A wonderful place - a dolphinarium in Evpatoria

When you are in Crimea, be sure to visitdolphinarium in Evpatoria. Opened it in 1997. From the very first performance, the artists of this institution won the love of the audience. Every year the dolphinarium in Evpatoria starts its work in December and is open for visits on Saturdays and Sundays.

dolphinarium in the Evpatoria

For a group they can show a representation and inother days. In the spring season, regular performances begin. From June to September there are performances four times a day. After the holiday season, marine inhabitants are sent to the rehabilitation base, which is located near Novoozerny. They are there until December.

What is the pool in the dolphinarium?

The pool is a bowl of the wrong size. Dimensions:

  • length - 22 meters;
  • depth - 4,5 meters;
  • volume - 1300 cubic meters. meters.

The water in the pool is mineral. Pour it from the well. The pool maintains salinity up to fourteen ppm and a temperature of up to 15 degrees. This is the best performance for dolphins. A couple of times a week, the quality of water from the pool is checked by the hydrovodocanal, as well as by the sanitary and epidemiological station.

In the dolphinarium there is also an additional pool for the content of pinnipeds.

Show program and actors

Before the audience are three dolphins: Gamma, Jan and Igmas.

dolphinarium evpatoria reviews

The duration of the performance is 45 minutes. Perform dolphins amazing tricks:

  • rotate;
  • play with people;
  • sing;
  • jump into the rings;
  • perform a somersault;
  • dance on the tail lambada;
  • draw paintings (in the future, these masterpieces are sold to the audience from the auction);
  • They applaud the pectoral fins to each other.

Additional services

You can buy with the dolphin Dart on the lakeDonuzlav, located 35 km from Evpatoria. The duration of this service is from ten to twelve minutes. It can not be used by adults, whose weight exceeds 100 kg. It is also forbidden to bathe people suffering from skin diseases or ARVI.

Dolphinarium in Evpatoria Photo

Are you going to visit the dolphinarium in Evpatoria? Then you will be useful to know the price for 10 minutes of swimming with the marine inhabitants. The cost of such a bath is 3500 rubles.

A photo with a dolphin or a sea seal will cost you 500 rubles if the picture is taken by your camera. If you do not have it, then this survey will cost a little more - 700 rubles.

In the winter, you can chat with the dolphin Dart in the pool of the dolphinarium.

Dolphin therapy

Studies were conducted on the basis of the dolphinarium. As a result, they have been proven that these marine animals have a positive effect on humans. Experts argue that dolphin therapy is an effective method of medical and psychological treatment.

It was noted that the greatest healing effect ofcommunication with dolphins is observed in children who suffered severe stress. Fourteen years ago, the Crimean government recognized dolphin therapy as the best development in the sanatorium-resort industry on the peninsula. True, the mechanism of positive influence is not yet fully understood.

But after such a session, at least, you canget rid of depression and bad mood. In addition, marine doctors will help to overcome stress. After several sessions of dolphin therapy, many patients who suffered from speech or mental pathologies, enuresis and other similar diseases, partially or completely recover. Therefore, research is continuing in this area. All this is done to improve the effectiveness of such treatment, as well as to understand in more detail the mechanism of such a recovery process.

Working hours, ticket price

Visit the dolphinarium in Evpatoria you can during the performances. Performance of marine artists you can see in the afternoon (at 11 and 16 hours), and also in the evening (at 19 o'clock).

The price of an adult ticket is 500 rubles, and a child ticket (up to 11 years) - 400 rubles. Children under five can attend the free dolphinarium (Evpatoria).

The address of the institution will help to find it without any problems: the Republic of Crimea, the city of Evpatoria, Kievskaya street 19/20. If you have any questions, you can call: (06569) 2-70-99.dolphinarium evpatoria address

A small conclusion

Should I visit the dolphinarium (Evpatoria)? Reviews of people who visited this place are only positive. If you like sea animals, then be sure to visit this wonderful place with its amazing creatures. The dolphinarium in Evpatoria, the photo of which you see in our article, will be remembered for a long time by you and your children.

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