Acoustics Audio Monitor: overview, types, features and reviews of the owners

The choice of acoustics depends largely on the needsthe user. If you are set up to buy a home theater or portable acoustics, then you need to consider different parameters. But if you have already decided on the manufacturer's choice, then consider that half the job is done. We will consider the acoustics of Audio Monitor.


Audio Monitor was founded in 1972year. It is a British firm that specializes in the design and development of audio systems. First, the company began working in a small factory near Cambridge, since time she changed locations several times. The well-known company has become due to its excellent acoustic models, which we will consider below.acoustics audio monitor


Before you deal with the acoustics of Audio Monitor,you need to understand what it is. In general, from the Greek this term is translated as "I hear". This is the science of sound, which studies the nature of sound physics, its problems, their appearance, propagation, perception and impact. If we return to the topic of the article, we are talking about an acoustic system.

In this case, acoustics are represented by a device that reproduces sound, which is built on acoustic design and built-in heads.


Acoustic systems can be completely different. So, in addition to technical parameters, it makes sense to pay attention to types. For home, floor acoustics, shelf and portable are often found.

Floor is the best option for those,who wants to create a system with a powerful rich sound. All this thanks to a pair of speakers and a high-quality audio source. All this can be supplemented with a good amplifier that is working to create a rich stereo scene or forms a frontal wave based on a multi-channel system. If you want the scene to be created to sound as good as possible, add a couple more sound emitters.floor acoustic monitor audio

The floor type is characterized by large dimensionsand thick wooden walls. This design creates a sound of large areas. The only drawback of such a system is resonance vibration, for this purpose the speakers are equipped with damper compartments, reinforced construction and special antiresonant chassis.

The shelf system is most convenient for those who do notwants to create a home theater, but likes to listen to music. Melomanas acquire this type to compensate for the size of a small room. Users place the columns on the shelves, as the name suggests. Or they buy additional anti-vibration struts. So, the shelf system is an ideal option for mini-systems or docking stations.

Acoustics Audio Monitor can be portable. So, for some time now, high-quality compact speakers have become popular, which you can not just take out on the street or take with you on a trip, but also enjoy in everyday life.speaker acoustics monitor audio


Next, we will look at several models for eachtype of acoustic systems. Immediately it is worth saying that this is not a rating, since it usually requires models from different manufacturers. If you consider the products of a particular company, it is better to choose the most popular options. Floor acoustic Audio Monitor has many models in its arsenal. Consider a couple of the most interesting.

Silver 8 is a three-way acoustics thatis made of very expensive and high-quality materials. This equipment is considered to be premium. Although the cost of 2 thousand dollars is not prohibitive, yet not all can afford to buy such a column.

The system looks as expensive as it costs. She has several options for finishing, among them black oak, red walnut, white piano lacquer, etc. Finishing from natural veneer is supplemented with loudspeakers with metallic luster. Under the net, an inch tweeter hides, which has received a dome membrane. Here an aluminum alloy with ceramics is used.

Each band has four speakers, a bodytype phase-inverted, has two ports and HiVe II technology. The values ​​of the frequency range range from 32 Hz to 35 kHz. The sensitivity is up to 90 dB. The nominal impedance is only 4 ohms. The total power is 200 watts.acoustics monitor audio bronze

Younger model

Another interesting variant of floor acoustics -Monitor Audio Silver 6. This is the lower version of the previous model. But it is also designed for home theater installation. The configuration is 2.5-way, equipped with two midbasses. Firm diffusers are still made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, along with ceramics.

The nominal impedance reached 6 ohms, at the same timeThe sensitivity varies in the region of 88-90 dB. The frequency range is 38 Hz to 31 kHz. There are special acoustic speakers, documentation, regulators and grilles included.


Such models usually find a positiveresponse from buyers. They are qualitative, well thought out and at the same time simple. Together with a good player, you get a great sound and show the full range of frequencies. In addition to all the technical advantages, they ideally look and add an expensive interior.

On the shelf

Audio Audio Speakersmodel Bronze ВХ1. Both columns look great, almost perfect. They have good body materials, strong, high-quality and wear-resistant. In height, the equipment was only 35 centimeters.

