"Aktiferrin": instructions for use, forms of release, analogues and reviews

Proper nutrition plays an important role in the life of every person, especially at a young age. But few people follow a diet and enrich the body with vitamins and minerals. Therefore, sometimes people are faced with a shortage of substances necessary for a normal life. Usually, because of this, a person has a so-called anemia. Adults suffering from a lack of iron in the body, quickly tired and become irritable, and children begin to lag behind in development.

To compensate for the lack of iron, it is necessary to take various drugs. For example, "Aktiferrin". The instructions for this medication are below. What is this remedy? How and when to take it correctly? What are the contraindications of "Aktiferrina"? What do people think of him? Answers further.

"Aktiferrin" - iron capsules


What is Actiferrin? The instruction indicates that it is an iron-containing remedy.It is used in the treatment of iron deficiency anemia. It can be used to increase hemoglobin in the blood and iron in the body as a whole. The mentioned agent is not a dietary supplement. This is the most common medication used in therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

Forms of release

Below we consider the detailed instructions "Aktiferrin". Before we find out in what forms produced iron-containing agent. Depending on this, the composition of the drug and the method of its use will vary slightly.

What does "Aktiferrin" look like?

Today the following forms of "Aktiferrin" are known:

  • drops;
  • capsules;
  • syrup.

In real life, people most often take this medicine in the form of drops and syrup. Therefore, we will focus on them. Capsules are not in great demand, but they can be used by adults and children after 12 years.

About indications for use

The instructions "Aktiferrina" states that the drug can be used in therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. But what indications allow you to start a course of treatment?

Usually this:

  • Iron-deficiency anemia;
  • lack of iron in the body;
  • blood formation problems.

Sometimes the tool is used for prevention.Independently appoint yourself "Aktiferrin" can not, especially with good blood tests. Excess iron adversely affects the body.

About contraindications

The instructions for use "Aktiferrin" spelled out a number of contraindications. Despite the fact that we are dealing with an iron supplement, it cannot be taken under certain circumstances. Either it is allowed to do under the strict supervision of doctors.

Contraindications to the use of "Aktiferrin" and other iron-containing drugs can be:

  • individual intolerance;
  • tendency to severe allergic reactions;
  • anemia not related to iron deficiency;
  • problems with the elimination and digestibility of the microelement in the body;
  • hypersensitivity.

People with diabetes can use "Aktiferrin", but only with the permission of doctors. Otherwise, the disease will be contraindicated.

The composition of the drops "Aktiferrin"

It is worth noting that at normal levels of iron in the body, it is not recommended to take "Aktiferrin" and other iron-containing medicines. This, as already mentioned, will lead to serious consequences. Especially in young children.

The composition of the capsules

Now we will study the instructions on the use of "Aktiferrin" in more detail. It has already been said that the composition of the drug varies slightly depending on the form of release of the funds. Therefore, we consider the components of the drug in all cases.

The capsules "Aktiferrin" contain the following elements:

  • lecithin;
  • glycerol;
  • wax yellow;
  • soybean oil;
  • colza oil;
  • iron oxide;
  • gelatin;
  • substance from liquid sorbitol.

The active substance here is bivalent iron. The remaining components are auxiliary.

The composition of the syrup

With the instruction capsules "Aktiferrin" we have read a bit. Now it is worth studying the composition of the syrup. After all, this form of drug release is more popular.

In the syrup "Aktiferrin" you can find:

  • potassium sorbate;
  • cream flavor;
  • raspberry flavoring;
  • purified water;
  • ascorbic acid;
  • D-, L-serine;
  • ethanol;
  • invert syrup;
  • iron in the form of the active substance (bivalent).

There is nothing else in the syrup. And, therefore, the drug is really aimed solely at increasing the level of iron in the blood.

The composition of the drops

Many buy drops "Aktiferrin".The instruction of this drug indicates that you can find in its composition:

  • potassium sorbate;
  • ascorbic acid;
  • water (purified);
  • flavors "Raspberry" and "Cream";
  • ethanol;
  • D-, L-serine;
  • invert syrup;
  • iron (II).

