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Sofa "Atlanta" - a stylish and practical itemsoft furniture, able to harmoniously fit into almost any interior. Models of this series are the ideal solution for people who are very tall, as the design of this furniture in the unfolded state provides for a spacious and spacious sleeping place, while folded such furniture is very compact and perfectly suited for rooms with a small area and a lack of free space .

sofa atlanta

Environmentally friendly high-quality materials used in the Atlanta furniture production process allow not only a high level of comfort, but also a long service life.

One of the brightest representatives of this popularseries is a corner sofa "Atlanta", the price of which fully corresponds to its quality. A laconic and at the same time very original design and ergonomic shape of this piece of upholstered furniture will please even the most demanding customers. Angular sofa "Atlant" wins its practicality and creates a sense of greatness, bringing to the interior a touch of luxury and noble elegance.

sofa atlanta priceThis piece of furniture is in the unfolded state veryspacious, however, like all the sofas in this series. In the kit to the sofa is a lot of pillows, adding additional convenience and comfort. Armrests, which have very impressive dimensions, can, if desired, equip them with shelves or cells. Upholstery can be made of leather or original fabrics of contrasting colors.

A great popularity among buyers enjoyscorner sofa "Versailles" from the series "Atlanta". The purchase of such a piece of furniture can be a very successful solution for rooms that simultaneously play the role of a bedroom and living room. In the evening, on such a couch, a whole family or a friendly company can comfortably rest, and at night this piece of furniture will become a full and spacious double bed. Sofa "Atlanta" - a practical solution, even for a small apartment.

The model is equipped with a convenient and sufficienta spacious box for storing bedding. Also this sofa is equipped with a side tabletop, which makes it doubly convenient, because it's so nice to sit in a cozy sitting in the evening, placing tea accessories and a favorite book on the built-in countertop. The upholstery is made of high-quality artificial leather with an amazing beige shade. Decorative inserts of a rich brown color on the armrests and in the lower part of the frame add models of elegance and elegance. The base of the sofa is a lattice-panel frame. Armrests with wood trim significantly facilitate the cleaning of this furniture.

sofa atlant

Sofa "Atlanta" has long deserved popularity andthe love of buyers, thanks to the excellent quality of performance, affordable price and incredible practicality. Such furniture will look harmonious both in the living room in the Art Nouveau style, and in the interior of the bedroom, made in the style of high-tech.

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