Alina Tarkinskaya: biography and creativity

About some stars of the nineties now can not hear anything. No, they were not characterized by a lack of talent or unattractiveness, just their lives have changed a lot.

One of these stars is actress Alina Tarkinskaya (photo). The girl shone in the early nineties, but then lost among other models and actresses. Many fans regret that she has ceased to be removed, because as an actress Alina looked very organic and dignified.

short biography

Alina TarkinskayaThe future model was born in 1971 in the Moscow region. Alina’s maiden name was Ibatullina. Classmates recall that she was fascinated by Soviet fashion models and dreamed of becoming like them. In the early nineties, her dream came true, she, being already a married lady, began to cooperate with the two largest modeling agencies.

The media believe that Alina Tarkinskaya (she got this surname in marriage) received an acting education, since in 1991 she first appeared in the feature film “For the Last Line” and coped with her role remarkably.After 1996, Alina was forgotten, she stopped appearing in commercials. Only some time she led the program on "Meteo-TV". How further developed her career is unknown.

Red stars

Alina Tarkinskaya came to the Red Stars agency at the time of its heyday. Then Tatyana Koltsova was engaged in promotion of models. She managed to translate Russian models into the "big league". Of course, their fees can not be compared with those of world stars, but the girls began to participate in advertising campaigns of major Western brands. They appeared on the covers and pages of the first glossy publications.

Thanks to Tatiana’s assistance, Alina Tarkinskaya was able to participate in and win the competition “Professional Model of the Year 1994”. The victory brought her treasured contracts with famous Western brands. She starred for the commercials Always, Stimorol, Ninelle, Danone. Among the Russian companies, Bank-Imperial and Alfa-Bank cooperated with it. Many believe that Tatiana later started promoting another model, Inna Gomez, and abandoned Alina’s career. At that time, agents were greedy for new faces, especially after the fashion for the western type of appearance came the trend for the Slavic.

Actor career

Actress Alina Tarkinskaya photoAs an actress Alina Tarkinskaya took place no less successfully. Her film debut was for many a real discovery of new talent. She starred with Yevgeny Sidikhin and Igor Talkov in the film “Over the last line”. There she played the role of prostitute Mary, who attracted the viewers from the first to the last scene. Her work was rated as strong. Critics predicted Alina unprecedented glory.

Later she had a lot of other good films: “Crazy Love”, “Screw”, “Operation“ Lucifer ”and“ Wolf Blood ”. In total, from 1991 to 1996, Alina appeared in 7 films. Only two of them played bit parts. Most viewers regret that Alina has so few works.

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