From the foregoing, it follows that the syrup and drops have almost the same composition. The thing is that the drops contain almost 2 times more iron. Therefore, this form of release is in great demand. It has an effect on the body faster.

Who is prescribed?

Any medication has not only indications and contraindications. The point is that medicines are usually made for a specific group of patients.

The composition of the tablets "Aktiferrin"

The instructions for use "Aktiferrin" said that the drug is suitable for all people. And indeed it is. The tool is completely safe if the patient does not have the diseases listed above. A variety of forms of release of the drug allows you to choose the right one.

"Aktiferrin" prescribed:

  • newborn;
  • young children;
  • schoolchildren;
  • adolescents;
  • adults;
  • the elderly.

The main thing is to pay attention to the recommendations of the doctors and to follow them clearly.Otherwise, even such a safe medication can harm.

Pregnancy and lactation period

Can pregnant and lactating women take capsules, syrup or Aktiferrin drops? In the instructions to the listed tools there are no contraindications for the use of the drug. What does it mean?

During pregnancy and during lactation "Aktiferrin" is not contraindicated. The main thing is to decide on the dosage and follow medical recommendations. Remember that iron supplements are often prescribed to women during pregnancy.

Method of use of capsules

And how to take this medication? The answer depends on the form of release of the drug.

Let's start with the capsules. They are given on 1 piece no more than 3 times a day. Children up to 6 years old are prescribed 1 capsule per day, but this is a huge rarity. Usually children are prescribed the drug in drops or syrup.

The duration of treatment depends on the degree of anemia and iron deficiency in the body. Usually take capsules "Aktiferrin" accounts for at least a month. Otherwise, the trace element will not be maintained at a normal level.

Iron-containing remedy is better to use before or immediately after a meal, drinking a capsule with a small amount of water.

Method of use of syrup

Kids after 2 years of age are prescribed to use "Aktiferrin" in syrup. How to take it? Enough to carefully study the instructions for use. For children, "Aktiferrin" in the form of a syrup is prescribed taking into account the body weight of the young patient.

At the moment, 5 milliliters of the drug must be given to 12 kilograms of weight. The required amount of the drug is poured into a measuring cup, and then give a drink to the child. If necessary, you can mix "Aktiferrin" with a small amount of juice or soft drink.

Preschool children are prescribed 5 milliliters of the drug no more than 2 times a day, and schoolchildren up to 3 times. For more information about the dosage is better to find out from your doctor.

Dosing method

Now you can begin to study the instructions for the use of drops "Aktiferrin" for children and adults. Usually this form of release of the drug is considered the most convenient.

Young children are prescribed 15 drops of the drug up to 3 times a day. In some cases, the dosage is increased to 20 drops, but then “Aktiferrin” is given only once a day.

Adults can be prescribed from 30 to 120 drops of the drug, pregnant women - 40-50 drops, less often - 100-120.The dosage will be able to pick up only the attending physician after studying blood tests.

It is enough to drop the required amount of iron-containing agent from a bottle on a spoon, and then drink it. Children are recommended to give "Aktiferrin" in drops through a pipette or syringe without a needle.

About side effects

We studied the instruction of drops "Aktiferrin" for children and adults. But there are a few points that should be focused. For example, on the side effects of the drug.

The instructions indicate that side effects are rare, but they can occur. Everyone needs to know about the possible effects of "Aktiferrin" on the body. Especially parents of young children - babies will not be able to say what is wrong with them.

In the annotation to the drug indicates that after the use of "Aktiferrin" the patient may experience:

  • diarrhea;
  • constipation;
  • loss of interest in food (loss of appetite);
  • nausea;
  • emetic urge;
  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • bloating;
  • flatulence;
  • itching;
  • allergic reactions;
  • bitter taste in the mouth;
  • toothache;
  • irritability / tearfulness;
  • a sore throat;
  • a feeling of some compression in the chest.

In rare cases, anaphylactic shock occurs. That is why it is important to carefully study the instruction "Aktiferrin". For children, these side effects can be extremely unpleasant. Especially when it comes to newborns. Because of this, their sleep may be disturbed and anxiety may appear.

