Armenian gampr: photos, breed description, character, content features and owner reviews

Armenian wolfhound gampr is a national breed of Armenia. This is a majestic dog of large size, inspiring awe, fear, respect and a sea of ​​other emotions. Looking at this animal, I want to know about its character, conditions of detention. This information will be especially interesting to those who wish to have such a pet, but doubts their choice, fearing for the safety of family members, especially children. In this article we will tell in detail about the dog Armenian gampr (wolfhound). Photos of this beautiful beast will also be presented, according to them everyone will be able to appreciate the beauty and power of the breed.

Breed history

Armenian gampr

Gampr is the bedrock of the Armenian Highlands. Even in antiquity, these giants were domesticated by humans for use in protection.

Previously, this breed was spread throughout the Armenian Highland, as evidenced by numerous rock paintings. On some petroglyphs, it is clearly visible that among the people there are dogs as assistants, now known as gampr (Armenian wolfhound). Of course, on the images there are other, today unknown breeds of dogs.

The figures show that dogs were used not only to protect people, flocks, but also in hunting.

In modern times, the breed was recognized quite recently - in early February 2011. More specifically, on February 10, 2011, the Armenian gampr is recognized internationally.

Although the breed is recognized not so long ago, it is popular for a long time not only in Armenia. Puppies are in demand around the world!

General description of the Armenian Gampr breed

It is not surprising that the gampra is called a wolfhound, because this term is applicable to all dogs of large size. Also, one can often hear that the gampr is a Caucasian shepherd dog with Armenian roots, and it is. The dog Armenian gampr (wolfhound), whose photo is presented in the article, belongs to the genus Shepherd Dogs.

When registering Gamprov in the clubs of dog breeders, they are given the name of a species of Caucasian Shepherd Dog. But here you can argue. This breed is large, some individuals at the withers 90 centimeters. The jaws of the dog are massive, the head is large, and this indicates that the breed is closer in descent to the molossi.

Back in the USSR of the 20s, it was decided to deduce the factory breed of Caucasians. This involved not only the indigenous wolfhounds of the Armenian Highlands, but similar "models" of the entire territory of Armenia. Today, not all gampras living in the highlands are involved in breeding, as they have a particular phenotype: by some standards they may be suitable for the Caucasians, but for some - absolutely not.


description of Armenian gampra

The modern Armenian gampr practically does not differ from its ancient ancestor. He is just as big, powerful, and by some signs strongly resembles a wild wolf. During breeding, the quality of the wild beast was inherited, since for a long time the wolfhounds mated with wolves.

It is difficult to judge only by the photo of Armenian sheep-dogs Gamprov. We looked at reviews of owners of such pets and share first-hand characteristics:

  • adequate breed, not prone to aggression from scratch;
  • smart dogs, easy to train, but bustling. If for some reason the dog today does not want to work, it cannot be forced, it will still refuse to fulfill the requirements;
  • Gampro has a highly developed instinct for self-preservation, they are careful;
  • dogs are viable;
  • the breed shows friendliness to people;
  • wolfhound psyche balanced;
  • Looking at this dog, you feel its power, power, but it is faithful, intelligent and obedient.

The following abilities of the Armenian gampra are noted:

  1. In a difficult situation, the dog will not be confused, it is able to take on its own the most rational solution to the problem that has arisen.
  2. His man will defend selflessly, this is a reliable security dog.
  3. Despite its size and weight, the dog is not slow and not lazy. It moves quickly, there are no problems with long transitions.
  4. Superbly amenable to learning.
  5. Carries all the burden. Also, gampr easily tolerates hunger, heat and cold.
  6. It is possible to use a dog not only for the protection of property and human life, but also for the protection of both small and large livestock, this is a great shepherd!

Armenian dog gampr is endowed with excellent psychological and physical data.Today, the breed is used for various purposes, as it can be a guard, shepherd, watchman and even a lifeguard.

The data set of the breed can be attributed to the most dangerous in the world when it comes to combat, whether with a man, a dog or a wild beast. Dog breeders believe that of all known wolfhounds gampr - the best.

Appearance description

breed Armenian gampr

When choosing a dog, an important factor is its exterior. The real handsome dog is the Armenian dog gampr! Photos of the breed prove it.

