Alla Weber: biography, personal life, career

And you know who decides what to wear to Muscovitesin the new season? Do you think fashionable bloggers who put on their page a list of fashion trends? No, not they. For this, all responsibility falls on the shoulder of buyers - people who buy goods for the best stores in the country, create collections. And the main among them in Moscow is Alla Konstantinovna Verber. She works as a fashion director and a CUM bayer, as well as vice-president of the jewelry company "Mercury".

Alla Weber biography

This woman is one of the most successfulbusiness lady not only the capital, but also the country, public figure and journalist. About his buyer's flair, the fashion director of the Central Department Store says that it was formed in her childhood, when she spent days from the windows of her apartment following intourists who came to Leningrad. The most chic Moscow women pray for her, because thanks to her they can buy for their wardrobe the best novelties from the collections of the most famous fashion designers.

Alla Weber: biography, childhood

She was born on May 21, 1958 in Leningrad. Here she grew up on Glinka Street, in a house overlooking the Theater Square, the Kirov Theater, and, of course, the Conservatoire. A very small girl, she twice a week made trips to the opera house, to the ballet or to the conservatory for a concert of classical music. In the family, apart from her, Sister Irina also grew up. The girls' father was a dentist by profession, but he held a very "bread" position - he was the director of the dentistry department, and my mother was a medical worker. Two years of Alla's youth were held in besieged Leningrad, and, naturally, she treasured her well-being.

Fateful decision

In fact, the family lived in full prosperity,and when they decided to emigrate abroad, many could not understand what they lacked in the USSR. Simply, the father of the family put his freedom above all else. He wanted to move freely, create a career, get a better education.

clothing storeIn 1946, the family flew from Moscow to Vienna, inEach pocket had 76 dollars. They thought they were leaving the country forever. Moreover, they could not even imagine that the chief-manager of the Central Department Store would be Alla Verber, whose biography often made such sharp turns that it was simply a breathtaking spirit.

Origin of talent

As a rule, we call talent a gift thatgiven to people from above. Usually this is related to creativity, but Alla Verber, whose biography is so interesting and unusual, had the gift to foresee fashion trends for several seasons ahead. In addition, she had an incredible taste and a sense of style. Each of the employers noticed this talent in her and held her tightly in her company. Where did the girl from the family of doctors, albeit wealthy but far from the world of fashion and show business, suddenly had such an ability? Yes, everything is very simple. Some children like to count pigeons in the yard, others - to look at the stars, and only rare - to carefully study the style of foreign tourists - the guests of the Northern capital.

Alla Constantine Verber

Soon she was able to distinguish the French fromItalians, and Americans from the Scandinavians, etc. Of course, she liked the Italian style most of all. And it was their images that she liked to study with great care. She liked everything in them: a combination of colors, and jewelry, and other accessories. And worst of all, in her opinion, the Americans were dressed.

Choice of profession

Of course, the parents wanted to see their daughterdoctor. Therefore, the girl after the 8th grade entered the medical school, then to continue her studies at the institute. However, she understood that it was not her business, that she was more inclined to sort out clothes, to combine different elements of the wardrobe with each other, to choose accessories. She wanted to work in a fashion store, although there were practically none in the country where she lived. However, the parents felt that this was an unworthy profession for their family, and that trade workers eventually ended their careers behind bars.


And that's when the family decided to leavecountry and go to Israel, the case turned up. The girl had to fly to Vienna first, and then change plane to Tel Aviv. But she never flew to Israel.

fashion director of the cuma

Once in the Austrian capital, she is straightwent to her beloved Italy. Rome seemed to her a fabulous city, a real paradise for a fashion lover, which was Alla Weber. Biography of the girl from this day went to the right track.

Carier start

The first thing she did in Rome waswent to Via Vetto and tried to get a job in a clothing store. She did not know either Italian or English, but her pretty appearance, a scythe below, attracted a manager who took her to work and was not mistaken. Here she learned a lot, tried to absorb everything like a sponge. Then her father told her to gather to go the whole family to Canada. Despite the fact that she did not want to leave Europe, however, Alla this time was more compliant. They settled in Montreal - the most European of the cities of Canada.

In Canada

There were many boutiques, restaurants and shoppingcenters. She was 19 years old, and she believed that she had a fairly large experience in the fashion business behind her. Despite the fact that she owned English very badly, she was nevertheless taken to a clothing store. And here she was able to flash her knowledge in fashion. In the days when Alla worked in the store, the sales rose significantly. And all because she dressed very nicely the mannequins, and, seeing them, the buyers asked to sell them everything that was available in the display case.

mercury company

From here Alla was sent to Milan and Paris to negotiate with famous couturiers regarding the supply of fashion collections.

Own business

After some time, having got connections, AllaShe decided to open her own store in Montreal, then there was the second and third. Soon she received an invitation to one of the largest companies in the country - Kmart, which had 124 stores across the country. Having learned that she was Russian, the owner instructed her to go to Moscow and take under her management the production of towels in one of the metropolitan factories. She, of course, was unbearably boring in production, and then she was invited to her company by Mercury, whose face is today Alla Verber. Almost at the same time, she became a fashion director and the main buyer in TSUM.


Today Alla Konstantinovna 8 months out of 12travels, or rather, is on business trips. If she is in Moscow, then her work day ends at 10 pm, and after that she starts to communicate on skype with America. Then he still works until one o'clock in the morning. Alla's morning starts at 7:30. During business trips also have to get up early to be in time to prepare for shows or business breakfasts, which usually begin at 9:00 am. It happens that she can see up to a hundred shows in one trip.

Personal life

During her life in Canada, Alla Verber metwith her future husband. They lived together for 3 years in New York. They had a daughter, Catherine. However, after a while the couple broke up, and Alla went back to free swimming.

David Averbakh From New York she returned to Canada andsettled not in Montreal, but in Toronto, where she founded her first boutique, which she named in honor of her daughter Katia of Italy. Further, as you already know, she was offered to become a representative of the company "K-March" in Russia, and she agreed. There was 1994 year. After her arrival, she met a man who became her second husband. Businessman David Averbakh is the president of a large company that produces food. She is happy in marriage, although she has no common children with David. But Katya had two beautiful daughters, and today Alla Konstantinovna is the most businesslike but loving grandmother in the world.

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Alla Weber: biography, personal life, career Alla Weber: biography, personal life, career Alla Weber: biography, personal life, career Alla Weber: biography, personal life, career Alla Weber: biography, personal life, career Alla Weber: biography, personal life, career Alla Weber: biography, personal life, career Alla Weber: biography, personal life, career Alla Weber: biography, personal life, career Alla Weber: biography, personal life, career Alla Weber: biography, personal life, career