Alexandra Markina - a model from Instagram

Alexandra Markina has long been one of the most popular girls on the Instagram network. Thanks to her fame in social networks, she was able to achieve a lot and become a successful model not only in Russia, but also in Europe. Many famous brands want to cooperate with a Russian girl who, in turn, does not plan to stop there.

Alexandra Markina: biography

Sasha was born in 1993 in the city of Moscow. She had a typical childhood: she went to kindergarten, then went to study at school. Sasha liked studying at school and many subjects were given to her easily, which allowed her to study well. In addition, the girl was active and participated in many activities held in the school, and also went to various sections.

Alexandra Markina

But Sasha did not differ in appearance since childhood. She had a large nose with a pronounced crook, thin lips and full cheeks. Growing up, Alexandra began to get involved in cosmetics and tanning.The abuse of these things led to the fact that Markina had almost brown skin tone, and the abundance of make-up noticeably aged the young girl. But even despite this, as a teenager, Sasha began to get involved in social networks, which at that time were still gaining popularity. Then the girl began to take a great interest in a photo, only she preferred to photograph not the nature, but herself. At home, she spent improvised photo shoots, and then laid out the resulting pictures on the Web. Markina became involved in contests held on the Internet, as well as in various polls. It was this activity that allowed her to get the first fans.

Nevertheless, Alexandra Markina received many negative reviews in social networks. People made fun of her looks, her love of makeup and tanning beds. But despite everything, Sasha remained true to her dream. She realized that she wanted to become a model, so she decided to achieve this, no matter what. She spent a lot of time on the Internet, studied groups, photos of other girls and began to understand: in order to become a successful model, she would need several plastic surgeries.This decision was given to her easily, as she was ready for anything, just to realize her dream.


Alexandra Markina could not boast model data before the operation, therefore she resorted to the services of plastic surgeons several times. When she became an adult, she did rhinoplasty, namely, she removed her little hump and made her nose smaller. Markina also increased her lips and chest. These changes helped Alexandra in her modeling career. She began to actively use social networks, most of all her page on Instagram, constantly posting photos, thereby attracting the attention of the public.

Alexandra Markina before surgery

Thanks to the photos on the web, the girl was finally noticed. And not only modeling agencies in Russia, but also representatives of foreign fashion houses and glossy magazines.


Alexandra Markina does not have typical model parameters, but this doesn’t bother her at all. The height of the model is 168 centimeters, and the weight is 48 kilograms. Alexandra herself admits that she has the third breast size, but this does not stop designers who have recently moved away from the classical canons of beauty and are working with unusual model data with great pleasure.

Alexandra Markina photo


Alexandra Markina's career is growing faster every year. Despite the fairly young age, the girl has already managed to work with a large number of fashion houses. Markin is regularly invited to film for various glossy publications and is invited to travel abroad.

But even despite a successful career, the girl does not forget about social networks. In her accounts, she is engaged in advertising and continues to take a variety of photographs that she regularly puts on the web. Thanks to this activity, the popular model page on Instagram has over a million subscribers. Alexandra Markina takes photos not only in specialized studios, but at home and on vacation.

Alexandra Markina

Personal life

Alexandra doesn’t put her personal life on the table. The girl carefully hides her young man from prying eyes, but she chooses not to answer questions that she regularly receives. Sometimes Sasha lays out photos with different handsome men in his account, but he never tells who exactly is captured with her in the photo. Thus, we can conclude that Sasha does not want to spread about the other side of his life, but makes accounts in social networks exclusively workers.And the girl can be understood! Many in the comments to her photos are still reproaching her for excessive plastic surgery. The model reacts extremely badly to such reviews, so Alexandra Markina doesn’t want even more negativity in her address, which causes her to carefully hide her personal life.

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