Adamex stroller: the pros and cons

All newly-made parents have a questionon how to choose the best stroller for your baby (or kids). The parents' desire is quite legitimate: the baby carriage should not only be beautiful and of a certain color, depending on the sex of the child. It should be reliable, practical and inexpensive. Find the one, the same, the only one that will become a mother's baby and a faithful assistant to her mother for all the diversity of children's products, is not so simple. What is worth paying attention to when selecting, consider the example of the most popular brand Adamex.

adamex strollerAdameks stroller has long earned the trustRussian mothers, who gladly advise the products of this manufacturer to relatives and friends. For more than a year the Polish company has been leading the market of goods for children on the territory of Russia and the countries of the European Union. The main advantage of Adamex products, attracting a wide mass of consumers, was the perfect price-quality ratio of products. At the same time, the manufacturer took into account all the recommendations and requirements of allergists, pediatricians, orthopedists, and surgeons. Therefore, the Adameks baby carriage is particularly safe for the child and the maximum comfort for moms.

The greatest polarity is the stroller-transformer Adamex. This universal acquisition will grow with the baby.Stroller transformer adamexSuch a stroller has high functionalityand wear resistance, since it is designed for babies from birth to three years. Each Adamex stroller has good cushioning, due to which roughnesses on the road will be almost imperceptible for the child, and it will help if necessary to rock it.

When choosing, pay attention to the wheels: wide will help you easily overcome curbs, dirt, bad parts of the road. Plastic wheels - a more budgetary option, in contrast, rubber will provide a softer cushioning and careful movement over uneven asphalt or road tiles.

Many experienced moms advise choosing a stroller,the kit of which already includes a cradle. This is a very convenient option for carrying a newborn: light, compact, mobile. In addition, any Adamex stroller from the inside (including the cradles) is made of 100% cotton. All the fabric parts are detachable and must be washed as usual.Adameks baby carriage

On what it is necessary to pay special attention, what disadvantages can the Adamex stroller have?

  • First, the most popular strollers-transformers have the biggest weight - up to 15 kg. For a mother after childbirth to take such a load outside the apartment and the entrance is sometimes not possible.
  • Secondly, if there is an elevator in your house (onlypassenger, and there is no freight), measure the distance between its open doors, which in our country usually do not open up to the full width of the opening. Then, when choosing a stroller, measure the distance between the wheels - whether it passes into your elevator. Practice shows that it is not easy to find such a stroller.
  • Thirdly, the chassis requires care: periodically it is necessary to lubricate for the prevention of creaking.

Of course, a huge assortment of pramsadmires young parents, but if you want to choose really the most worthy of all, be ready to spend time for it. Then the wheelchair will serve you for years, become a faithful helper and beloved companion on the road.

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Adamex stroller: the pros and cons Adamex stroller: the pros and cons Adamex stroller: the pros and cons Adamex stroller: the pros and cons Adamex stroller: the pros and cons Adamex stroller: the pros and cons Adamex stroller: the pros and cons Adamex stroller: the pros and cons Adamex stroller: the pros and cons Adamex stroller: the pros and cons