Aerosvit Airlines. Reviews

Aerosvit is an airline that currently has the largest network of international routes among Ukrainian carriers.

This company operates flights in more than 100 destinations. Aerosvit was founded in 1994, and began with flights from the Ukrainian capital to Tel Aviv, Larnaca, Athens, Thessaloniki.

With regard to such an important issue as the levelsecurity in AeroSvit, the reviews are very contradictory. Many passengers praise the professionalism of the pilots, while others are indignant at the unsatisfactory state of the aircraft.

At the same time in recent years, accidents involvingaircraft of this airline did not occur. In addition, Aerosvit operates western aircraft, which have won the whole world with reliability and safety.

The aircraft fleet of the airline is constantly updated. It consists of 18 Boeing aircraft. In 2002, two Boeing 767s appeared in the company, thanks to which it became possible to launch transcontinental routes. It is also planned to purchase new aircraft.

In addition to regular flights, the airline isand charter flights. Since 1998, she began to carry passengers to the island of Crete, Antalya and Hurghada. In addition, there are flights to traditional ski resorts. With the expansion of the fleet of aircraft, long-haul traffic has become possible, and now the airline operates flights to the Maldives, the Dominican Republic and Indonesia.

At the moment, the passengers of the company canchoose between two classes of service: "business" and "economy." On board all passengers are offered free meals. There is a possibility to order special dishes when booking a ticket with confirmation one day before departure.

Despite the fact that in 2011 the nationalthe prize "Carrier of the Year" was given to Aerosvit company, passenger reviews about it are far from the most rosy. The carrier is criticized for the frequent cancellation and transfer of flights. Although some of the airline's customers have noted a high level of service and courtesy of the staff, as well as a good balance between the cost of the flight and the quality of service.

Many passengers are happy with the low price forAeroSvit flights. However, the main drawback is the many hours of flight delays, during which passengers have to wait for departure either on board the aircraft or at the airport. Departures are delayed often enough due to the replacement of the defective board.

In addition, another negative aspect related to the Aerosvit company, which can easily be found on the Internet, is the loss of baggage or its contents.

For the sake of justice I would like to note thatpeople, by virtue of their psychological characteristics, are more willing to share negative emotions and negative experiences than positive moments. Therefore, passengers who have remained satisfied with the flight with this company, can simply leave no messages about this. But customers who are disappointed, are more likely to express this in their reviews.

So, if you generalize the opinion of passengers about the airline Aerosvit, reviews that are present on various sites, then we can highlight the following important characteristics of this carrier:

  • The company has low ticket prices.
  • Flights are often delayed due to various malfunctions.
  • The technical condition of the aircraft leaves much to be desired.
  • The level of service is at an altitude. The staff of the company is always polite and considerate. There is also a high quality of food on board.
  • Negative moments include frequent cases of missing luggage.
  • And most importantly - accident-free flights for a long time.

Based on these characteristics, each passenger can decide whether to use the services of this company.

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