About the journey "Hungary - Austria - Italy"

Each of us wants to spend a vacation in some special country, where you can get new emotions and completely unusual impressions. Choosing a tour, we focus on your budget, vacation dates and, of course, the venue. And also, I want to see a lot of things in a short period of time. And for these purposes Europe is best suited: the maximum of countries in a small territory.

Bus tour: Hungary - Austria - Italy

Not everyone will survive a bus tour of Europe (you need to be prepared for long journeys in a sitting position, and sometimes at night). But this is a great way to save money on the road and spend it on more useful things:

  • excursions,
  • food,
  • entertainment,
  • gifts to relatives and friends.

My name is Olga, and I will share with you my personal impressions and knowledge about going to the three most interesting countries. Of course, for 9 days to see all the cities of popular European countries is unreal. City per day - the maximum. So, we begin our journey.


In Hungary, we got through Eger - a small town 130 km from the capital, famous for its winemaking. Here you can buy local wine (prices range from 5-7 euros to three-digit numbers). We got a couple of bottles for free as a prize at a place where the whole group had dinner.

The first night - Budapest, the hotel "Arena" (3 stars, but very decent, with excellent breakfasts on the principle of a buffet). It was here that we spent three days, during which we looked at both the capital and the small town of Szentendre (23 km from Budapest).

In Budapest, in addition to a sightseeing tour of the main architectural attractions (from Heroes' Square to Vajdahunyad Castle), we managed to go to the zoo. Adult ticket - 9 euros, children (from 2 to 14 years) - 6 euros. Here you can see giraffes, elephants, white and brown bears, penguins, monkeys, rhinos, hippos and other fauna. The territory of the zoo is huge. Even without a child, you can spend a couple of hours in it. Late in the evening, we had a walking tour of the Korzo embankment and the fashionable Vatsi street, as well as a wonderful walk along the Danube by boat. Bridges and all the architecture on the banks is lit, champagne flows like water - beauty!

As for food, in the Tesco hypermarket (not far from the hotel) for 15 euros you can buy a two-day sandwich set (ham, cheese, rolls, kefir), because the classic Hungarian cuisine is quite fatty, spicy and high-calorie (paprikash and goulash will master not every ).

Another day we spent in Szentendre. Cozy colorful town attracts narrow streets and a large number of souvenir shops (for 5 euros you can buy a soft Hungarian doll, and for 50 cents an original, 5 centimeters in diameter, a pencil). In the museum of marzipans an adult ticket costs 1.5 euros, for children - 1 euro. Here you can look at the works of masters (from huge sweet cakes and carriages to figures of famous characters), and on the process of making marzipan handicrafts. Lunch in a restaurant cost us 14 euros for two (but due to personal preferences, it was necessary to order not a national one).


I must say that hotels here are much more expensive than in Hungary - so we rode into the country from Budapest. Visited Vienna, Graz and Klagenfurt.

Graz - the second largest city in Vienna, created for walking. Be sure to look at the marble sculpture "The Sad Snowman" in the courtyard of a theological seminary.In Vienna, we managed to visit the Winter Residence of the Habsburgs, the Vienna Park (here you can just lie on the grass and breathe the air) and the house of Hundertwasser. The last is a separate conversation. The house (residential, by the way) is notable for the lack of right angles and a variety of bright colors. Unusual look corridors and stairs, resembling paths in the forest (with a slope and irregularities). The roof of the house is covered in trees and bushes (it costs 10 euros to go up there). We bought a reproduction of the house (3 euros).

Be sure to try the Viennese sausages in institutions - this is where the real tasty meat. A full lunch at a restaurant cost us 30 euros (potatoes, Viennese sausages, vegetable salad, bread and compote), snack in a cafe (2 glasses of wine, coffee and chocolate cake “Sacher”) - 20 euros.

In Klagenfurt, it is worth seeing the Minimundus miniature park (an adult ticket is 19 euros, children over 6 years old are 10 euros, up to 5 years are free). Here are collected miniature copies of famous architectural buildings from 53 countries of the world. 171 model, the same materials as in the originals, the scale of 1:25. Trains rush, ships sailing, rockets are launched. Very exciting!

Next to the park is Lake Wörthersee.It is said that on the day of the city the mayor of Klagenfurt drinks a glass of water from the lake (it is so clean). Here, and the truth, boats and boats on electromotors, and goldfish swim along the coast. Tourists and expensive cars - do not count. In the summer season you can rent a two-room apartment with all the amenities for 30 euros per day.


In Italy, we decided to go to Venice. But since living there is incredibly expensive, and not as comfortable as on the mainland, we booked a hotel in Mestre (President Hotel, 4 stars, but tiny rooms and terribly poor breakfasts). I must say that from Italians have a siesta from 12 to 16 o'clock. At this time in the summer to buy something is unreal: all shops and enterprises are closed. But you can have a snack - lunch in a restaurant (2 huge portions of pasta with meat, cola and orange juice) cost us 22 euros. In the evening, in a three-storey supermarket next to the hotel, we gladly purchased olive oil (2 euros per bottle) and men's leather sandals (12 euros).

You can get from Mestre to Venice by bus to the port, and then by boat. In Venice, be sure to ride the gondolas (150 euros for 20 minutes, and if you scatter the amount for a company of 4-6 people, it will not be so expensive), visit the Piazza San Marco, the Doge's Palace and take a walk on numerous bridges (Sighs, Love, etc.) .).

You can eat here only in proven places - where civil servants eat (cheap, tasty and safe). In Al Porte Di Rilato, for 10 euros, we received two servings of incredibly tasty vegetable lasagna, tea and orange juice.

There are dozens of souvenir shops in the center of the city: masks, glassware from Venetian glass, etc. But I’ll say right away that it is cheaper to buy the latter in stores at one of the four factories on Murano Island, where we went in the afternoon. In the workshop you can see the process of making beauty itself and buy something for yourself and loved ones (glasses made of Murano glass - 20 euros, a set of earrings and a pendant - 5 euros, a pendant - 2 euros). Next to Murano is another island - Burano. This place is famous for its lace, colorful houses and delicious ice cream (2 euro per serving).

As a result, in 9 days we traveled around three European countries, capturing only some cities, but brought many impressions, photos and hotels! Travel with pleasure!

A variety of tours and excursions

Modern tour operators offer their customers a lot of various tours. As the main transport, you can choose the plane, ferry (ship), bus or train (rare).The price of tickets also depends on how you get to your destination: bus tours are the cheapest, air travel is the most expensive. Some trips take place regularly, others are timed to one holiday or another (you can watch any of them on www.bontour.ru).

Most excursions are included in the price of the selected tour, but if travelers have free time or they have arrived abroad, you can book a separate excursion (group team or individual). Come on sputnik8.com and book online.

Europe is one of the most popular destinations. For one trip, you can look at several countries at once or stop at a particular one, having managed to study it up and down. The more funds - the more opportunities. But the final choice is yours!

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