Aron name: history and description

Rare names are gaining popularitythese days. Parents, choosing their child, often turn to their family traditions. Sometimes - to the interpretation of Greek, Latin, French and Old Russian names. Another popular trend is the choice of biblical names. In this article, you will learn the meaning of the name Aron and its origin, as well as several popular people known by this name.

Popular names-2017

the meaning of the name aaron In 2017, in Russia is still on the first placeremain male names Alexander, Maxim, Artem and Michael, and among women - Sofia (Sofia), Mary (Maria), Anastasia and Daria. However, interest in unusual names of Old Russian origin has increased again. For example, Tikhon and Agafia.

Much less common are biblical: Luke or the already mentioned name Aaron. What motivates such a choice is difficult to explain. Perhaps, it is a kind of a tribute to fashion, the parents' desire to "stand out" from the general mass, and maybe even an attentive choice of a name, coordinated with personal preferences and interpretations. One thing is for sure. Parents who choose their child's name as a biblical hero must be doubly careful when making such an important decision.

Biblical stories: the name Aron

name aaron According to the Pentateuch, Aaron was called the elder brotherMoses. It was he who supported his brother when he decided to free the Jews from the yoke of the Egyptians. The name Aron was the first high priest in the history of the Jewish people. In the sacred writings he is given a secondary role after Moses. He possessed an excellent gift of the speaker, acted as a kind of "connecting link" between Moses and the Egyptian pharaohs, as well as Israel. The name Aron, whose origin is described in the Bible, also means "The Ark of the Covenant" - a very significant concept for all Christians.

Aaron showed the true miracles to Pharaoh. His rod turned into a serpent and easily absorbed those serpents that the sisters of the wise men of the Egyptians had become. The famous ten plagues of Egypt, which Moses foretold, were also carried out by the hands of Aron, the man who created the first and only set of laws for the Jewish priests of all dignities. The meaning of the name Aaron for the Israelis can not be underestimated, because he was a truly cult person: he was the first judge of this state, the teacher of the entire Jewish people.

Character of Aron

Parents who choose a name for their baby, oftentormented in confusion, trying to find the detailed characteristics of the names, looking for their original meaning and origin. And they do it for good reason, because in the name of a person depends very much on how his fate will develop. The experience of many people proved that after the change of the name they felt themselves quite different people. So, a person whose name is Aron will have his unique temperament and a number of distinctive features.

The characterization of this name also takes itsan explanation in the Bible. Aaron was meek, sensitive, compliant and ready for reconciliation. The softness of his character allowed him to be tempted by the people's pleas, when he gave the people a golden calf, after which they were severely aaron characteristic

Features of temperament

The name Aron with all his meekness and grace canto bring to the person the big advantages in dialogue with associates. The bearer of it is a born diplomat who can resolve any conflict situation and find a compromise where he seems to be unattainable. Aaron is a mild-mannered but not timid person, he can quickly find friends and friends, while the choice of environment is fairly responsible. Possessing natural insight, he will find loyal and trusted people for himself.

Aaron is very active, sometimes unconcerned, it happensdifficult to suppress, but he has respect for parents and needs their tenderness, love. A bearer of a name is exacting to the attention of others, like any child, but one can not say that he is unnecessarily injured. A kid named Aaron will have a well-developed intuition from childhood, he will be interested in books and intellectual games, but, perhaps, no more than football or catch-up. By the way, the baby will develop harmoniously, it is worth it only to help.

Famous people named Aron

name aaron origin Among the Russian and Soviet Arons there were manytalented people, for example the scientist A. Davidson, who devoted his life to the study of metallurgy, as well as the historian Gurevich and Karponosov, the chief lieutenant of the Red Army. There are many foreign athletes, chess players and in general masters of their craft with this name. Perhaps it was the parents' choice of the name Aaron that once influenced the way their life was formed, because all these people had great strength of mind and perseverance to reach such heights. As for art, Aaron's name may be familiar to viewers of the fantastic television series "Staying Alive", because a toddler who was born to one of the heroines on the island after the plane crash was named by this name. The heroine chose this unusual name for her unusual son and was not mistaken. The kid has endured all the trials that destiny has prepared for the heroes.

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