Are stretch ceilings harmful?

Today in Russia, a real boom of repairEuropean standards. The buyer no longer refers so thoughtlessly to the choice of goods for repair. Now the advanced customer first thinks about the environmental friendliness of the material, its useful and, most importantly, harmful properties. Of what the finishing material consists, the majority of thinking people disturb. Whether suspended ceilings are harmful - this is discussed by many people when deciding on their use.

Synthetic material is not always harmful

Use a lot of synthetic combinations,chemical components in decoration materials - a tribute to modern unique technologies. With proper and responsible compliance with process technology, this is not harmful. Stretch ceilings are not an exception to the entire list of finishes. Often, chasing a budget option for the finish material can provoke you to purchase a counterfeit product.

Modern construction and repair uses two main types of stretch ceiling. Polyvinyl chloride film (PVC) and fabric coated fabric.

Fabric suspended ceiling

Fabric cloth due to methodManufacture, as this is a knitted fabric, but made of polyester yarn. It is covered with a mixture of poreurethane. With one component that the other is tightly integrated into our lives. They are close to us as a material for down jackets, the material of baby carriages and overalls, the covering of shoes. Are stretch ceilings harmful? What can more eloquently talk about the safety of the material, how not to use it for children. Disadvantage, and not harm, is the weak ability to retain water. If you are flooded, this ceiling does not help and will completely deteriorate.

What else is made of PVC?

Quality polyvinylchloride in everyday lifeis distributed not less than a metal or a tree. Products from it surround us both in everyday life and in society. Stretch ceilings are harmful to health no more than plastic windows, insulation of electrical wires, artificial leather, sealer of household refrigerators. Products of the most intimate purpose are made of PVC.

The drawback of this ceiling is that when working with sharp objects, you can damage it and ruin the entire surface.

PVC linen has low flammability and basicThe problem in the use of PVC products is its disposal. Arguing, what is harmful stretch ceilings, you can answer this: only when burning PVC is harmful, by forming highly toxic compounds.

The safety of the suspended ceiling is confirmedin that it is widely used in medical institutions. For institutions of sanitary, medical and health-improving nature stretch ceilings are used, however, with a bactericidal coating.

So the quality stretch ceiling is not at allis harmful to you and your environment. What is harmful stretch ceilings, so it's cheap fakes, which use the brand of a well-known brand to produce a low-quality product.

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