Bottle "Aktiferrina" with dispenser

However, you should not be afraid of this medication. In adults, side effects are extremely rare. In children, more often. But if you follow the recommendations of doctors, you can reduce the likelihood of a negative effect of the iron-containing drug to almost zero.

Overdose remedy

The instructions of the Actiferrin Compositum stipulate that if the patient’s use of the drug is exceeded, the patient may experience an overdose of iron. This is not the best phenomenon. It seriously affects the patient's body as a whole.

Instructions "Aktiferrin" (drops, syrup and capsules) suggests that signs of overdose are such phenomena:

  • stomach ache;
  • lethargy;
  • convulsions;
  • weak pulse;
  • diarrhea (with blood);
  • low pressure;
  • pale skin;
  • general weakness;
  • paresthesia.

Sometimes with a severe overdose, a person falls into a coma.That is why it is important not to overdo it with iron supplements. Otherwise, an urgent need to seek medical help.

Overdose is usually treated by cleansing the stomach and consuming dairy / fermented milk products and eggs.

Special recommendations

We studied the instructions for the use of "Aktiferrin" for children and adults. In the annotation to the medication there are special instructions. They must be read before treatment.

The thing is that by using this drug aggravation of ulcerative diseases of the intestines occurs, if they exist. "Aktiferrin" can cause inflammatory processes.

If a person uses any medications, he needs to find out about the compatibility of the drug with "Aktiferrin". In some cases, due to the incompatibility of medicines, intoxication of the organism occurs.

During treatment, "Aktiferrin" will have to follow a diet. Some products impair the absorption of the drug. For example:

  • coffee;
  • tea;
  • yolk;
  • cereal;
  • vegetables;
  • dairy and dairy products / drinks.

It is better to limit the listed food during treatment. Immediately after eating "Aktiferrin" it is recommended not to eat or drink.All of these directions are extremely important. Especially in the treatment of newborns. It is enough not to feed the baby with breast milk or a mixture for an hour after consuming the iron-containing drug.

Cost of

We managed to maximally examine in detail the instructions for using "Aktiferrin" for children. Reviews about this drug leave quite often. And they are all different.

The cost of "Aktiferrina"

For example, many complain about the cost of funds. Drops cost 350-550 rubles. The syrup costs about 450 rubles, and the packaging of capsules - from 250 rubles. Given the duration of the course of treatment will have to spend considerably.

Treatment effectiveness

Previously, the reader was presented with the instruction Aktiferrin drops. Reviews of this drug are mostly positive, but with different reservations.

Patients claim that any form of Aktiferrin is a great way to increase hemoglobin in the blood. But well, the drug does not help everyone. There are exceptions. Therefore, you can find reviews that talk about the ineffectiveness of the tool.

Often, doctors recommend combining "Aktiferrin" with "Maltoferom". This technique helps not only to replenish the level of iron, but also to keep it at normal levels.

In some cases, you can see complaints about the low efficacy of the drug and the short preservation of hemoglobin in the blood. Fortunately, such opinions are rare.

Due to the composition of "Aktiferrin", it is absorbed better than "Maltofer".

Effect on teeth

We found out how to use "Aktiferrin" for children. Instructions for use, reviews and the composition of this medication were presented above. There is another point that is worthy of discussion.

We are talking about the effect of iron-containing drug on the teeth. This is a very important point. It should be considered during the treatment of children with anemia.

"Aktiferrin" paints tooth enamel. This is written in the annotations. But many parents complain that after the use of an iron-containing drug in children (and even adults) their teeth began to deteriorate, until their destruction. So the drug affects the body. Normal, though not the best phenomenon.

Analogue "Aktiferrina"


What are the "Aktiferrina" have analogues? There are a lot of them. Here are the most popular drugs:

  • "Maltofer";
  • "Ferrum Lek";
  • "Sorbifer";
  • Ferroplex;
  • "Feroplekt";
  • "Fenulas".

Which is better to choose, tell the attending physician.In terms of cost, they are different, so choose not the cheapest, but an effective drug.

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