Airport Krasnodar (Pashkovskiy): general information

The largest transport hub of the Southern FederalOkrug is the airport of Krasnodar Pashkovsky. He entered the top ten most loaded aero nodes in the Russian Federation and is of considerable importance for the transport system of the country.


Airport Krasnodar confidently occupies the 7th position in the rating of loaded air transport nodes in Russia. The annual volume of passenger turnover is more than 2 million people. The maximum capacity of passenger terminal complexes is 500 people / hour on domestic flights, and on international routes - 250.

airport of Krasnodar

The aerodrome complex has 38 parking lots foraircraft and two runways, made of artificial cover. The runways are parallel to each other at a distance of 2 km, so they can function independently of each other. Covering the first strip is asphalt concrete, its dimensions are 49 by 2200 meters. Covering the second strip is reinforced concrete, and the dimensions are 45 by 3000 meters. At the moment the second runway is under reconstruction and is not used.

Airport Krasnodar (Pashkovsky) is listed inthe first class. It can receive aircraft of the Boeing type (737 and 757), Airbus (319, 320, 321), Il-76, AN-124, Tu (204 and 154), Embraer- 195 "and helicopters of any modifications. It is possible to service any aircraft, the takeoff weight of which is not more than 170 tons.

The airport complex includes 3terminal. Two are for domestic and international airlines, and the third is for freight. In the passenger terminals you can use the wireless free Internet connection. Also, they have pharmacies, a cafe, a VIP room, information and information centers, ATMs, luggage rooms, baggage storage points. There is also a hotel complex on the territory of the terminal.


Krasnodar Airport (Pashkovsky) was founded in the Soviet period in 1932 as an airbase. Subsequently, it was reorganized into the Pashkovskiy air squadron, and in 1934 passenger flights began to be carried out.

During the Great Patriotic War, the aircrafts of the Krasnodar aviation enterprise transported fuel and ammunition to the front, and evacuated people.

The first runway of concrete was built by 1960. At the same time, the construction of the airport complex was completed. In 1984, a new concrete runway was built.

In 1993 there was a transformation of the Krasnodar detachment into OJSC "Kuban Airlines". In the department of this enterprise there were both the airport and the airline. However, 13 years later the enterprise broke up into two organizations - the airline "Kuban" and the international Krasnodar airport.

krasnodar pashkovsky

In 2012, reconstruction began, which should last until 2018. During this period, it is planned to modernize the second runway, build new ones and improve the existing taxiways.


Krasnodar Airport (Pashkovsky) serves more than 20 domestic and foreign airlines. Also at the airport are two Russian air carriers - "Yakutia" and "RusLine".

Regular flights are performed both in Russia,and in the countries of near and far abroad (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Austria, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Italy, Czech Republic). Among the most popular Russian destinations - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok. Seasonal flights are carried out on the most popular tourist destinations:

  • Egypt (Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada);
  • India (Goa);
  • Spain, Barcelona);
  • Cyprus (Paphos);
  • Thailand (Bangkok);
  • France Paris).

Pashkovskiy airport: map, location, contacts

Pashkovsky is just 12 km east of the city of Krasnodar. Airport address: Krasnodar, Bershanskaya street, house 355, postal code 350912.

Paszkow airport map

The telephone of the directorate is 219-15-12, fax - 219-11-15.

Reference information can be found and clarified by the number 266-72-22.

City code is 861.

Krasnodar, Pashkovskiy Airport: how to arrive

The transport infrastructure of the airport is quite developed. There are three types of public transport that runs between Krasnodar and the airport: trolley buses, buses, shuttles.

airport Pashkovskiy how to get there

A trolleybus with number 7 leaves from automobile and railway stations. Bus number 7 follows from the cinema "Aurora".

Minibus taxis with number 15 from Krasnodar depart also from the auto and railway stations. In the opposite direction they follow from the terminal to the stop "Megacenter" Red Square ".

Route taxi 53 starts and ends the traffic at the stop "Auto- and Railway Station" both in the direction to the airport and from it.

Airport Krasnodar (Pashkovsky) takes 7position on congestion among Russian aero nodes. The increase in the volume of passenger traffic, as well as the holding of the World Cup in Krasnodar in 2018, became the reasons for the reconstruction of the airport and airfield facilities. On the basis of Pashkovsky in the near future will be formed a major air transport international knot.

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