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The art critic is a true connoisseur of his craft,works of art. He can easily distinguish the work of an unrivaled Monet from the works of the professional Manet. He is familiar with all the subtleties of directions in which artists, musicians, sculptors and artists work. But the possession of encyclopedic knowledge in the creative field does not yet ensure the title of a well-deserved and recognized art critic. Here you need to own both the technique of visual perception, and manners, and have an unquenchable thirst to see, listen, contemplate masterpieces of world art firsthand.

History of occurrence

Art History (-knowledge) is a science thatoriginated in ancient times. We can judge this from the treatises of Aristotle, Plato or Socrates, who lived before our era. At that time, art history was not an independent teaching, and rather was cognitive in nature, it was part of the philosophy and religion of those times.

art criticism is

The flowering of the science of art studies isthe times of Cicero (1st century BC), and the beginning of our era was marked by the artistic works of Asia. In the Middle Ages, the world of art becomes part of the theological conclusions of Augustine and Aquinas. But the special and basic time in the formation of art science was the Renaissance (Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Sandro Botticelli), when the real masterpieces were created, which are now the main illustrative examples for connoisseurs of high art.

In the 18th century,an independent discipline, the progenitor of which is the German historian, lover of antiquity - Johann Winckelmann. At the same time, the first experts in the field of world creations appear. And already as a profession, art history began to form at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. Today, this profession can be mastered by anyone who wants, the institutions that educate future experts of world masterpieces and rarities are located all over the world. It is better, of course, to choose universities that are located near outstanding works, for example, in Europe or Russia.

Such work is an art critic

World of Art

A profession in a sense unique,in its own way interesting and cognitive. She is fascinated by the fact that she covers several areas in which the future specialist can realize herself. But among them two dominate: the theorist of art and the historian of art. The activities of the former are primarily aimed at researching and studying the world of art: its problems, laws, the specifics of the development of species, genres and interrelations with society as a whole. The second direction is more multifaceted, it covers such areas as:

  • study of collections;
  • systematization of works of various masters, schools and directions;
  • preservation of museum exhibits, drawing up of cards for them;
  • providing an opinion on the need for restoration of a particular work;
  • installation of the authorship of the disputed work, the authenticity of the thing, its value;
  • the opening of new names in the field of art;
  • Participation in archaeological expeditions;
  • conducting excursions, lectures, electives;
  • the publication of scientific and popular scientific brochures, collections, guidebooks, which produce art museums and galleries;
  • reviews and articles with an objective assessment, criticism, analysis, affecting the actual problems of art science;
  • the organization of expositions, exhibitions (including international ones).

Field of activity

An art critic is not only a profession. This is a certain way of thinking, a special style of attitude, life. This is talent! And you can apply it in completely different areas of human life. You can use your knowledge, working in an art gallery, museums, at individual exhibitions or sightseeing activities, perhaps, visiting. Also, the skills and skills of an art critic will prove useful in editorial work, for example, in some major publishing house. In addition, an expert in such a profile can devote his life to research work or find himself in antiquarian matters. It will also be good for him to realize himself as a teacher and art critic.

Qualities of the art critic

work art critic

Choosing this or that profession, first of all,each of us focuses on his personal qualities. Those who have an analytical mentality and a desire for exact sciences, most likely, will not be able to master the craft of art. What are the qualities that a person who knows the world of art should have?

If we talk about abilities, then he shouldbe developed artistic taste, imaginative thinking, sensory memory. He must feel, intuitively think, understand, be extremely attentive, impartial and objective in his judgments, criticism, be interested in and always be in the thick of things, especially as regards the world of masterpieces and antiques.

From personal qualities, one can identify concentration, accuracy, tact, perseverance, sociability and, of course, the desire for self-development.

Hard work ... without practice

famous art historiansAny work involves a number of initial knowledge,skills, and skills. And our task is to master them to the level of a true professional in their field. So, an art critic is a person who is obliged to memorize a large amount of information (names, names, terms, dates); Write articles, manuals, essays, reviews on specific topics; on the piece of the work determine who and to what period it belongs. Therefore, the work of an expert in the field of art is impossible without practice. His tasks include compulsory visits to galleries, exhibitions, exhibitions, as well as direct participation in their preparation and organization in order to gain invaluable experience.

It is also important to combine your theoretical knowledge withapplication in practice. If you are going to write a review or a scientific paper about some great creation, you should try to see it with your own eyes. For those who are going to become an expert specializing in a certain field (rare things, a certain epoch, style, direction), this approach in the work is especially relevant. It will allow you to most accurately show all your professionalism.

Famous art historians

art history professionAn art critic is not a profession, it is a highrank! A person who wears proudly, but deserves thanks to a delicate perception of the world around him, academic knowledge and inexhaustible love of art. There are few such experts in their field, but among them there are our compatriots. For example, Anatoly Vasilyevich Lunacharsky is a statesman, art critic, literary critic, dramatist, translator. Sergei Pavlovich Diaghilev (1872-1929) - theatrical figure, art critic, propagandist of Russian art abroad.

They have dedicated their lives to a cause that does notjust fascinated, but inspired to learn, create and create. To keep pace with the times, but clearly understand how important it is to appreciate and preserve the cultural heritage of the past.

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