Antenna Analyzer: a review of models, specifications, instructions. Device for tuning antennas

In our time, radio waves have ceased to be somethingunexplored. Radio amateurs began to appear everywhere. In their work or enthusiasm, a device such as an antenna analyzer is directly involved. What it is, what kinds of species exist and how it works will be discussed later in this article.

RigExpert Analyzer

There are many different models,however, only a few of them will be considered in the article. One of the multifunction devices is the RigExpert AA 600. The purpose of this device is to configure, check and repair antennas, as well as antenna-feeder paths. The key indicators of this device are VSWR - standing wave ratio - and impedance. Both these characteristics have a graphical display on this device.

In addition, there are such additional functions,as a graph memory, connection to a computer, as well as easy-to-use measurement modes. All this makes the model RigExpert AA 600 quite acceptable in use by both professionals and amateurs. Also this device has two more distinctive measurement modes that distinguish it from the total mass, this is MultiSV ™ and SWR2Air ™. In order to make it much easier to find any malfunctions on the cable lines, this antenna analyzer has an integrated mode of analysis of heterogeneities along the transmission line.

rigexpert aa 600


Device for tuning antennasRigExperthas the following technical parameters:

  • The frequency range of the device is from 0.1 to 600 MHz.
  • Discreteness or frequency of frequency input for this device is 1 kHz.
  • Measurements can be made with this device in systems with a resistance of 25, 50, 75, 100 Ohm.
  • Range of measurement of standing wave ratio (SWR) in numerical values ​​- from 1 to 100, and in the graphic mode - from 1 to 10.
  • The VSWR is shown as a colored strip or as a digital indication.
  • There is an option for optional calibration in the SWR mode, as well as on R, X and Smith's pie chart.

Power for this model can be carried out from the following sources:

  1. Alkaline batteries in an amount of 3 pieces with a voltage of 1.5 V each. The size for these batteries is AA.
  2. Nickel-metal hydride batteries are also in the amount of 3 pieces, each of which has a voltage of 1.2V, and capacity is from 1800 to 3000 mAh.

The operating time of this model is a maximum of 3hour in the continuous measurement mode or two days if the device is in the "standby" mode. These time intervals are suitable for freshly charged power elements of the device.

Precautionary measures

There are several rules that need to be adhered to when using this antenna analyzer.

  1. Strictly forbidden to conduct any measurementsor simply connect the device to the antenna during a thunderstorm. The lightning strike, as well as the static voltage that accumulates in the antenna, are deadly to humans.
  2. Do not leave the unit connected to the antenna after the work has been completed. A thunderstorm or other nearby transmitter can disable it.
  3. It is forbidden to give signals to the input of the device with a high frequency, and also to turn on the transmitter if another working transmitter of radio waves is already near.
  4. Ground the cable before connecting. This is divided in order to avoid an electric shock from the statistical discharge of electricity present in the cable.
  5. It is not recommended to leave the device for setting the antennas on if all necessary measurements have been made. This will interfere with the nearby transmitters.

antenna tuner

SARK model overview

The device of this company appeared quite a long time and inits time is the best in such a ratio as price-quality. But even today this device is quite successfully used and in demand.

The SARK 110 is a vector metercomplex resistances. The measurement is carried out in the range from 0.1 to 230 MHz. In addition, this device also shows SWR and R-L-C in a serial as well as parallel equivalent. In addition to these indicators, the device also shows the quality factor, the phase, the reflection coefficient of the connected load. In addition, it can measure the length of the cable and the distance to the point where the inhomogeneity is located.

Data output is carried out on the screen in size 3inches as usual Voltaire-Smith diagrams or as usual numerical indicators. In case the screen seems too small, it is possible to connect the device to the computer via a USB cable and output data to its monitor.

sark 110

Purpose of the SARK model

It should be said that this antennaThe analyzer is a very serious device that has a wide range of various functions. In order to describe them all, it will take quite some time, and therefore only the main ones will be listed.

The device has a synthesizer for performing the following functions:

  1. The possibility of direct digital synthesis with an accuracy of 1 Hz.
  2. Sinusoidal output signal.
  3. The operating frequency range is from 0.1 to 230 MHz.

This model can also measure the following parameters:

  1. Complex impedance in a serial and parallel equivalent, in rectangular or polar coordinates.
  2. The reflection coefficient in the same rectangular or parallel equivalents.
  3. SWR, reflection loss, and percentage of reflected power.
  4. The last thing that can be measured by this analyzer is Q-factor, inductance and equivalent capacitance.

antenna analyzer

Features of work

This antenna analyzer endowed with some common features apply to all kinds of works that can perform this model.