As usual, there is a large selection of finishes toThe device could fit perfectly into the interior of the room. Behind there is a pair of terminals, used new technologies, tweeter, mid-range and low-frequency dynamics.acoustics monitor audio silver 6

Depending on the genres acoustics gives outa certain sound. In some cases, it is a pulsating bass, powerful low frequencies, or a clean and spacious range. Easily loses rhythms. In order to fully realize this option, it is better to purchase a good amplifier for it.

Customer Reviews

This model has become an excellent choice for music lovers andThose who are deprived of spacious rooms. The sound is enough for a small room with a head. It easily spreads and evenly "takes possession" of every corner of the room. Their size is their advantage. Users noted a pleasant design, clean midrange, deep bass and scale. Complaints have touched on the details. Still, if audiophiles include complex rhythms, they may hear some inaccuracies.


Last year, a portableacoustics Audio Monitor AirStream S150. Its golden version received many positive reviews, because it looked very attractive. The output of this model was to remind the fans of the manufacturer about the thirtieth anniversary of the Gold Dome tweeter.

This column was supplied in pair with coal-blackThe grill where the speakers were hiding. On the sides were 3-inch bass drivers, and between them the famous Gold Dome hid. There is an amplifier D here, which allows you to create a sound with a total power of 40 watts. floor acoustic monitor audio audio 6

In just 150 pounds, the British were the first totry out a novelty. The wireless speaker, as usual, worked with USB, designed to recharge the gadgets. There was a 3.5-mm slot for synchronization with equipment of a different type. If necessary, it was possible to hang the acoustics on the wall.


Acoustics Audio Monitor series MR is alsopopular among users. For example, one of the popular among them was the MR2 model. This is acoustics, which is better manifested, if installed on a rack. The option is inexpensive, which pleased those who had long been eyeing the manufacturer, but could not afford its products.

Often this series is compared with BR, which in itstime was considered inexpensive. This option is even cheaper. He had some inaccuracies improved. Increased the size, equipped with some technological innovations. The MR2 is the most affordable model available. It is designed to show the style and class. The case turned out a little rounded, has a vinyl finish to choose from a nut or oak.

As mentioned earlier, it feels best on racks, rather than on shelves. But even without this, it reproduces a quality sound, detailed, balanced and pure.

Responses of owners

The series as a whole received positive feedback. First of all, it is due to the fact that many buyers could afford it. Users noted the accuracy and speed of work, attractive design, successful design. Owners talk about melody and controllability of sound, but in order to get the best sound possible that you can get, you need to overheat the speakers.


Monitor Audio Bronze also usespopularity both in the world and in Russia. Back in 1998, the world saw three popular series Bronze, Silver and Gold. Just about the bronze, we'll talk. There are many models of this variant. So, a good variant of floor acoustics was the model Bronze BX5. Enclosure type - bass reflex. Presented in several colors.portable acoustics monitor audio

The nominal impedance is 8 ohms,sensitivity up to 90 dB. The number of speakers is three. The maximum power is 150 W, which for a floor system, of course, is not high. But it will still be enough for the average speaker system. The frequency range of 36 Hz is 30 kHz. There are all necessary connectors and slots.


Acoustic Audio Monitor has become a cult in itstime and continues to please fans with their products. The company does not produce as often models as many other manufacturers, but when presenting a novelty, it always falls into the bull's-eye. And before us is a perfect product, which is suitable for any user.

The company cares not only about the ears of music loversor audiophiles. There are many conventional models that are designed for both floor systems and shelving systems. Recently, more and more trying to expand its choice and make acoustics accessible to all buyers. But in a greater degree, all the same, it refers to expensive systems, with high-quality finishing materials and high sound performance.acoustics monitor audio series mr

So, owners of acoustics from Audio Monitor receivegood, detailed, powerful sound. And it practically does not change with respect to value. The price can be affected by small deviations in the frequency range, in terms of impedance and total power. Also, sometimes, the appearance and choice of materials plays a big role in the price policy of this or that model.

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