Amazing riddles about the forest

The kids love spending time together and having fun with their parents. Unforgettable and brightly help to spend time beautiful puzzles about the forest. Such tasks can be filled with emotions and experiences, and also will give your beloved son or daughter useful and interesting knowledge.riddles about the forest

Why children puzzles about the forest

It is important for children to develop fully in order to become intelligent and literate. Therefore, puzzles about the forest will help the child:

  • Develop mental abilities
  • Be smart.
  • Expand the horizons of thinking.
  • Include fantasy.
  • Show activity.
  • Become a member of the incredible and magical cognitive relay.
  • Unleash the ability and increase self-confidence.riddles about the forest for children

All these factors suggest that the riddles about the forest for children are not only fascinating, but also useful in the development process of girls and boys of different ages. It is worth paying attention to the preparation, so that the classes take place on a positive note and bring exceptionally pleasant emotions to parents and children.

How to arrange a real educational holiday for a child

It is not necessary to wait for a special occasion to arrange a beautiful day for your beloved child. Every ordinary day can be turned into a real holiday and a whirlpool of emotions for your child.puzzles about the forest for children 3 4 years

Note the following ideas:

  • Costumed celebration. To do this, you can hang different costumes on hangers. After the pre-determined number of riddles have been solved, the child changes his costume, reincarnating into a fairytale hero. This game will certainly appeal to both boys and girls, because it is fun and unusual.
  • Fun job for the wrong answer. Of course, in the process of developing games you should not scold the child for the wrong clues. For the unsolved mystery, the child should be given a task in which he will perform naughty and funny assignments. Thus, the baby will not lose the desire to continue the game if he answered incorrectly.
  • Draw an answer. One of the great ideas is to offer the child not to voice, but to draw an answer to the riddle, thus, the contest will acquire a dual character and cause even more pleasant emotions.

The most important and final task for parents is to pick up funny and fascinating riddles about the forest. It is not difficult to do this, the most important thing is to approach the task responsibly.

Amazing tasks about the forest for the little ones

It is necessary to prepare a program in advance. You can write puzzles about the forest for children on a piece of paper, or you can voice them from memory. Of course, the first option is more reliable. Riddles can be the following:riddles about the forest for children 3, 4 years short


There are many miracles in it

There are many animals.

Trees do not count

What is it?


Trees crowns wrapped,

They create coziness on the edge,

We go there to rest,

Kebab flavors inhale.


Here and hares live,

And chanterelle can be found

In general, it is full of miracles,

Gorgeous and magical ... (forest).


Here the bird songs sound nicer,

He is full of silence,

The smell of fir trees, magic is not counting here,

What is it, who will answer here?


"Ay-ay" is sometimes heard here,

There are many paths, moves.

And to go there at the weekend,

Everyone is ready for a lot.


The sound of cod from the fire,

Woods rustling

There is magic and wonders

Enveloped in silence and singing.

Here is the smell of fir trees, kebabs,

And you can collect mushrooms.


As soon as it gets warmer, children,

Here on the kebabs we rush,

Here are birds chirping,

And you can run without a border.


The trees smell very nice here,

So quiet all around that the soul sings.

We go along the paths of his immense

Handles holding me slowly.


There are many tales about him among authors of different

Magical, pleasant, beautiful.

There are many different animals living here,

Hares, foxes and various birds.


Here the birds singing loudly,

As the string sounds.

Bonfire plays with flame

And woodpecker knocks on wood.

There are trees here,

Who knows where this is?

Such tasks under the power of children of different ages. By all means similar content will plunge headlong into magic and a fabulous atmosphere.

Mysteries about the forest for children 3-4 years

If the kids are still quite small, then long sayings for them may seem complicated. Riddles about the forest for children 3-4 years old are short - this is exactly what you need. For example, you can take the following tasks:


Here is a hare, a wolf and a fox,

And around the trees so beautiful.


There are many trees in it

And trodden roads.


There are trails here and trees too.

All the edges, like brothers, are so much alike.


We go there to pick mushrooms

And kebab cook on the grill.

There are many trees

Heard songs of birds from the road.


There live a fox and a hare,

Both the bear and the wolf live.

And we just go there to rest,

We have a great weekend.


On the edge of the ball playing,

If someone gets lost,

That "ay-ay" shout

And they find themselves being told.


Cinderella fled here

After the shoe lost.


Trees, like brothers, are beautiful.

There are a lot of paths, they want to confuse us.

Approximately such riddles can be suggested to solve to young children.

How to motivate a child

What else, if not a gift at the end of developmental activities, will be able to motivate boys and girls? Promise that after solving the questions raised, the child will receive a gift. This is a very big incentive for little boys and girls. It does not matter what gift will be presented, candy on a stick or a long-awaited toy, the most important thing is that it was a surprise.

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