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Is your food safe?

I, like any hostess, try to buy qualityFood, I study their composition before purchase, avoid low-quality and expired products, I prefer natural, homemade products. But in the process of cooking, even the most healthy foods lose their properties, and sometimes even become dangerous to use. It all depends on which cookware you will cook and store cooked food.

And your food is safe

Thanks to the achievements of science, everyone appeared in the kitchen dishes with non-stick coating. Comfortable thing pan, to the walls of which do not stick food when cooking, but is it safe? I used to not talk about it thought about it, but just the other day I learned a lot of useful information regarding the dishes and its quality.

So,Teflonwhich we so appreciate for non-stick properties, really dangerous. At a temperature of two hundred degrees, it begins evaporate from the surface of the dish, thereby adversely affecting food, who are preparing. Scientists have not fully studied the effects of Teflon on the human body, however, cases of a painful reaction in housewives who use such dishes in cramped kitchens.

And your food is safe

Squeak of fashion -silicone cookwareis also not always made of quality material. Some researchers say it is carcinogenic. and adversely affects the foods that are cooked in it, which means - our body. Be careful not to buy non-certified dishes, which can easily ruin your health.

And your food is safe

        Plastic dishesvery convenient because it does not fight, except that it is cheap. But before you give preference to this type of dishes, See if melamine is a part of it. This substance contains formaldehyde, which is actively released during the interaction with hot water. Formaldehyde causes irritation of the eyes, throat mucosa, respiratory tract, skin.

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