Alexei Ostrovsky: biography and photos

Alexei Vladimirovich Ostrovsky is a political figure of the Russian Federation. For three years he was governor of the Smolensk region. Member of the Liberal Democratic Party.

Childhood and youth

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The future governor of the Smolensk region AlexeiOstrovsky was born in Moscow. This happened on January 14, 1976. His mother was a teacher in a simple school, and his father worked as an engineer at one of the country's closed enterprises.

Alexei Ostrovsky studied at the Physics and Mathematics School at the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR. I dreamed of following in the footsteps of my father. But everything changed when in 1988 his dad passed away.

That the son was in business and did not rotate indubious companies, his mother took the boy to the Palace of Pioneers, where recently opened a film school. For three years he was engaged in the department of camera skills, comprehended the basics of this art. It was at that time that Alexei Ostrovsky got acquainted with photography quite close. Love for the reporting genre predetermined his future path.

Start of professional activity

Governor of the Smolensk region

He began to build his career from the age of fifteen. The newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" was looking for a sensible photocorrect to its staff. A contest was held, and Alexei, ahead of venerable professionals, got a job. Of course, it was not official, because age did not allow it. He spent the first half of the day at school, and then flew to his favorite work.

Career Ostrovsky quickly gaining momentum, and soon it began to print, even in foreign publications. At sixteen, he became a freelance photographer for the New York Times, Newsweek, and the Guardian.

The young man did not stop there. He was captivated by video art. He began to work for foreign television companies and in his, it is possible to say, childhood, he visited operators in many hot spots, making unimaginable reports.

However, there were in his career photojournalistand embarrassment. Newspaper "Washington Post" uncovered the scam, pointing to the falsification of the material by Time magazine. For the last, Ostrovsky made a report about child prostitution. It turned out that everything from the first to the last frame was staged, and the children, filmed by Alexei, were small actors.

In 1993, Alexei Ostrovsky received a newinteresting task. He had to do a story about Vladimir Zhirinovsky. The correspondent spent several months next to the politician, and they became extremely friendly. And when the leader of the LDPR offered Alexei a job, he agreed without hesitation.

This period of Ostrovsky's life was reflected in the film "Stringer", where he was played by a young Sergei Bodrov.alexey island governor

In 2000, Alexey graduated from the Faculty of World Economy, MGOU, three years later received a second higher education in MGIMO at the Faculty of Law.

Career in politics

After Zhirinovsky's invitation, the first timeworked in the youth organization of the LDPR, then came to the press service of the party, and after a while headed it. Took part in the international activities of the faction. And later he became Vladimir Zhirinovsky's personal assistant.

In 2003, after the offer of the head, he ran for the State Duma deputies and was elected from the LDPR party. He worked for four years with many questions:

  • international affairs;
  • information policy;
  • mandate issues;
  • deputy ethics;
  • practice of ensuring human rights and freedoms in foreign states.

In the State Duma of the new convocation was also elected from the LDPR in 2007. He was chairman of the CIS committee and relations with compatriots.

In 2011, Alexei Ostrovsky was in charge of issues related to religious organizations and public associations in the State Duma of the sixth convocation.

The post of governor

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In April 2012, Sergei resignedAntufiev, Governor of the Smolensk region. Alexei Ostrovsky was appointed head of the region. This decision of the government was called strange. For the first time, not a member of United Russia was admitted to such a position, but most importantly, a person who did not have experience of such work, he had no idea of ​​the national economy.

Previously, ex-officials or businessmen became governors, and Ostrovsky was a former photocorp with a spoiled reputation (because of the production reportage).

The region went to Alexei Vladimirovich quiteproblem. For a while, he had to prepare for the large-scale anniversary of the city. Almost nothing was done, the construction of new facilities lagged behind the schedule, there was not enough money (in fact, the predecessor of Ostrovsky was removed from office for these plundering). The new governor coped well with the task.

He was talked about as the head of the region, who knows how to solve any problems. He personally controlled even the removal of garbage from the streets of the city. Also, Ostrovsky began to work hard to attract investment in the region.

For a while Alexey Ostrovsky, governorwithout experience, received a lot of hairpins in his address. Everyone wanted to see the results of the work immediately. In numerous interviews, he stated that it is unrealistic, because the region got him with a debt of over fifteen billion rubles.

After three years of fruitful work, Ostrovsky asked the President to release him from his post. Now he temporarily performs the duties of the head of the region (before the September elections).

Criticism of activity

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Alexey Ostrovsky, photo for whichfor a long time was the main professional activity, many times I heard criticism about this in my address. He was called a PR manager, but not a governor-manager.

Criticized and his appointment of somepersons to high positions. For example, in June 2012 the head of the Department of Health was V. Stepchenkov, who had previously been involved in financial fraud and was a witness in several criminal cases.

In 2012, due to questionable personnel decisionsthe rating of Ostrovsky decreased by dozens of positions, but at the end of 2013 it became the 39th in the rating of the Agency of Political and Economic Communications. He joined the group of governors with great influence.

Personal life

Alexei Ostrovsky, whose biography is inseparableis connected with work in politics, laments for lack of time. His family he sees very rarely. His wife and three daughters live in Smolensk, and the politician himself is in constant traveling around the region.

The only opportunity to be together is his short-term five-day vacation, which is sometimes impossible to take.

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