Analogs "Mezim": a review with a description, comparison, instructions and reviews

Are there analogues cheaper "Mezim"? Problems with digestive organs force people to look for the most effective drugs that will relieve discomfort. Currently, the pharmaceutical market offers a lot of products, but the buyer is not able to check their reliability until they experience it themselves. In addition, in any pharmacy there are analogues of various drugs, and this further complicates the task. The article will discuss the drug "Mezim" and analogues.

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What medications help digestion?

There is a certain group of substances - enzymes and enzymes. They help to increase the rate of production of products of the digestive glands, which are necessary during the digestion of food. Normally, enzymes are secreted by the stomach, liver, pancreas and gall bladder in sufficient quantities. However, sometimes in the stomach or intestines fails due to a shortage of these substances.That is why enzyme preparations are made based on animal enzymes (herbal medicines are rarely found). The purpose of the enzymes is as follows:

  • responsible for the digestibility of minerals, vitamins and other elements;
  • start and increase the speed of metabolic processes and metabolism in the body;
  • relieve the heaviness felt after overeating;
  • it is easier to digest food without side effects (bloating, heaviness and discomfort);
  • with greater speed to carry out the splitting of complex products so that they are more actively absorbed by the body.

Need caution

With enzymes you need to be careful, the restoration of the functioning of the digestive tract in children and adults should be supervised by a specialist, otherwise the medication will only harm more and not help. It is impossible to know in advance how to improve digestion without prior diagnosis in order to find the cause of a poor condition. This can be done only in a medical institution. The specialist will tell you which enzymes are suitable for a particular patient, since it is strictly forbidden to try them at random.

It is very difficult to select the group of the most appropriate enzymes without diagnostics. The doctor will make a diagnosis and tell you exactly which analogue of "Mezim" to take. Consider the main list of drugs that improve digestion.

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Specificity of "Mezim"

The drug "Mezim" includes four main active substances: lipase, pancreatin, amylase and protease. The drug is useful in chronic pancreatitis, gastritis and temporary disorders of the pancreas for the absorption of essential nutrients, as well as for fast and high-quality digestion of food. “Mezim” should be drunk also in case of problems due to stagnation of food. If there are dysfunctions of the stomach or pancreas, you need to take one tablet with food. It is desirable that the dosage and treatment should be prescribed by a specialist, because the remedy is very strong, and the body may be in danger due to uncontrolled intake. It can be taken for a long time in the presence of chronic diseases, but in this case the doctor constantly monitors the patient's condition.

The advantages of "Mezim" can be called its relatively affordable cost (twenty tablets have a price of 80 rubles), as well as effectiveness.Due to the fact that the tablets have a special enteric coating, enzymes work where it is needed.

Consider brief instructions to analogues "Mezim."


The drug "Pancreatin" is the best in case of insufficient production of pancreatic enzymes. The drug is available in pill form. Thanks to him, digestion of food is improved, it passes more quickly through the digestive tract. Proper use of the drug helps to get rid of the feeling of heaviness after the next meal. "Pancreatin" can be taken in the following cases:

  • with low activity in the production of pancreatic enzymes;
  • with violations of the chewing apparatus, as a result of which the food enters the stomach in too large chunks and, as a result, is digested for a long time;
  • with heaviness and pain in the abdomen due to overeating;
  • in chronic pathologies of the digestive organs, especially in exacerbations.
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The drug is perfect for both adults and older people, and children. For the gradual normalization of the digestive process and the absence of stress for the human body need to drink pills inin accordance with the instructions: up to three years old children, one third of a pill during meals at an older age - half or the whole tablet, which depends on the doctor's prescription and the specific situation; adults - one tablet during the meal.

"Pancreatin" helps very quickly, a noticeable relief and acceleration of the digestive process is observed in 10-30 minutes after its use. To achieve the best effect, the drug should be drunk with a course of medical prescription to help your body restore its normal functioning.


Popular analogue of "Mezim".

