American Spaniel: a description of the breed (photo)

Until recently, the most beloved companion dog wasAmerican Cocker Spaniel. Reviews of the owners especially noted his friendliness, activity and curiosity - with such a pet you do not get bored and will not stay without regular physical exertion. In the last couple of years, the excitement over the breed has somewhat subsided, but to this day such dogs can often be found on the street, and breeders do not complain about the unclaimedness of the newborn puppies.
american spaniel

Becoming a Breed

The American Spaniel, no doubt, has a commonthe roots of the breed with an English spaniel, although specialists could not accurately trace the details of its origin. There are vague data that the progenitors of modern breed representatives brought the first settlers to the newly discovered continent. For quite a long time, they crossed with local dogs, and in the 18th century the breed was deliberately started to improve - first of all, again by English cockers. However, the goal of breeding was basically the intention to get a hunting dog of small size. The goal was achieved: today the American spaniel (photo is confirmed) is one of the smallest existing hunters. But the starting point for the appearance of such dogs appeared a hundred years later. Only in the 19th century was the American cocker spaniel officially recognized. The nursery of James Ferrow was breeding only this breed. And the best specimens grown in him became the ancestors of the state spaniels. The breed was fully formed by 1915, although the British long did not want to recognize it. Britain agreed with its existence already in the second half of the 20th century. In Russia, the American spaniel first appeared in the seventies, then it was considered a very rare and even exotic animal, which was why it was very expensive.

Note that the English resistance initiallywas doomed to failure. The breed differs from the British analogue not only by much smaller sizes, but also by the shape of the head (in particular, by the famous snub-nosedness), and the physique and freedom of color. And as for the ancestors - so in all dogs they are common.

American cocker spaniel reviews

Breed Standards

What does the American Cocker Spaniel look like? The description can be quite short, but at the same time capacious, and it will not be difficult for him to recognize the dog even to someone who has never seen such a dog. For starters, it is small - an adult male above 39 centimeters does not grow. And if all this happens, then his mother has been out with a representative of another breed. The maximum weight is thirteen kilograms. Exceeding this indicator with a regular growth is a serious reason to take care of the health of the pet. The constitution of the American Cocker is strong and proportionate, the head is beautiful in shape, with large eyes, hanging low-set ears and characteristic snub-nosedness. The coat is long, shiny and thick. Its color can be anything - and monophonic, and two-color (usually black and white and very appreciated black and tan), and piebald, and tri-color. Thanks to such a wide range, anyone can find a pet with a color that corresponds to his aesthetic preferences.
American Cocker Spaniel Description

Characteristics of character

Many people American cocker spaniel (photoit can be seen in our article) is perceived as a companion dog. He really is great in this role, most importantly, do not "lead" on the plush appearance and treat him like a toy. Do not forget that before you is a hunter, albeit not used now in this capacity. The character was serious! And unclaimed abilities can spoil it. Therefore, it is worth introducing some rules in dealing with the dog:

  1. On walks, do not just wander around with a pet, butto organize active games and fulfill at least the simplest commands. In a word, make him work: he will feel necessary, and obey will become better.
  2. Formulate certain bans and demand themobservance: for example, do not drag from the table and do not beg for it or go to bed with the owners. If you ever give slack, a charming American spaniel literally sits on your neck, finding yourself the chief in the pack.
  3. Pay attention to the psychological statedogs. If it is inflated, then it should be reassured and relaxed from communication. But at the same time one should not allow growling at oneself, and even more so - manifest physical aggression. Your pet should not feel dominant.

