Actor Grigory Gladiy: biography, career, films

What is known about such an actor as Grigory Gladiy? What started his career in theater and cinema? What films with the participation of the artist deserve attention? Everything in order later in our material.

early years

Gregory gladi

Grigory Gladiy was born on December 4, 1954 in the small town of Khorostkov, Ternopil region, Ukrainian SSR. At the end of the school the guy went to the capital. Obzhivshis in Kiev, he entered the State Institute of Theater and Cinema named after Karpenko-Kary. The prestigious educational institution Grigori Gladiy successfully graduated in 1976. Then he decided to devote his life to playing on stage.

Theatrical activities

Having become a certified actor, Grigory Gladiy moved to Kharkov, where he began to play on the stage of the Shevchenko Theater. In the early 80s, the artist returned to the capital, having received an offer to join the actor troupe of the Kiev Youth Theater. Here our hero soon became the leading artist.

Soon Grigory Gladiy decided to try directing himself.As a debut work in this role, the actor chose the production of “The Persistent Prince” based on the work of the famous playwright P. Calderon. That's just to put on the stage of the theater Gladii planned not the original version, but the free interpretation of the play of director Jerzy Grotowski. The performance, which contained hints of anti-Soviet views, was banned even before the premiere. Grigory Gladiy himself was subjected to housing searches. In the house of the actor, they found the “wrong” literature, after which our hero was forced to hide from the authorities in Lithuania with his companion - director Jonas Vaitkus.

After several years of work in theatrical troupes abroad, Gladii Grigory, an actor, decided to move to live in Moscow. Our hero began to work in the famous private theater of director Anatoly Vasilyev. In parallel, Gregory Gladii received a second degree in GITIS.

Movie debut

gladius grigory actor

In the films, Gladii began acting as a student in the final year of a theater institute. The young artist’s debut work in cinema was the episodic role of a nameless junior lieutenant in the Soviet tape “Only Old Men Go to Battle” (1973).

Then, on a talented actor, one after another, suggestions about filming fell. At first, Grigory Gladii appeared on wide screens in the image of the chieftain in the movie “Dudariki”, then played the writer Vasil Stefanik in the film “The Return of the Butterfly”.

Career development

In 1990, Gladi received an invitation to go to the Canadian city of Montreal to participate in the work on the production of the theatrical play "Invitation to the execution." As a result, Gregory liked life in a capitalist country so much that he decided not to return to his homeland. From here, from Canada, our hero followed the difficult period of the collapse of the Soviet Union. A few years passed, and Gladii was honored with obtaining citizenship.

While in Montreal, the actor did not change his profession. Although the main emphasis Gregory now did on directing and teaching students theatrical skills. Then the actor began to act in Hollywood films, among which the most successful of his work can be considered the television series “Her name was Nikita”. Today, Gladii often arrives in Ukraine and Russia, participating in the work on the creation of films by Russian directors.

Grigory Gladiy - movies list

Grigory gladius movies

Currently on the account of the actor shooting more than eighty films. Probably, it makes no sense to list the “through passage” of the artist. We note only the most successful films with his participation:

  • “Only old men go to battle” (1973);
  • “The Game of the Chameleon” (1986);
  • The Apostate (1987);
  • Cyrano de Bergerac (1989);
  • "Remembering without a date" (1990);
  • “Music for December” (1994);
  • "The Perfect Man" (1995);
  • Hunter (1999);
  • The Unbowed (2000);
  • The Price of Fear (2002);
  • Ugly Swans (2006);
  • Morozov (2007);
  • Akme (2008);
  • “Bait” ​​(2010);
  • "Night at the sunset of summer" (2011).

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