Long sarafans - an absolute hit of summer.

Long sarafans are back in fashion! Summer wardrobe of a modern stylish and confident woman without such a detail is simply impossible to imagine. The latest fashion trend, which embraced literally the whole world - the mystery and grace of the female silhouette. Of course, such a light and airy image can only create long sarafans. This outfit has a centuries-old history, even in Russia it was considered an obligatory subject of the wardrobe, both young girls and older women. Long sarafans are a classic, a tradition and a reflection of the customs of a whole people.

Currently, on all the world's catwalksThere were sarafans of different cuts and colors. Famous designers gladly include them in their collections. And in many stores they just sweep off the shelves. There are women who prefer to sew clothes themselves or to order. So, a long sarafan with their own hands - this is not a problem, you just need to choose a fabric, get a pattern and, of course, of course, the ability to handle a sewing machine.

In hot weather, a long sundress is simplysalvation from stuffiness and scorching sunlight. According to the fashion trends of recent times, it should be free, wide, without any hint at the waist. In this model, you will feel especially relaxed. In addition, the novelty of the season will appeal to women who have problems with the figure. Long sarafans hide all the flaws and flaws. A voluminous waist or large hips in this outfit will not be visible, so you will feel more confident. Overstated waistline also emphasizes the beauty of the breasts, and as for the cutout, the fashion is now V-shaped and deep round.

This summer is a special chiffon. Light, flowing sundresses, sewn from this airy fabric will give you a feeling of floating and weightlessness. Although natural silk and fine cotton are also widely used.

The real hit this summer is colored sarafans. In general, the combination of floral prints, contrasting shades and color games is the main trend of the season. The most fashionable is still a chaste white. A long sarafan of this color, moreover, if it is decorated with lace or ruffles, will make your image romantic, touching and simply irresistible.

Another fashion trend of summer 2011 istransparent fabrics. In such a sarafan, you will definitely be in the center of everyone's attention, lure men into your networks, and cause envy in women. Stylists also recommend complementing the long sarafan with massive, rough accessories. For example, a large wrist watch for men will be very welcome.

It's also good that a long sarafan can be wornwith any footwear. If you wear it with sandals on a flat sole, you get a simple, cozy and free image. But with a high heel, the long sarafan looks stylish, exquisite and solemn. It is suitable for all types of figures. Therefore, almost any woman can make herself happy with such a detail of the wardrobe.

It is necessary to mention the fashionable colors. At the peak of popularity, sundresses are single-colored or bright, variegated with different prints, floral pattern and so on. You need to choose between shades such as lemon, bright green, sky blue, dazzling white, light orange or bright red.

Long sundresses are quite suitable, both for going to a party, visiting or just going for a walk, and for work. Just need to give preference to more muted and humble colors.

This summer must necessarily be bright,stylish, amazing and attractive woman. Long sarafans can transform you beyond recognition. The main thing is to choose a style and color to your liking and feel yourself in it most-most.

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