Animals of Ukraine: a review, features and interesting facts

According to scientists, Earth is the onlyA place in the universe where life exists. Since it has a large area, the living creatures occupy their niches in nature. And, of course, they are looking for places where they will be most comfortable. So, Ukraine has a rich flora and fauna. About animals, whose area affects the territory of this country, read in the article.

A few figures

Ukraine is a country in which one can meetanimals 28 thousand species. More than six hundred species, or rather 690 - are vertebrate beings. These include mammals, whose number is measured by 100 species, birds (their species in Ukraine are 350), reptiles (there are more than 20 of them). Amphibians are only 19 species out of 28 thousand, fish - 90 species of marine and 110 freshwater.

As for insects and protozoa,then their group is the most numerous. The arachnids class is a fairly large group, which includes more than 3300 species. Other insects are 20,000 species. The simplest in Ukraine fifteen hundred, and worms - seven hundred species.

The most common animals in Ukraine

As it was said before, the animals of Ukraine are verya large group. What are the most common species on the territory of this country? So, there are many predators here. These include representatives of the wolf family, foxes, martens, lynxes. Other animals of Ukraine are artiodactyls. Their group is formed by moose and wild boars, roe deer and mouflons. This name is also worn by wild sheep. Rodents that are common in this country are gophers, jerboas, hamsters and field mice.

Animals of Ukraine description

Animals of Ukraine are not only predators andartiodactyls. This country has a large number of fish, such as pike, carp, perch, bream. And the birds that are common here are owls and partridges, gulls and black hazel grouses. Thus, the fauna of Ukraine is very diverse, and in the country you can meet representatives of many species of wildlife.

In the territory of this state there is a largenumber of dangerous for human beings. Some of them are poisonous, while others are also very small. These include vipers, tarantulas and karakurts, as well as scolopendra. Thus, not all animals of Ukraine are "sweet" and "furry". The description of all of them can take a very long time, so it will not be presented in this article. However, people who are going to visit the forests and mountains of Ukraine, it is important to study all the dangers that may lie in wait for them.

Classification of animals by natural zones

Animals of Ukraine are quite a large group. Their resettlement depends on which natural zone they are distributed in. So, what animals of Ukraine live in different places of this country?

  • In Polissya, you can often meet wildwild boars, forest martens, wolves, roe deer and foxes. Previously, even brown bears lived here, but now their area has moved to the most remote areas. Beavers, otters and mink are a valuable fur resource. These animals can also be found in Polissya. Such dangerous snakes as vipers, are found in this natural zone along with prickly lizards and pond frogs.
  • In the forest-steppe area, where forest and steppe species of animals coexist. These include field mice, voles, dorms and roe deer, as well as ferrets, hamsters and mole rats.

Animals of Ukraine

  • In the steppes, rodents are most often encountered, for examplejerboa and ground squirrels, and also the gentry. Birds, which typically inhabit the steppe zone, rarely live in the Ukrainian steppes. These include the bustard, the crane, the stone eagle, and also the bustle.
  • In the Carpathians live and reproduce suchrepresentatives of the fauna, like a mountain ferret, a snow vole. Lynx, hazel grouse, black grouse and capercaillie occur in the zone of mountain forests. Roe deer, martens, squirrels, wild boars, hawks, golden eagles and foxes - all these animals live in any region of the Carpathian Mountains. Even the rarest wild cat lives here.

Symbols of Ukraine

It is known that almost every state hastheir symbols. Very often these are any animals or plants. Russia has a bear, and France, for example, has a cock. Most often, the appearance of an animal symbol in any country is due to the fact that this creature is often mentioned in folk legends, fairy tales and legends.

Ukraine does not have an animal symbol. Even after the nationwide elections of the mascot animal, the inhabitants of the country did not come to a common opinion. The fact is that theoretically the symbol of this state can be a horse or tour, a cuckoo or a crane, a stork or a nightingale, a swallow or whist.

animal symbols of ukraine

All these animal symbols of Ukraine are found inworks of folklore of this country. However, with the same success in fairy tales and songs composed by Ukrainians, mention is made of wolves and bears, chicken and hares. One state can not have several animal symbols. At the same time, not all of these representatives are universally recognized, and this is an obligatory condition when choosing a country symbol.

The best option is the Falcon of the Rurik. It was depicted from the earliest times on the state emblem in a schematic form. Now he is transformed into a trident.

Problems of fauna of Ukraine

Currently, people develop technology,creates new devices and machines. Because of the stormy activity, people destroy the natural habitat of many animals, so their populations begin to decline, and species - to disappear. On the territory of Ukraine, a large number of fauna species have been registered, which were entered in the Red Book.

History of the Red Book of Ukraine

Ukrainian Red Book is officialdocument. On its pages you can find materials about all animals and plants that are on the verge of extinction, and are very rare and almost never occur in wildlife. Working with this document, scientists are developing measures used to preserve the populations of many organisms.

Plants and animals of Ukraine

What is the history of the Red Book? Some plants and animals of Ukraine first entered it in 1980. Then the document was published in one volume. However, fourteen years later, the Red Book appeared in two parts. One of them was devoted to the animal world, and the other - to the plant world. The circulation of both volumes was about seven and a half thousand copies.

Almost 550 species of animals, more precisely 542, and 826 species of fungi and plants, have got into the latest edition, which was published in 2009.

What animals are in the Red Book of Ukraine?

On the territory of Ukraine there is a huge numberanimals that were listed in the Red Book. All of them are included in different categories. Each of them indicates a certain degree of danger. For example, the disappearing are those animals that are about to disappear from the face of the Earth. Restored once were on the verge of extinction, but now their situation is corrected.

Animals listed in the Red Data Book of Ukraine

Animals listed in the Red Book of Ukraine -they are rodents, predators, bats, for example ordinary grasshoppers, ermines and small vespers. Their groups make up most of the list. Less species of artiodactyls and solipeds, insectivorous and pinnipeds, whales and hares, such as bison, hares and azov, are in danger.

Record Animals

On the planet there is a huge number of livingorganisms that surpass others by some data. For example, some are running fast, while others are jumping high. In Ukraine there are also record-holders, which are known all over the world.

Animals of Ukraine by growth

The largest in this country is the bison. Its mass can reach a whole ton and even exceed it. By the way, the animals of Ukraine in terms of growth are also record holders. And this is again a bison, because in the withers its growth reaches two or even three meters. But the moose has the richest horns. Their sweep is one and a half meters. A little less he is a noble deer - one meter.

The largest marine inhabitant is the dolphinBlack Sea bottlenose dolphin. The body length of this animal reaches three meters. Shrew shrew small - a tiny creature. Together with the tail, it can fit on a ruler six centimeters long. Weights, the maximum value of which reaches 10 grams, is enough to measure her body weight.

What animals in the Red Book of Ukraine

Faster than all in Ukraine, a hare that canrun at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour. A longevity is a beaver. The life span of these animals in the wild is almost 50 years. Among domestic animals, donkeys live the longest.

The daily diet of the bottlenose dolphin includes 30 kilograms of meat, while the shrew requires only 10 grams of this product per day.

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