As the dream book interprets, tomatoes dream about passion

In life, we are confronted with thousands of people andevents, analyze our meetings, our actions and our lives. In a dream, we can recall events that happened to us in childhood, and sometimes even in a past life. Dreams are our helpers, because they help us to explain some phenomena and objects that we see at night. To correctly interpret their meaning, you should refer to a variety of dream books.

How does the dream book read tomatoes? The vegetables themselves represent love and hot passion. If you dreamed that you see red juicy tomatoes, there will be a fire in your relationship, and even what! Your fans will not give you a pass, wait for obsessive calls, visits and attention. You will get a lot of pleasant emotions. However, fans can get bored of you too quickly. As the dream book interprets, red tomatoes talk about success at work. But the green is quite the opposite. Your ideas are still raw and not ready for implementation. Do not make serious deals and make important decisions. It's worth waiting for a while, or you can regret it.

What else can the dream book tell? A red tomato indicates that very soon someone will grieve you very much. You will long be angry with this person for injustice towards you. If you dream that you are eating tomatoes - your health will improve, you will go to the amendment. If the tomatoes are very large and do not fit in the palm of your hand - wait for the financial improvement. You will suddenly receive a bonus or win a large sum in the lottery, although you think that you are not lucky. If in a dream you see well-groomed tomatoes growing in a greenhouse, quarrels and misunderstandings will stop in your family life. Once again you will feel like a harmonious pair, you will find common topics for conversation and set new common goals.

Dream interpretation of tomatoes as success in business. The round form of vegetables is a direct hint to the "coins" that you will receive for your work. The main thing is not to be conceited, not to experience excessive pride and confidence, because all good things can end as unexpectedly as they appear. Be attentive to the circle of your communication. No matter how sad it is, it is the people close to you that can put you on the running board. As the dream book interprets, tomatoes of yellow color are dreamed of feeling jealous. Do not take to heart if your soul mate communicates with other people. Perhaps you yourself do not pay enough attention to it, so your love replaces the lack of attention with friends. In this situation, you should not be proud or arrogant. Just talk with your loved one, and find more time for surprises and gifts.

What else will the dream book tell? Tomatoes with black specks or completely rotten say that in your life there is a crisis. This applies to the relationship, and work, and hobbies. Nothing is obtained, time is not enough to implement plans that are broken one by one. Pull yourself together, after all, the person is the master of his own destiny. If in a dream you sell tomatoes - in business, expect success. You will attract new customers and make a profit. If you were thrown in a tomato and hit hard - you made an enemy of yourself. Remember, who could you offend lately, with whom you ruined the relationship? Do not delay with reconciliation, otherwise the enemy will be able to take revenge on you. If you throw yourself tomatoes, then you are too pissed at life and are trying to throw your problems onto other people.

Dreams can explain and help us a lotavoid many mistakes. The main thing is to look carefully at the details of sleep and draw the right conclusions. And tomatoes often snaps to good events, so do not despair and start fulfilling your dreams.

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As the dream book interprets, tomatoes dream about passion As the dream book interprets, tomatoes dream about passion As the dream book interprets, tomatoes dream about passion As the dream book interprets, tomatoes dream about passion As the dream book interprets, tomatoes dream about passion