Alexandra Ivy: biography and creativity

Deborah Reilly is the author of romantic novels. The books of the series “Keepers of Eternity”, published under the name of Alexandra Ivy, brought her popularity. She has repeatedly been nominated for literary awards, including the genre Romantic Times Award.

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Little about the author

The writer was born on April 14, 1961 in the small town of La Plata (Missouri) in the southwest United States. She graduated from high school there. Since childhood, she dreamed of becoming a famous actress and received the unconditional support of her parents. She graduated from the University of Truman with a bachelor of speech communication. Deborah Reilly, she is the author of the bestselling "Keepers of Eternity" Alexander Ivey, from childhood wanted to become a famous actress and followed her dream. She performed in theaters, but soon realized that she preferred to create characters rather than interpret them.

Growing up in a small town, Deborah was constantly reading. As the writer says, she cannot remember exactly when she fell in love with books.Probably still on the lap of his mother reading a fairy tale to her. As soon as I learned to read, I spent all my free time studying books. She made up her own stories and wrote them down, but never thought about becoming a writer.

Could there be anything more beautiful than spending summer days surrounded by the secrets of Nancy Drew, says Deborah? She fell in love with the books of Agatha Christie, Jane Austen and John Tolkien. These are her favorite writers. In fact, she read everything she could - poems, books, plays, biographies. And now Deborah is still a passionate reader, and her tastes are as varied as in her youth.

A family

There is in her life, besides reading and writing, and another love, says Deborah, is incredibly patient husband David and two sons, Chance and Alexander. Without their support and faith in her, she would not have achieved what she has, the writer is sure.

Deborah loves spending time with her family, which continues to be a source of motivation for her. She married a loved one with whom she had known since college. After the birth of children, she decided to quit her acting career and thought about a new creative path.It was then that Deborah and decided to publish their stories.

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Literary debut

As Alexandra Ivy says, the biography of her work began with numerous failures of publishers. She experienced it painfully, because she believed that each of her manuscript was the next "great American novel." In addition, she is confident that this is what helped hone the skill of the writer and, while she was looking for her voice, enjoy writing in many genres. It also explains why she began writing under the name Debbie Reilly, then went to the historical world by Deborah Reilly and turned into a modern fantasy author Alexander Ivey.

Deborah says her day begins in the early morning. As soon as she wakes up, she sits down at the letter exercises, otherwise there are many excuses for not doing this. She then looks at the email and updates her social media pages, does the planned work, and then sits down at the novel. If she is in the middle of a book, she can write until she goes to bed. Her family knows that as soon as she disappears in her office, they will not see her until the book is over.

The writer made her debut book Lord Carlton's Courtship in 2000. He was followed in the same year by Lord Mumford's Minx. The following two years came the trilogies A Rose for Three Rakes and Vicar Humbley. In 2003, the love-vampire series Immortal Rogues was released. In 2005, Alexandra Ivey's books Miss Frazer's Adventure, The Wedding Clause, Highland Vampire, and the first book of the trilogy Hellion's Den were published. In 2008 the novel “Stormy Night” was published and translated into Russian. In 2009, Seduce Me By Christmas and Seducing the Viscount were published.

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"Keepers of Eternity" by Alexandra Ivey

The most important point. The popularity of Debbie came with her "vampire cycle" "Keepers of Eternity." It was published under the pseudonym of Alexandra Ivey and hit the New York Times bestseller in December 2010. In this series, the author invites his readers to the world of Light and Darkness, to the world of semi-humans semi-demons. They are not alien to human feelings. They are torn between the desire to become defenders for their chosen ones or to give in to a burning feeling and change the fate of loved ones forever. In his stunning series, the author talks about the dark world of the Guardians, who have to make a choice between good and evil, life and death, pleasure and pain.

The first part of this series is the 2007 novel “When Darkness Comes.”In the same year, the next book, In the Embrace of Darkness, was published. In 2008, the cycle continued the novel "The Immortality of Passion." In 2009 two more books of this series are published: “Shadows of Love”, “Passion and Darkness”. The novels “Destined by fate” and “The ruler of her soul” were published in 2010. In 2011, Alexandra Ivy pleased her readers with another book in the Vapir series - “Connected by Love”. And the last novel published in Russian of this series is “Fear the Darkness”.

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Other books

Deborah's stories included in the collections:

  • Valentine Rogues, Christmas Eve Kittens and Spring Kittens, published in 2001;
  • in 2002, her stories appeared in anthologies Only with a Rogue and A Taste of Christmas;
  • One Night with a Rogue, A Husband for Mama, A Bewitching Season - anthologies of 2003;
  • in 2005, stories are published in the collections My Favorite Rogue and How to Marry a Duke.

Alexandra Ivy also published the novels Taken by Darkness, Darkness Eternal, Where Darkness and Levet. Several e-books, the latest of which is Angel's novel, are published on the Web and are currently available for download. The popular series “Keepers of Eternity” already contains eleven volumes and is regularly included in the bestseller list. Fascinating books of the writer were highly appreciated in the genre of romantic fantasy. Alexandra Ivy loves to travel with her family, but she is sure that the best trip is the next novel.

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