Anders Breivik, “Norwegian Rifleman”: biography, life in prison

Norway, July 2011. In the center of Oslo, a bomb explodes, killing 8 people. And on the island, forty kilometers from the capital, more than 500 teenagers are fighting for their lives. They are methodically hunted by a lone terrorist. The horror will last 3 hours, the victims will be 77 people. More than two hundred will be injured. How could one person sow so much chaos and destruction? Why couldn't they stop him?


On the small island of Utaya, the Norwegian Labor Party organizes an annual summer youth camp. In total, there are just over 500 children, for whom this piece of sushi seems like a paradise. There are practically no adults here, which means that adolescents have every chance to rest from the care that surrounds them at home. But they were not completely cut off from civilization, although they lived in tents in the fresh air. On July 22, 2011, the news rushed through the camp that an explosion occurred in Oslo and there were victims.

Uta Island

Terrorist attack

To prevent panic and calm children, counselors collect them in one place and report that they are safe and in no danger to them. But an hour later, a man arrives on the island, who appears to be a police officer. Without any problems, he entered the camp, and after a few seconds, everyone heard loud pops. Outraged children thought that fireworks exploded. Who had the idea to make a show at the moment when terrorists blew up a government building? Some ran out of the building to look at what was going on outside.


Only a few minutes later it became clear that a man in police uniform walks among the tents and shoots the children. Unsuspecting teenagers did not even try to escape, because to think about what was going on at the moment was a “sweep”, no one even thought of it.

Tents in the camp

The gunman is located on the main camp site in the center of the island. There is nowhere to run - 600 meters of ice water separates them from the mainland. Children are trying to reach the police, but in vain. Only a few were able to tell their parents about the nightmare in which they found themselves.While everyone is looking for a secluded place and trying to avoid death, there is a long-awaited silence. A man with a rifle walks through the woods and encourages children to go, as it is safe. Itself at this moment reloads its weapon and looks out for new victims.

But everyone understood that this was only a deceptive maneuver, and the psychopath simply did not want to waste time searching. Some, unable to withstand the tension, jumped into the water. But even there they were overtaken by shots. Several teenagers met their deaths, trying to hide under water. Rocks on the coast gave shelter, but the maniac was not going to leave and continued to explore the territory.

Soon a helicopter appeared over the island, and the children ran out into the open country and began to wave their hands. They thought it was the police, but they were just reporters. Without knowing it, they made their bloody contribution - the fighter quickly found his way and began shooting at defenseless teenagers. Only an hour later the Delta squad arrived on the island and quickly grabbed the shooter. It turned out to be Anders Behring Breivik. But why did he commit such a terrible crime?

Breivik in his youth

Norwegian shooter

Anders Breivik was born in the family of a diplomat,and he was greatly influenced by the departure of the father from the family and the subsequent marriage of the mother. The boy grew up closed, but did not cause any alarm among school teachers and psychologists. At that time, he was not interested in politics, but he always felt anger at the whole world and his parents. Mother was too soft a woman, and he lacked a strong fatherly upbringing. Already during the investigation, psychologists came to the conclusion that Anders Breivik was raped at the age of 4-5 years. He quite successfully graduated from school and went to serve in the army.

After giving the debt to his homeland, he entered the school of management, which speaks of his desire to get an education. After receiving the specialty engaged in the cultivation of vegetables, being the director of a small enterprise. At that moment, he looked like an ordinary law-abiding citizen who takes care of his wealth. He had hobbies: he loved to watch TV shows and listened to popular music. Sunday lunches with his mother only added him points in the eyes of society. Yes, he was unmarried and did not have a permanent girlfriend, but this is his personal life. Until he committed anything reprehensible, no one had the right to break into his space.

Breivik fit

The man was engaged in bodybuilding, had a fairly tall (186 cm) and athletic physique. He was fond of reading. His favorite writers were Kant, Smith, Marx. He liked the political views of Vladimir Putin and Churchill. In addition, he was in the Masonic Lodge. On all sides, he looked like an honest and respected man. Meanwhile, he was collecting a bomb from agricultural fertilizers and was already planning the first terrorist attack.

Internet and manifesto

Before committing his terrible crimes, Anders Behring Breivik published his thoughts on the Web. His manifesto was imbued with hatred of the political system, and especially the crowds of migrants were driving him out. After much deliberation, he came to the conclusion that the number of people willing to settle in his country can only be reduced with the help of terrorism.

Prior to that, he expressed similar thoughts in various forums, but this did not attract the attention of the special services. There are many such heroes on the Internet. After his terrorist acts, he had to admit his mistakes to everyone who is obliged to identify potential criminals on the Web. Anders Breivik killed 77 people, and only after that the problem became urgent, and the authorities noticed what was happening in the virtual world.

Court and sentence

Despite the fact that the experts put the diagnosis of “schizophrenia” on the Norwegian arrow, he refused to recognize himself as insane. At trial, he stated that he would appeal the verdict if he was prescribed compulsory treatment. In the end, he was given 21 years in prison. This is the highest measure in Norway, and before Breivik no one has received such a period. It should be clarified that he may repeatedly extend it for 5 years. The prisoner himself listened to the sentence with a smile on his face and was pleased. He shared his plans with journalists: in prison, he wants to write books.

Breivik smiles in court

Terms of Anders Breivik

Following the verdict of the court, the Norwegian shooter must serve the sentence in solitary confinement. But to please the mass murderer is not so simple. In 2018, he won a case against a state that does not provide him with the proper conditions. Among the requirements was to replace the TV, game console and DVD-player on more modern models. In addition, he complained about the poor performance of the air conditioner. Several times he was served food, which was heated in a microwave. Instead of normal devices they gave plastic, and once they even brought cooled coffee.Plus, he is not allowed to walk in the courtyard when he wants. He won the court and received 40 thousand dollars from the state. The only thing that he was denied was the demand to provide him with neighbors. He did not admit his guilt, therefore, is considered a dangerous criminal.

Three rooms of Breivik in prison

Almost resort

In prison, Anders Breivik continues to languish in a three-room cell. At his disposal there is a whole room for training on the simulator, an educational room (with a computer) and a bedroom. The bathroom is also in his personal use. But he still wants to have a kitchen to cook meals for himself, and a washing machine. The killer does not lose time in vain: he has already written memoirs and even graduated from the university by correspondence. And his name is now Fiotolf Hansen. Probably, he still hopes to someday be released.

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