Apartment lighting: types of LED lighting

As practice shows, the creation of a beautifulinterior without the right selected light is impossible. Chandeliers, sconces, lights, floor lamps - all this is extremely necessary to create a cosiness. What should be the lighting of the apartment?
lighting an apartmentThis question is not easy. If correctly addressed to its solution, the LED lighting of the apartment can dramatically transform the room: visually expand or narrow the room, create a visual illusion of the vision of objects, etc. The fact that the lamps, whose light reflects off the ceiling, make the room larger, and those that directed strictly down, on the contrary, reduce it - has long been no news. From this, it is worth creating a "dance" on the ceiling.
Before you make lighting the apartment right, you need to understand many of the nuances of the question, and for this you need to find out what types of lighting generally exist.
LED LightingLED lighting facilities can be dividedinto several species. For example, if an apartment is small in size, the main task is to visually expand it. Therefore, the most suitable option for artificial light supply is a variant with pronounced contour lighting of the ceiling surface. And if the room in terms of furniture has a place to be "minimalism", then the illumination of the floor, respectively. To illuminate such a room, an LED cord or ribbon that fits around the perimeter of the room is perfect. And the intensity of the light must necessarily be adjustable in order to find a more or less appropriate brightness ratio between the ceiling and floor surfaces. The ceiling itself can be illuminated in chaotic order by spotlights.

Lighting apartment of medium size has a littleanother character. Here, in fact, the issue of visual deception of a man is not worth it, which means that we have to solve another problem. With the help of LED lighting in an apartment of medium size, you only need to emphasize all the advantages of the room. "Ponatakat" lamps simply can not work, you can spoil everything. Because of this, many owners of apartments with space and create on the ceiling compositions made of drywall. Individual ceiling design will allow homeowners to individually create and artificial lighting. Alas, but here to advise something concrete is simply impossible, because everyone has his own taste, his desires, his own possibilities.
LED Indoor LightingLighting an apartment of large sizes is often the hostsit generally puts in a stupor. After all, the main task in this situation is the creation of unique lighting with a variety of variations in tone saturation. In such a situation, usually create a combined LED lighting in a complex for self-implementation forms. It is necessary to find the most optimal variant in the "crossing" of shapes and colors so as not to harm. With this task only a professional designer can cope.

Artificial lighting of an apartment created byLED lights, emphasizes the interior, filling it with light light. Any room, highlighted in this way, looks more interesting and brighter than the presence in the room of boring chandeliers, sconces and other artificial lighting devices.

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