Advice to fashionable women or what to wear a black dress?

It is hard to imagine without the female wardrobeblack dress, which surprisingly goes to all - and young girls and ladies in their ages. The variety of different styles allows you to choose a black dress for any shape. Many people have a question about what to wear a black dress to look stylish and elegant. The answer to this question depends on many factors: first of all, on the style of the dress, and also on what image the owner wishes to create.

The black dress is surprisingly diverse -a variety of styles and styles makes it possible for each representative of the fair sex to choose a suitable option for her (and not even one). But the most favorite is a black little dress, which has long been fashionable (thanks to the legendary Coco Chanel) and to this day has not lost its relevance. This outfit is characterized by its absolute versatility and perfectly suited for any occasion. So, if you complement a small black dress with discreet accessories, shoes and classic jackets, it will perfectly fit into the office environment and make your wearer stylish and feminine even under the condition of a strict dress code. And with what to dress a black dress, going to a party? In this case, it is worth combining it with elegant accessories (a string of pearls or an exquisite pendant, a bright belt), high-heeled shoes (depending on the season, it can be like sandals and shoes, or boots or boots), a shawl, bolero or a jacket .

You should avoid the temptation to "revive" the black dressa lot of accessories, because in that case there is a risk to turn into a "Christmas tree". Let them be better than a few, but stylish and unusual, emphasizing the taste and elegance of its owner. The black dress looks great with accessories of golden, white, beige, silver and red colors (for example, a strap, brooch or scarf). Although if you talk about a dress for a fun holiday (which takes place in an informal atmosphere), then you can experiment with accessories.

Reflecting on what to wear with a black dress,we must not forget that both the office version and the outfit for the official celebration must necessarily be supplemented with suitable stockings or stockings (because appearing with bare legs in such cases is considered a mauveton). The best thing for a small black dress is a solid tights of black or flesh color, although fashionable women who want to look bright and are not afraid to experiment can easily wear bright colored tights or leggings - this combination looks very fresh and stylish. You can also wear a small black dress with fishnet tights or stockings (but in any case not with pantyhose "in the mesh"!).

Deciding what to wear with a black dress, it is necessarytake into account the characteristics of the figure. Skilful selection of accessories can shift the focus and hide some of the shortcomings. For example, those who do not have an ideal waist, it is better not to emphasize it with a strap, and those whose legs are not slim, it is desirable not to combine a black dress with bright tights and stockings.

You can not ignore the black evening dress,which can be sewn from a wide variety of materials (for example, silk, velvet or satin), embroidered, laced and transparent inserts, draperies, asymmetrical cutouts, laces and other original details. What to wear a black dress designed for a luxurious reception or a dinner party? With ornaments of gold or silver, encrusted with pearls or precious stones, or with exquisite costume jewelry (however, the latter option is best not to abuse), a cape, a shawl or stole, elegant shoes with heels, a stylish clutch or a small handbag.

For those who do not like black color

Some women do nottoo fond of black. Some believe that he does not go to them, others simply think it is too gloomy. In this case, you can advise to pay attention to dresses of gray, dark red and blue flowers, which are also suitable for all occasions. In order to answer the question what to wear with a blue dress, it is necessary to understand what shade of blue is involved. If we talk about the deep blue color, then it is in perfect harmony with most accessories, while bright blue and cornflower blue are much more demanding for the selection of jewelry. But in any case, accessories and shoes of black, white and silvery colors are perfect for a blue dress. The same goes for the gray and red dress.

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Advice to fashionable women or what to wear a black dress Advice to fashionable women or what to wear a black dress Advice to fashionable women or what to wear a black dress Advice to fashionable women or what to wear a black dress Advice to fashionable women or what to wear a black dress Advice to fashionable women or what to wear a black dress