In everything else, if you do not give in toprovocation and not go on about the touching appearance, the breed American cocker spaniel is absolutely problem-free. Its representatives easily get along with any pets, take kindly to children, even to the smallest ones, take into account the peculiarities of the rhythm of life and the temperament of the owners.

american cocker spaniel care

Casual care of the wool

The main efforts required by the AmericanCocker Spaniel, - Care for his magnificent skin. The animal is especially beautiful due to its wool cover, but, like long hair for women, it requires regular attention. You need to comb your hair every day, and the American spaniel puppies should be taught this procedure from the moment they appear in your home. The process of an experienced "hairdresser" takes about five minutes. If you have not had an American Cocker before, and even if you have an untrained puppy, it may take a lot longer. However, forgetting about combing or postponing it is not worth it. Firstly, it is much harder to fight with the coots. Secondly, if your pet learns that the procedure is inevitable, then he will treat her patiently. When your dog grows up, you can comb it much less often - once a week, puppy fluff will come down, and wool without extreme in the form of rain and itself will look normal.
American Cocker Spaniel Cattery

Required Baths

But you can not do with combing your dog. Spaniel American also needs regular bathing. Most often, the washing is done every two weeks. Every month, a pet is bathed only if the weather is dry outside for a long time, and it does not last long. Before washing, the dog must be combed out to remove the formed coils. The water is recruited a little warm. If for the first time it is too hot for the puppy, then it will take a long time to work on luring him into the bath. Shampoo is bought either special, canine, or human, intended for damaged or dry hair. After washing, apply balm, on the tangled places - more, washed off, the hair is squeezed out with a towel (do not carefully wipe) and is dried with a hair dryer with simultaneous combing.

A haircut

To your American spaniel (photo can belook in the article) did not turn gradually into shaggy, albeit cute pooch, about once a season it will need to be cut. At first, all the owners turn to this zoosalon for this purpose. Many in due course, having looked narrowly and remembering a sequence of work, render the darling of hairdressing services independently. However, with the first haircut, too much delay is not worth it: if for the first time your American spaniel hears the sound of a nine-month-old machine, most likely he will get scared and will act aggressively on the haircuts. If you bought a puppy already trimmed, and for a long time the hairdresser turns out to be unclaimed, sometimes include near him some appliance, similar to the sound of a typewriter, - a mixer, electric shaver, etc. The dog will get used to the fact that behind the noise one should not do anything terrible, on him pay attention and will calmly treat the procedure.
american cocker spaniel photo

Care for the feet

Paw pads in all dogs - a vulnerable place,especially in a city where the roads and lawns are just not lying around, except for the dogs we are considering. The American cocker spaniel also has a thick coat on its paws. As a result of this, it is not only difficult to notice the wound at times (the dog itself will hint at it in the end), in wool it can get confused, and hurt the paw later. Therefore, after each walk the feet are not only washed, but also carefully examined. And on the washing day, the wool between the fingers is trimmed.

Some owners claw their claws. However, it is believed that if the need arises, the dog moves little. In a city with a sufficient duration of walks, claws without sideward tidy about the asphalt.

Care of the ears

All lop-eared breeds require special attention totheir "mugs". First of all, they are not sufficiently ventilated, in connection with which there is excess moisture and temperature in the sink. Such conditions are ideal for the accumulation of dirt and, consequently, the development of a variety of diseases. So you need to clean your ears even more often than your own. They carry this procedure very philosophically, after the first time they felt considerable relief.

The second danger is mites. From the middle of May to the end of September, ears are carefully inspected for the detection of these parasites, pulled out if they are, and burned.

If the American cocker spaniel (photosthese handsome people are listed in the article) behaves restlessly, whimpering, shaking his head constantly, rubbing his ears with his paws, and when looking at them uncharacteristic discharge of dark color with an unpleasant heavy odor is revealed, the dog urgently needs to be taken to the veterinarian. At a minimum, your pet has otitis media, and it should be treated under medical supervision.

puppies of american spaniel

Care of teeth

With a correct and balanced dietAmerican Cocker usually does not have problems with teeth. To prevent dental difficulties, you need to accustom your dog to milk and cottage cheese - they supply teeth and bones with calcium. Try to plant the puppy's habit of eating fresh tomatoes. It turns out not always - dogs, like people, have their own taste preferences. However, in the case of a fortune in your pet, you will never find a tartar. You should also give him a nibble of raw bones. Only not tubular! Beef muscles are quite suitable. Many "Americans" willingly gnaw apples, and this intention should be encouraged.

Naturally, you can not give your pet anysweets and baked goods. In addition to the fact that in dogs the metabolism is disturbed from them, the stomach spoils, and the animals rapidly grow fat, their teeth have no resistance to sugar. During the year with regular such feeding, the teeth of the dog turn yellow and begin to break down.