So, the external characteristic:

  1. The body of the dog is complex in proportion, without flaws.
  2. The body and head are quite impressive in size.
  3. Jaws are massive, strong.
  4. Muscle gampra strong, powerful, superbly developed.
  5. The backbone is powerful.

Let us consider in more detail every detail, because even small change affects the purity of the blood of the breed.

The head of the Armenian gampra developed, clearly outlined. The skull is wide, goes smoothly to the muzzle, the cheekbones are not falling out. The frontal part of the skull is wide, flat. Cheeks are plump. The ears of the dog are small, neat, set slightly lower than eye level.

Eyes expressive, intelligent, deep-set, have a slightly slanting shape. The hair around the eyes is slightly darker than the entire coat.

Jaws developed, teeth white, closely spaced to each other.

The neck of the dog is powerful, muscular, not long.

The body of the gampra is elongated, the chest is wide, rounded. The chest smoothly passes into the stomach, which among representatives of the breed is sporty fit.

The back is massive, withers on its lines are clearly visible. The tail of the dogs of this breed is set high. If the dog is calm, then the tail is at the bottom. If the beast is excited, then this part rises above the back, twisting with a sickle.

The paws of the dog are strong, even, arranged in relation to each other in parallel. The heel contour is clearly expressed, the pads are plump, soft.

The hair in the area of ​​the muzzle, ears and forepaws is short. The rest is thick, double, with a quality undercoat. Such a fur coat will certainly protect your pet from adverse weather conditions, be it cold, wind, rain or the summer heat.

If we talk about the color of the dog, then there are no specific criteria. Gampr can be gray, beige, brown and other colors.

Character description

The Armenian gampr is a large, powerful breed. When looking at the dog from the side it seems that it is an evil monster, ready to swallow the little man entirely! This is the opinion of many people who prefer to keep small pets.

Proceeding from the opinion of experienced dog breeders, it is worth noting that not all large dogs are evil, biting, and generally unfriendly. It is to these "not everyone" that the noble gampr described in the article also applies.

The breed is endowed with an incredible intelligence, ingenuity, and the most balanced person can envy the dog's psyche! The dog will be an excellent friend, helper and throughout his life devoted to his man.

It's easy to make friends with a gamprom, to find a common language. But the friendship of this giant must be earned. If you are familiar with a dog from his very puppyhood, this does not mean that he will become your devoted fan. Since childhood, the Armenian wolfhound has been demanding of attitude toward himself. He will not approve if he is offended. The dog must become a member of the family, where he is loved, appreciated, supported and respected.

Experienced gamprov breeders say that you need to be friends with this breed. It is unacceptable in relation to the dog to show anger and aggression, one day it will apply these qualities to the abuser. Respect for the dog and its location can be achieved only in the case of true friendship.

Gampras are very smart, they are capable of making independent decisions.If the animal is trained properly, it may not obey the commands. Even with the right upbringing, the dog may refuse to completely carry out any commands and work. But it is worth the wait, it's just a hard day, the dog is out of sorts!

If the gampr decided to try it out, fool around, or even foul up, then you don’t need to stop it, it will not give its results. When the dog realizes that he has played enough, rested, he will again take up his duties with the same zeal.

Gampr, other animals, children and strangers

Armenian dog breed

An important quality when choosing a breed is the attitude of the dog to other animals, children, guests of the family. If you are an open-minded person, you often have visitors in your house, then you do not need to choose a breed from the evil ones. Gampr is your dog.

If you find a common language with the wolfhound, it will protect all family members. The dog will take special care of the children, this is a real nurse who will not hurt the baby herself and will not allow anyone to do this. Gampras are very fond of children, active and naughty games with them. When the dog enters the family, he first of all tries to get closer to the child, then to the woman and, last but not least, to the man.

As for the presence in the house of other pets, they are indifferent gampru. The dog simply will not notice the cats, but it will gladly play with another dog if she wants it.

Armenian gampr is always happy for guests, especially if they are good family friends! If a stranger has come, the dog will take all his actions into account, but will not show it, so as not to frighten off! The Armenian breed of dogs gampr, the photo of which can be viewed in this article, will not attack a person for no reason, but will defend a family or himself only if the person himself has shown aggression and threatens security.

