Arm wrestling technique. Arm wrestling tactics

Fighting on your hands looks like a great way to demonstrate your own strength. However, in reality, the volume here is not the main role. To outperform an opponent, it is important to navigate using arm wrestling techniques and to be able to put them into practice. In the presented publication I would like to talk about the techniques that will allow the enemy to win, regardless of the degree of muscular development.


arm wrestling technique

The position of the hand at the start of the struggle depends largely on individual anthropometry. However, the ideal position is when the forearm and upper arm are at a minimum distance from each other.

There is a special seizure that potentially gives you the opportunity to gain an advantage already at the start of the fight. To achieve this goal, it is enough to position the first phalanges of the fingers slightly higher relative to the corresponding phalanxes of the opponent. You can make sure that such a capture is correct by looking at the bundle on the side.If all four phalanxes have a position close to horizontal, it will be possible from the first seconds to effectively press on the opponent’s hand, developing superiority.

The problem is that with an experienced judge it will be difficult to resort to the above technique. After all, such a seizure is prohibited by the rules of arm wrestling. In any case, the presented manipulations can be made several moments before the start of the fight.

Leg position

arm wrestling fighting technique

In order for one or another arm wrestling technique to work, it is necessary to pay attention to the position of the legs. It is possible to increase the efficiency of actions by somewhat putting the lower limb forward towards the center of the table. The other leg should be bent at the knee and provide support.

According to the rules of arm wrestling, it is forbidden to transfer the entire body mass in the direction of resistance to the hand of the enemy. Tear off from the surface of the floor is allowed only one leg. However, this applies only to the competition at the professional level. In other situations, to gain an advantage over an opponent who clearly looks stronger, you can go for a trick.It is enough to slightly raise both legs, grasp the table with your free hand and apply pressure on the opponent's limb not only with your hand, but also due to the displacement of the entire body weight.

Attack on horseback

arm wrestling technique wrestling training

So, we will pass to an essence of widespread receptions. Such a technique of wrestling in arm wrestling, as an attack on horseback, involves the sliding of fingers along the phalanges of the opponent's fingers. The goal here is to cover the opponent’s palm from above. Compared with other techniques, this approach is quite energy-intensive. However, it gives the opportunity to prevail over less experienced rivals.

Upper hook

To operate with such an armwrestling technique should be similar to the previous version. However, it is not necessary to give a stretch at the start. The main goal is some brushing aside. The main pressure here is carried out by the index and middle finger.

Bottom hook

This technique and tactics of armwrestling involves a sharp turn of the hand on yourself in the first moments after the start of the fight. The little finger in this grip should be directed to the body, and the thumb turned away from him.With such a reception, you need to wait until your opponent exhales somewhat, and then lay his hand on the table.


arm wrestling

Pulling is one of the most popular arm wrestling techniques. Training for admission is as follows. To begin with, the strongest grip of the opponent’s hand is carried out. Then the brush is bent, and the opponent's limb is attracted towards itself. In the final phase of the pressure should be exerted, carrying out the main emphasis on the voltage of the triceps.

Side technique

Reception involves moving the hand to the side along with the body. With this approach, no change of angles is allowed. This arm wrestling technique allows the maximum use of the abdominal muscles and back muscles. The disadvantage is the probability of losing a sharp counterattack.

Features of preparation for the competition

Regular exercises with dumbbells are of decisive importance in preparing for wrestling, which makes it possible to gain strength. However, a lot of endurance is also required for armwrestling. It should be increased by going daily for long runs.Not the last role is played by the reaction. Here sports come to the rescue or exercises with the ball. Training, the purpose of which is the improvement of these skills, must be clearly defined in the form of a schedule.

Useful recommendations

arm wrestling technique and tactics

There are several tips that can improve the effectiveness of training:

  1. The main thing in this sport is not building up muscle mass, but working out armwrestling techniques. It is necessary to monitor whether each exercise is performed correctly.
  2. In the course of training, it is imperative to perform the so-called isolating exercises, which make it possible to work out different muscles qualitatively at different angles. Certain days should be allocated to training the upper and lower limb muscles. You need to understand that the area of ​​the forearm includes flexors of the fingers and flexors of the hand. Each zone needs targeted strengthening.
  3. It is recommended to pay attention to the training of the elbow joint. When the occupation comes to an end, it is enough to load this area to failure. Only in this case there will be an increase in power of the limb.


As you can see, there are many effective armwrestling techniques. Finally, it is worth noting that achieving high results in this sport directly depends on regular practice. To achieve victories is simply impossible, relying only on strength training alone. The accuracy of the movements must be constantly worked out. It is advisable to work together with a partner. In this case, it is not necessary to fight hard. It is enough to work out different techniques, carrying out minimal resistance. If necessary, you can learn more about the techniques using the relevant subject literature.

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