The actors of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith", one of the best films of 2005

They are young and very beautiful. They love each other and believe that they know all the thoughts of each other, all doubts, hopes and experiences. But at the same time they have one huge secret. The actors “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, starring in the lead roles, managed to raise the film to the top list of paintings of 2005.

Storyline: the beginning of a relationship

So what is this picture and what is the secret in it? The film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, which was watched by several million viewers, still remains one of the most popular, because in it the genres of comedy, action movie and melodrama are wonderfully combined.

actors mr and mrs smith

At first glance, the Smith couple is the same as any other. They have a quiet, measured life, boring weekends and routine work. At work every day all the same. And in a relationship, things are not nearly as smooth as they imagined at first.

They met under very strange circumstances: each of them needed a pair in order not to fall under suspicion of the local police, who were conducting a thorough search for a cold-blooded killer.Gradually, they fell in love with each other. Less than two months later, John and Jane decided to start a family. At that moment, they were not at all worried about the fact that they knew practically nothing about each other.

New turn

It takes only six years, and the couple changes everything. The passion that united them at the beginning evaporated somewhere. Along with her gone love, care, understanding and tenderness.

The actors “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” who played the spouses, were equally talented in conveying both the feeling that united them and something that caused discord in their family.

film mr and mrs smith

Now, John and Jane go to a family psychologist for a session in order to discuss the problems with him. The spouses have nothing left to save. John removes his wedding ring from his finger right behind their doorstep, and Jane is waiting for him at home, armed with a huge knife. Even a regular family dinner with a couple takes place without any communication: they are deep in their thoughts, and prefer not to share them with each other.

But they are connected by the fact that everyone has their own secret: they are professional hired killers who can fulfill any order, even the most complex and dangerous.

Together forever

The film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” shows what happens to the spouses when their secrets become their common huge problem: one day John received a new order — for his wife, and Jane — for John.

They can not refuse assignments. Now, too bright diversity has been introduced into their boring married life: a fierce battle begins between the people who love once. And during this war, they realize that they still love each other. They decide that they must decide everything together.

mr and mrs smith brad pitt

The actors “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” embody a new twist of history on the screen - firms competing with each other decided to substitute the spouses in order to gain some profit. Together, the spouses are trying to find the only right way out of the current - not in their favor - situation.

That was the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” filmed in 2005. Brad Pitt, who played one of the main roles - John - was not the only one who offered this role. According to official data, this character could have been played by other stars - the same name of the hero Will Smith or Johnny Depp. But in the end, the role went to Pitt.

Who played the second main role in the film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”? Angelina Jolie, clever, beautiful and very talented actress. By the way, her candidacy was also not the first among the possible options.At first this role was proposed by Nicole Kidman, then other Hollywood stars also tried. But in the end the choice fell on Jolie. And Pitt (at that time they had not even met) agreed to play only when she was approved.

Trite, but very exciting

Yes, viewers have not yet seen such a spectacular film. Of course, a lot of stories were filmed about the hatred of one spouse for another. But if this hatred is fueled by experience in battles and a significant arsenal (weapons from a penknife to a grenade launcher), then this was not removed until 2005. The actors “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” who played the main characters' co-workers, Kerry Washington and Vince Vaughn, displayed their characters, Jasmine and Eddie, amazingly. They were the decoration of this film. With the hero Vince Vaughn during the shooting was not one joke - Eddie was a friend of John Smith and his partner in the agency. This is quite a comic character: he still lives with his mother, constantly whining and afraid of everything in the world. But he was the only one in John’s life who did not turn away from him at a difficult time.

mr and mrs smith angelina jolie

Kerry Washington played Jasmine, a colleague of Jane Smith.True, despite the filigree play of the actress, this project had no impact on her future career.

This is really a very interesting, fun and funny action comedy. And let the plot be a bit trite and can be understood when viewing the announcement, no one can dispute the fact that the picture is not simple, but “golden.” And in the truest sense: the budget amounted to 110 million dollars.

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