Andrey Prytkov: life and work

Every day on television screens we seenew faces: more and more young actors and actresses are attracted to Russian cinema. Many of them are forgotten, but there are personalities that you want to know more about, because they really stand out among others with their originality, charisma and a memorable manner of play.

Brief biography of a novice actor

Andrey Prytkov was born on January 28, 1995 in thethe city of Perm, the Russian Federation. At the moment, the actor is 22 years old, he has Aquarius on a horoscope. Not married, but in social networks you can find enough evidence in the form of photographs that Andrew has a girlfriend. Basically the actor is removed in Russian films and serials of the following genres: comedies, dramas and melodramas. Being a schoolboy, Andrey studied all 11 classes at school number 83 of his native city.

Prytkov graduated from the Perm State UniversityUniversity with a degree in Journalism. After a while the young man decided to try himself in a new direction and began to study at the Institute of Culture of the city of Perm in the specialty, which sounds like "Director of theatrical holidays".

andrij vychkov


At the moment, the last work of Prytkov insphere of cinema became participation in shootings of a youth serial "Crisis of the gentle age" which prime minister has taken place in 2016 on channel TNT. Directors of the series were Natalia Merkulova and Alexei Chupov. The character of Samarin became the hero of Andrew.

The very first motion picture of a young actor whohas brought him popularity, has become a part in the popular Russian series "Real boys", which has been broadcast on the channel TNT since 2010. Andrey became the hero in the series Shisha in the seventh season. Incidentally, the shooting of the series was held in the native city of the actor - Perm.

Also, the actor starred in episodic roles inthe series "Counterfeiters" in 2015 and in the movie of 2013 "The Geographer Globe Drunk", directed by Alexander Veledinsky. In the film work, the actor starred in the role of hooligan Gradusov. In the Internet on the sites and forums devoted to Russian cinema, a large number of spectators responded positively to the hero of Andrei Pritykov in the film "The Geographer Globe Drunk" - Gradusov - a pupil of the 10th "A" class. Because many people recognized him and wrote enthusiastic reviews about the game of the young actor. At the moment, despite such a young age, the actor has already managed to star in 13 films and serials.

Andrew Drill Actor

Passion for music

Became famous among Russian youth forrole in the already cult series of the present, entitled "Real boys", Andrei Prytkov decided not to dwell on success in his acting career and tried himself as a music performer under the pseudonym ACTOR. On his birthday, January 28, 2017, in one of the Perm clubs under the name "Unable Bar" Andrei Prytkov presented to the public his first music album called "Gift." David Aghayan was engaged in all the nuances of recording the album (music, mixing, mastering). All the songs in the album are filled with meaning and require repeated listening in order to truly understand the idea that the performer wants to convey. The album includes tracks: "You're the enemy", "Without gloss", "Insomnia", "My city" and others. Now Andrew is working on a joint project, but with whom, while still silent.

Andrew drills real boys

Social networks

Actor Andrei Prytkov leads several pages insocial networks, namely, "VKontakte", "Facebook" and "Instagram." There, a young actor and performer lays out a lot of personal photos, as well as thoughts and reasoning. Andrei has several tattoos on his body, including a wolf's muzzle on his forearm and a skull with a dagger stuck into it on the right side of the chest. What is justified the choice of such drawings, the actor is not going to disclose. In addition to these tattoos, the actor has others.

Andrey Prytkov is actively engaged in bodybuilding anddevotes enough free time to classes in the gym, which can not be overlooked: the young actor does not hesitate to spread candid photos in his social networking profiles.

geographer globe drunk

Andrew - one of the number of creative personalities,who do not stop there and develop, trying themselves in different areas of art. And it is worthy of praise. We wish Andrey every success and look forward to new films and musical works.

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