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Art director is an artistic director,comprehensively developed and educated person, who has a complex responsibility for the entire organization. This profession is in demand in many areas of activity: advertising, entertainment industry, cinema, television, publishing business, the Internet and even video games. A person holding the post of art manager or director, first of all, must be a creator (writer, composer, artist or musician).

Depending on the size of the company, the art managercan be responsible for the work of the whole enterprise or a certain site. Such a person should be not only talented, but also purposeful, persistent, hardworking. To achieve results, sometimes you have to spend a lot of strength and nerves. Art director - this is not a profession, but a vocation, so people must initially have creative thinking, have a creative approach to business.

Art DirectorIf we consider the restaurant business, thenit should be noted that many institutions work not on the number of visitors, but on the quality of service, so that customers like their work. Art director should think over the design of the premises, engage in recruiting, organize parties, cooperate with advertising agencies, communicate with clients. He is responsible for the brand of the institution.

Art director is a versatile specialist,who should be able to do everything, understand, improvise on the go, constantly generate ideas. This is a person with unlimited experience and knowledge that helps to get out of the water in all situations. Such an expert should be a little psychologist, marketer, designer, and also a clown.

Work as art directorArt director creates a brand of the institution, and from that,how much it will be successful, the future and financial well-being of the enterprise depends. It is very important to be able to make non-standard decisions. Such an expert should often communicate with the press in order to present his institution or advertising product in the best possible light. Such work will make the brand recognizable, and this, in turn, will attract customers.

Art-managerArt director acts as the face of the company. He should do everything to ensure that customers enjoy the service and they turned to the services of the institution once again. The duties of the art manager also include communication with regular customers, he must know them in person, and ideally - by name.

Art directors are needed in the publishing business. It is these specialists who follow the design of newspapers or magazines, select or create photographs and images on their own. In the advertising agency, the art manager can not work independently, so he collaborates with the copywriter. The first is responsible for the visual part of the advertising product, and the second - for verbal filling. Depending on the structure of the agency, the art director can stand over the illustrators or designers, or he can do it himself.

If we consider the film industry, hereart managers can be artistic directors, stage designers, make-up artists, decorators, costume designers, etc. First of all, they should monitor the quality of visual aspects of the film work.

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