Also this huge dog also does not bark. By the way, the barking of this dog is frightening and impressive at the same time. And if gampr roars, then the blood in my veins will simply freeze!

The qualities of a shepherd

Gampr is careful not only in relationships, but also in work. When guarding the herd, the dog will avoid possible risks and will choose the safest and most peaceful way for movement. The movement of this animal is silent, graceful, it will always go a little behind its owner.

During the movement of the herd, the dog around the perimeter will describe a circle in order to notice the danger in time and prevent it.Armenian gampr - a dog with excellent guard qualities. The skills of such work were perfected for thousands of years and passed down from generation to generation.

When a dog comes to the guard of the herd, the first step is to get close to the lambs, calves and other babies. In his herd, the dog will know each member, giving special care to the most defenseless, old, weak and young individuals.

Content policy

the character of the Armenian dog

The Armenian breed of dogs gampr, the photo of which is impressive at first sight, is unsuitable for keeping in apartment conditions. Dog breeders are unhappy if such a dog enters the apartment. The point is not even in the huge size of the animal, but in the fact that it is very mobile and active and favorable conditions for this cannot be created in a city apartment. Owners of dogs Gamprov call this content bullying and irresponsible attitude of people to the breed.

The ideal condition for maintenance is the courtyard of a private house with a spacious aviary for sleeping, eating and relaxing. Some people think that a dog will be uncomfortable, lonely, scared, cold or, on the contrary, hot in the street. Gampras do not belong to the breeds that prefer comfort, the Spartan living conditions are inherent in them by nature, and the dog will prefer them to a city cozy apartment or place by the fireplace in the house.

Not applicable to contain gampra on the chain! Constructing an open-air cage or a booth, you need to make sure that the place is shady and ventilated, dogs suffer less heat than cold. Always keep the place clean and dry.

If you can not provide a dog of this content, it is best to pay attention to other breeds. In the case when you want to have a big dog, look at the shepherd dogs and the bullmastiff - these are excellent domestic and family dogs that live well in apartment conditions.

Care rules

What is Armenian gampr like?

Photos of the Armenian Gampra (the breed is the pride of Armenia) are impressive! This is a beautiful animal, but in order for your dog to please his appearance, you need to properly care for him.

The first thing you notice is wool. It is thick, beautiful, it requires daily combing during the molting period and once every 2-3 days - at the usual time. The brush should be from natural high-quality material.

Gampr - a clean animal, and it will need to be washed only in the case when the dog itself can not cope with the removal of pollution. For swimming is used only specialized shampoo for dogs with thick hair.

Trimming the Armenian gamprov can not be!

Once a week, clean the dog's ears, monitor the condition of the oral cavity and, as necessary, trim the claws.

Here is an unpretentious care. According to the owners, to follow the beauty and healthy appearance of the pet is very simple compared to other breeds.


breed armenian wolfhound

When you look at a photo of a dog of the gampr breed, the question in itself arises: how much does this “horse” eat? Judging by the reviews of dog breeders, the dog eats not so much when compared with dogs of similar sizes. The main thing - the right diet.

The daily menu should consist of 50% meat ingredients (poultry, lamb meat, beef, lean fish, rabbit, offal) and 50% of cereals and cereals (buckwheat, millet, wheat, wheat, oatmeal). Add vegetables, the dog will eat them with pleasure.

If the menu is natural, then it is necessary to supplement it with vitamins from the outside, which are sold in pet stores.

When using dry food to feed a dog, only premium classes should be selected, in which a high percentage of meat ingredient. Feed should be for large breeds, as the label on the package should indicate.The dog does not need additional vitamins. But do not forget about one thing - a lot of clean and fresh water should always be in a gampra bowl!


Even with the maintenance of a dog of this breed in the yard of a private house, she needs walking.

Dog breeders recommend at least once a day to walk with the dog, and the minimum time for this is half an hour on a leash and as much without a leash.

In addition to the usual walk, the gampru must be given physical exercise in the form of jogging, jumping over barriers, and so on.

If you correctly follow all the recommendations, then you will grow up a healthy and beautiful friend - the Armenian gampra, whose photo inspires awe.

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