Actor Yevgeny Paperny: biography

Voices of some actors can not be confused eitherwith what others. One such example is the voice from the animated film "Treasure Island". The character Dr. Livesay infects with his laughter. Sounded his famous Soviet and Ukrainian actor Yevgeny Paperny.

Eugene Paperny Biography

From the article you can learn about the biography of the actor, his personal life and career, as well as about his daughter, who is known in Russia for her novel with Vladimir Yaglych.


Genus Eugene Paperny from the Sverdlovsk region,It was there that he was born on 03.09.1950. Before moving to Ukraine in 1972, he formed a love for artistic activity. And this is not surprising, since in the small Russian city in which he grew up, the main outlet was a cinema.

In order to attend sessions, he even ran fromschool. Zhenya bought one ticket and viewed with his help several films a day. He himself recalled that he wanted to become an actor from the age of twelve.


After school, Eugene Paperny flew to Moscow. He sought to enter the VGIK, but failed. At that time, actors were recruited by Sergei Gerasimov (director of the "Silent Don" in 1958), and Tamara Makarova evaluated them.

Eugene Paperny

The young man had to return home and settle downan electrician at the CHP. But Eugene did not give up his favorite pastime, he continued studying at the local drama circle. A year later he again went to try his hand at Moscow. This time, he was chosen by another educational institution, but for the same specialization.

Eugene Paperny, whose biography is describedin the article, I decided to enter the Shchukin school. The competition that year was three hundred people in place. This did not stop him from doing, but it was not without curiosity. The fact is that the typist, who printed the list of those who entered, missed his last name. Therefore, Eugene learned of the enrollment at the time when he came to collect his documents. He was able to graduate from college and went to Kiev, where he lives to this day.

Personal life

During his life, the actor was married three times. With the first elect he met, being a freshman. He came to Kiev as a witness for the wedding of his friend Zhora Kishko. In the Ukrainian capital, he met Lidia (nee Yaremchuk). His feelings for the girl were so strong that a year later Eugene and Lydia were married. True, the newlyweds saw each other only on weekends, since the husband was still studying at the school.

Together, the couple began to live after graduation andmoving Papernoy to Kiev. In the same city, he began to work. At this time they had a daughter. The family existed for 16 years, but because of misunderstandings that accumulated over the years, they broke up.

actor of eugene papern

Evgeny Vasilievich soon married OlgaSumy. The young actress was sixteen years younger than he. Their union lasted 4 years. The result was the daughter of Eugene Paperny and Olga Sumskaya Antonina. According to the former spouse, the reason for their breakdown was the aggression of her husband, who was jealous of her everywhere.

The third time, Yevgeny Vasilyevich married Tatiana, who works as a filmmaker. Couple and today together.

The daughter of Paperny and Sumy

Antonina was born on June 1, 1990. Now she meets with the popular Russian actor Vladimir Yaglych, who is known for the films "We are from the Future", "The Ideal Victim", "The Ghost" and others. She, as well as her father, as well as her lover, graduated from the Shchukin school. The main roles in the films she has not yet been offered, but this is a matter of time.


The first significant work, in which Evgeny Paperny played, was the painting "The Emergency Train", created in 1980 by the director Vladimir Shevchenko.

The works by which the actor Yevgeny Paperny is famous in the cinema:

  • "A fairy tale like a fairy tale."
  • "From the Bug to the Vistula."
  • "My dear you are my."
  • "Forward, for the treasures of the hetman!".
  • "Return of Mukhtar".
  • "A milkmaid from Khatsapetovka."
  • "Matchmakers."

Evgenia Paperny and Olga Sumskaya

Work as a voice:

  • "Quarrel" is a hippopotamus.
  • "Alice in Wonderland" - Knave.
  • "Who will get a pineapple?" - a baby elephant.
  • "Ivanko and the Tsar Pohanin" - Carcaron.
  • Doctor Aibolit - One-eyed.
  • "Treasure Island" - Dr. Livesay.
  • "For two hares" - the author of the text.

As a theatrical actor, he is known for roles in the productions of Roman Viktyuk "Sacred Beasts", "The Lady without Camellias."

The greatest popularity of the actor brought workover the cartoon "The Adventures of Captain Vrungel," in which he voiced Loma, chief, director of the zoo and reporter. He also became known to many spectators as a frequent guest of the Golden Goose show, in which all the participants gathered to share their stories and anecdotes.

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