The drug is available in the form of capsules, due to which its influence also extends to the intestines. Thanks to Creon, the speed of the digestive process in the whole tract increases, unlike Pancreatin, which acts only in the stomach. If a person is expected to have a feast with an abundance of heavy and fatty foods, then it is advisable to drink Creon in advance so that the body can process the food faster. Intestinal and gastric tumors that affect performance, pancreatitis, cystic fibrosis - these are the main indications for the use of this drug.

Capsules should be taken before meals, swallowed.It is undesirable to open them, dissolve the contents or chew, because this will cause a decrease in activity, the effect will not spread to the intestines. It is enough to take one capsule at a time. In rare cases, “Creon” has a side effect such as diarrhea, however, it is prohibited to take the drug against constipation, since this is not its main purpose, and thus it is possible to upset the balance and not help digestion.

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The analogue of "Mezim" "Festal" in tablets improves digestion due to its composition: the pancreatin contained in it normalizes the production of enzymes; hemicellulose promotes the breakdown of fiber, bile powder bovine improves the activity of amylase. These components are useful for the complete and rapid absorption of minerals and vitamins. Tablets are perfect for patients with irritable bowel syndrome, improve digestion. Festal is a good remedy, but it has some contraindications. You can not drink tablets in the following categories of patients:

  • with acute pancreatitis;
  • with hepatitis of various origins;
  • with intestinal obstruction;
  • with diabetes mellitus (only by appointment of a specialist and with the control of glucose in the blood).

Instructions for use to analogues of "Mezim" must be studied before taking.


This drug has almost the same composition as Festal, that is, the absorption of essential nutrients and the improvement of the digestive process thanks to this drug will be more effective. While slowing down the digestive activity, a person will begin to feel pain in the abdomen, nausea, flatulence, loss of appetite, and bloating. It is these negative symptoms that can be eliminated with Enzistal. Like “Festala”, it has the same indications for use and contraindications.

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The list of analogues cheaper "Mezim" does not end there.


Thanks to this drug, it is possible to solve stomach problems that are directly related to the intake of large quantities of animal and vegetable fats. Its active components are solizim and alpha-amylase, contributing to more rapid breakdown of fats that have entered the stomach, as well as facilitating the rest of the food processing process.Somilazu is prescribed to patients with:

  • chronic pancreatitis;
  • gastritis;
  • defects in the functioning of the gallbladder and liver;
  • digestive disorders after surgery on the gastrointestinal tract.

The dosage and method of use are determined by the specific reason for the patient's treatment, and therefore the medication can be prescribed only by a doctor. This drug is significantly different from the drugs described above, and self-prescription in certain cases may simply not help. With uncertainty about the diagnosis, it makes no sense to buy Somilaz.

Russian analogue of mezim


The Russian equivalent of "Mezim" is assigned to patients suffering from gastric ulcers, gastritis and low production of hydrochloric acid. The drug has become popular due to its unique composition, which helps to normalize the functioning of the entire digestive tract, rather than any one organ.

The medication should be taken in half or a whole teaspoon after a meal or during it. The dosage in each case is special, but the remedy is most often taken three times a day. There are such forms of release as capsules and syrup, their choice depends on the decision of the doctor.Syrup is more suitable for small patients because it is easier for them to drink it, but adults can take capsules or tablets. This drug has such a side symptom as diarrhea. Often, girls use enzyme medication for the purpose of losing weight, in order to quickly digest food and remove it from the intestines. However, it is strictly prohibited, as there is a violation of the ratio of production of enzymes, and subsequently it will affect health. The drug should be used only if there are real defects in the production of enzymes.

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Reviews about analogues "Mezim"

Reviews about the analogues are mostly positive. People confirm that "Pancreatin" acts in the same way as "Mezim", only costs several times cheaper. Festal is trusted by many. It is well tolerated, rarely causes side effects. Also very popular "Creon". It is considered a stronger drug.

The choice of a suitable drug depends on the specific situation. Many patients use “Mezim” all their lives, and then learn about cheaper and effective analogues, for example, about Pancreatin. Someone prefers not to give preference to a low price and uses the usual means, not wanting to take risks and try other drugs.

It is not recommended to choose a medicine by any means. The specialist should do this after examining the patient.

We reviewed the instructions for use of the "Mezim" analogs and reviews.

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