, and the condition of the oral cavity improves by 66.3%.

Protecting your teeth

In addition to the existing products, Vertex has launched a new series of "Asepta" ® PLUS, consisting of three novelties:

  • Careful whitening.

  • Remineralization.

  • Coffee and tobacco.

Pastes of the first category are useful for people withincreased sensitivity of tooth enamel. The second category is intended for people who need intensive teeth whitening. The third category is intended for the restoration of enamel. The composition contributes to the fact that quickly heals teeth "Asepta Plus" (toothpaste). Remineralization is achieved due to the increased content of hydroxyapatite, why the enamel is quickly restored.

The change in the structure of the enamel is associated with the loss of useful minerals or the intake of insufficient amounts in the body. Also, this can affect the increased acidity of saliva.

Reliable protection for children

For loving parents, nothing is more important thanchildren's health. The company "Vertex", in addition to adults, takes into account the needs of each child. Hygienic products are made on the basis of gel, so that the best and gentle way to remove the remains of food from the teeth. And it is worth noting that children's enamel is not yet strong enough, and therefore needs a particularly careful attitude.

Asepta baby toothpaste

In the line of children's pastes "Asepta" presents the means of Baby and Kids. Baby series is recommended for newborns and children up to 3 years. Children can buy a child from 4 to 8 years old.

Virtually any "Asepta" - children's toothpaste- has a pleasant and sweet taste of "Tutti Frutti", which allows you to quickly accustom the child to a new necessary and useful habit. Inclusion of plant components in a reliable way to protect the oral cavity from the occurrence of inflammatory reactions. So thanks to the presence of extracts of chamomile, aloe and witch hazel paste has anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. In addition, it moisturizes and softens the gum.

Public opinion

How do they react to domestic productsmanufacturer ordinary buyers? Many note the high quality of the product and praise for its natural composition. And as some buyers have noted, they used to suffer from a permanent yellow plaque on their teeth. One can only imagine how difficult it is to hide your smile all the time, knowing full well how a raid on your teeth can spoil the impression of a person. After using the products of the company Vertex, a yellow shade as it has not happened.

Asepta plus toothpaste remineralization

In general, toothpaste "Asepta" reviews are positive. In addition, many dentists can recommend its benefits, which advise this tool to their patients.

In conclusion, it remains to wish all carefullyfollow not only the oral cavity, but also the whole body. After all, many diseases come because of a bad diet.

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