Older animals and exhibition copies of teethclean. It is desirable for this purpose to use tooth powder. Find it in ordinary stores is now unrealistic, in zootovar often it is also absent. You can use human toothpaste, just choose it without the smell and pronounced taste.


How to feed your Cocker is up to you.The main thing is that the food had everything you need. However, regardless of whether you are preparing yourself, or giving the dog ready-made food, remember that all cockers - both English and American - can not stop eating. They eat while they see something in the bowl. Therefore, they need to give food strictly dosage, otherwise half a year later you will have a thick sausage on your legs on a leash. If you are something to encourage the pet between feeding, consider this in the total amount of food. And watch closely the dog for a walk: this hunter and the glutton can pick up everything tasty from the ground. Besides the extra calories, it is also the risk of poisoning the dog.

Purchasing a puppy

The best place to buy an AmericanCocker Spaniel, - nursery or club. When buying with hands, there is always the risk of buying a puppy with non-thoroughblooded ancestors. And this is fraught not only with deviations from the breed standard, but also with a more aggressive nature. In addition, it is not a fact that the "market" pet will be healthy and vaccinated by age, and also not awarded hereditary diseases. If you are principled in the purity of the breed, check the pedigree of the puppy. Please note: this document has certain protective signs, and not printed on a card with a color printer. It is necessary to have a vet passport with all vaccinations given.

When choosing a puppy, take a good look at his behavior.He should be moderately active, but not aggressive, play with his sister brothers, move fast and be interested in the world around him. If at the approach of a person a puppy is hammered into a corner, growls or whines, and even more lets a puddle, then choose another: this problem with the nervous system. Do not take the smallest in the litter. Maybe he is the sweetest, but, most likely, the weakest.

Beginning of education

To make the little cockerer easier to adapt in a new place, experienced less stress and did not get a nervous trauma, already at the time of relocation it is necessary to observe certain conditions.

  1. Picking up a puppy from a mother is better early in the morning - so it will be easier to transfer the separation.
  2. Before the trip, it can not be fed, negotiate it with the breeder beforehand.
  3. On the road, do not allow strangers to touch the dog - it is already frightened and confused.
  4. The habitat should be prepared the day before:a place for sleeping with a litter is allocated, bowls with water and for food are put, a cat's pot is prepared (at first, until the puppy learns to endure, it needs to be taught to cope in one place, and the tray is ideal in this regard).
  5. On arrival, the toddler will probably trysomewhere to hide. Do not forcibly extract him from the shelter - let him sit still. It is necessary to stop the enthusiasm of the family about a new member of the family and remove them from the room until the puppy has mastered and will not come out himself.

Note that the education of a small "American"should start from the first day. Call it should be only a nickname, without any "lapushka" and "kutya." The collar is worn as soon as the puppy begins to examine the apartment. Softly, but persistently need to accustom it to eat in one place and not to drag food through the rooms.

Who should not start an "American"

If you like the Americancocker spaniel, reviews about the breed you arranged, money to buy a thoroughbred dog enough, think about the purpose for which you acquire a puppy. Refuse from the observed breed follows in two cases:

  1. If you intend to give a dog to a childpreschool age. Your offspring is not yet ready to perceive the animal as a partner. A pretty appearance will make him a plaything in the eyes of the baby. Of course, the Cocker will not harm the child. But your son (daughter) will dilute him to such an extent that it will be difficult to co-exist with him. Here is a teenager such a dog - an ideal friend.
  2. If your elderly relative feelslonely, and you want to brighten up his life. In such a situation, choose a better animal. Firstly, the American spaniel is very active, and it will be difficult to walk with an elderly person. Secondly, caring for him is quite laborious, takes a long time (that's okay - the old people have enough) and strength. Thirdly, the content of such a dog is quite expensive: the services of a dog's hairdresser are not cheap, and the dog will not be able to feed one porridge.

To all the rest, especially non-slim people, the American spaniel is quite suitable as a family dog. The feedback of those who have been living with him for many years is positive.

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