  1. Has the ability to preset for all amateur bands that fall into the band of the device.
  2. Has a configurable reference impedance.
  3. It is possible to save all the collected data in the memory of the analyzer, and then call them from there if necessary.
  4. It has presets for most popular cables used for connection.
  5. It is possible to add or subtract the transmission line effect factor.
  6. The color schemes are white or black.
  7. It is possible to manually adjust the thickness of the graphs.

In addition to the analysis, this device can also perform the following types of work:

  • Construction of rectangular graphs.
  • Building a pie chart of Smith.
  • Single frequency mode.
  • Measuring the cable.
  • Field mode.
  • Multi-band mode.
  • Generator of high frequencies.

Also worth adding is that the battery life of this device is approximately 2.5 hours.

Analyzer AA-330M

The purpose of this device is an investigationcharacteristics of the antenna-feeder device of the HF-range. The device is portable, and it is located in the body, which is made of impact-resistant plastic. The model has ample opportunities that will suit both professionals and amateurs. Antenna analyzer AA-330M is equipped with an interface that allows you to communicate with a computer, and also has software, which further enhances the ability to study the characteristics of different antennas. This model can work in automatic mode, in which it will scan the selected frequency range. It can also work in manual mode, in which it has a convenient step-by-step valcoder, which in turn has the function of a button, so that it is possible to select parameters faster and more conveniently.

antenna analyzer aa 330M

Features of the device

The model has a wide variety ofopportunities. When performing measurements on the device screen, such parameters as SWR, frequency, active and reactive component of resistance, as well as a sign of reactivity are displayed. At the same time, all graphics that can be saved at the moment will be displayed on the computer screen. This function is very convenient, since these graphs can be called in the future, in order to analyze simultaneously with new measurements from other antennas. Thus, it is possible to compare the performance of new antennas with old ones, which have long been dismantled. Another very convenient feature is the automatic finding of a resonant frequency by the device during scanning of the selected range. This saves a lot of time, and also reduces the effort required to tune the antenna. When the knob is rotated, it is possible to scan all frequencies in steps of 1, 10, 100, 250 KHz.

Functions of the model AA-330M

Model AA-330M has the ability to work asa sinusoidal current generator that generates a signal level at the output of 1.4 V. There is also the possibility of tuning the pitch at 1, 10, 100, 250 KHz. Another of the functions of the device is the ability to work with two different feeder lines - at 50 and 75 ohms. For this, the device has two different measuring bridges. The device is equipped with a function to turn off the backlight on the screen. This action is applied when the instrument is used in "field" conditions and it makes it possible to increase the analyzer operating time by approximately 30%. There is also another function that allows you to record all the data received after scanning to the device's volatile memory. There is the possibility of subsequent output of recorded data to the monitor screen, and the graphs are saved when the device is turned off. The accuracy and reliability of this device have been tested on numerous experiments with R-SQUAD antennas.

battery life

Antenna-feeder system

This system is designed to perform several functions.

  • The first function of this system is the reception of inquiry signals, as well as the transmission of responses in the sector in which the exchange beacon operates.
  • The second is to ensure teamworkreceiver, as well as a transmitting device to a common antenna. It also provides switching jobs to a backup set in the event that the main worker is out of order for some reason.

antenna feeder system

It is also important to note that the antenna-feederthe system consists of two components - an antenna system, as well as a feeder path. In turn, the first of the two elements includes eight different radiators, as well as one power divider that distributes it in eight different directions. And the feeder system includes components such as four directional couplers, as well as two coaxial connecting cables that absorb loads.

SWR Value

Currently, the SWR meter is prettywidespread and widely used. The value of these devices is large, in addition, the SWR measurement, that is, the standing wave coefficient, is also widely used in antenna analyzers. However, despite the significant role of this equipment, few people reliably know what it is all the same measures such a SWR meter separately or built into the analyzer. It is precisely known that the coefficient of standing wave in the feeder is determined by two parameters. These include the antenna's input impedance and the feeder impedance. It is also important to note that in the practical part, most often the measurement of these indicators should be carried out at a small distance from the antenna itself. Most often this place is a transceiver.

How to set up TV

In order to set up MTS TV, there are twomethod. One of them is quite simple. It consists in the purchase of the recommended set with a multimedia set-top box. The advantage of this method is that in such a package all channels will already be configured. However, when using CAM-module "MTS TV" Verimatrix will have to configure all the channels themselves. In order to do this, you can use the Internet-wide lists of transponders, as well as the frequency bands that are attached to them. To find the necessary frequencies and their settings, you can also use the antenna analyzers described above.

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Antenna Analyzer: a review of models, specifications, instructions. Device for tuning antennas Antenna Analyzer: a review of models, specifications, instructions. Device for tuning antennas Antenna Analyzer: a review of models, specifications, instructions. Device for tuning antennas Antenna Analyzer: a review of models, specifications, instructions. Device for tuning antennas Antenna Analyzer: a review of models, specifications, instructions. Device for tuning antennas