A school essay on "What is beauty?"

One of the most popular types of work thatwrite in schools on the subject of the Russian language or literature, is an essay on "What is beauty?" It is good in that it allows the student to think about this definition, to understand it and give him his explanation. In general, this is primarily a creative work, and this is the key feature of this work.

essay on the theme of beauty

Features of the genre

It is best not to write an essay on "Whatis it beauty? ", but an essay that allows the author to freely express his thoughts without limiting them, but here one must be able to express one's own judgment about this topic.

The main feature of the essay is that it is writtenin the form of clearly reasoned and well-grounded reasoning. Also in this work should be clearly traced author's position in relation to the given topic. The difference between an essay and an essay is that it can be written in the form of reasoning, narrative, description, or a simple artistic text. This work is easier to write, since there are no clearly expressed genre features.

The goals of writing are also different. If an essay on "What is beauty?" is written mainly to ensure that the student has improved the skills of his written and oral speech and the ability to formulate thoughts, then in addition, it is also important to be able to prove your opinion and, since this is a journalistic genre, try to convince the reader of his rightness. The difference is small, but it is.

what is beauty writing reasoning

What millions of people admire

Beauty is something that inspiresall people. The only thing is that each of us has different tastes. Some like the frightening mysterious landscapes of abandoned houses, others - picturesque mountains, high sky and rustling trees. Some like brown-eyed and dark-haired, others like blue-eyed blondes. Everyone has his own concept of beauty. But for all, it is the standard and inspiration.

That's the first thing you can write about. On the difference in views, about tastes, that beauty has thousands of images and faces, that for each it manifests itself in something special. To develop this topic is easy, the main thing is not to go overboard with "water" (ie, with superfluous words). It is necessary to remember about the specifics. Of course, you can not do without artistic expressions and beautiful words. The reader, having studied the text, must understand what beauty is.

Composition-reasoning, by the way, for this topicfits most. Since it is really possible to talk about this for a long time, to think and to rant. The most important thing is not to miss the arguments and facts underlying the text. It is worth remembering that any text, in whatever genre and style it was written, has an actual and reasoned basis.

essay on beauty

Stepwise reasoning

What is beauty? Composition-reasoning must first of all answer this question to the author himself. He may know the answer, but he will not necessarily be clearly formulated in his mind. It is important to gather thoughts into a single whole and put them on paper clearly, specifically and, most importantly, understandable. It is necessary to write so that even a person who has never thought about this topic will understand.

Composition-reasoning on "Beauty" is betterjust start with the questions. Because they, usually, and provoke thoughts and meditations. In addition, questions attract the attention of the reader. Many authors resort to this method. You can start like this: "Who ever thought about beauty, did you notice that for everyone it means something of its own? Why does one like one thing and the other like the opposite? Why is it so? And from what? depends? " Everything, we can assume that a short introduction (and it should not be voluminous) is ready. But in the main part, we will not only have to answer the questions asked, but also to disclose them fully, to consider what is called, from all sides and to justify and prove our statement.

About what to write?

Well, if the structure is more or less clear, thennow it is worth talking about an equally important topic. Composition-reasoning on "Beauty" - how should it be in terms of content? Here - complete freedom of creativity. The author is given the opportunity to write about what in his understanding is beauty.

You can talk about the spiritual world, about appearance. Or even about the beauty of nature. It is possible to refute the generally accepted provisions (for example, to say that 90-60-90 is not a standard at all, but simply a strengthened stereotype, and to prove it). In general, anything. The way the essay on "What is beauty?" Depends on the author and his thoughts.

What is beauty?


Beauty is still something visualized. In any case, in most situations. Landscapes, looks, pictures, objects - in order to convey their superiority on paper, it is necessary to study in as much detail as possible how they look.

What is an example of this? In fact - any. You can see that this guy is handsome. Understand this, and even feel. But why? What is so attractive about him? This is already a topic for reflection and description. It is necessary to throw aside feelings and look at it in a new way, from an objective point of view. By the way - it's about anything, whether it's a person or a natural phenomenon.

Let's go back to the example with the guy. It is necessary, first of all, to reveal the most vivid features of it, the features of its appearance. What makes it beautiful. And describe it. As accurate and clear as possible. So much so that a person who later will read the composition, this image arose in his subconscious. And such as the author saw this person.

Natural beauty

Someone is inspired by beautiful personalities, and somebody- nature. This can also be written. True, there is one nuance about which it was mentioned above. Persuasion is what we are talking about. Tell that the Italian coast is beautiful, it will not be difficult. The vast majority of people agree with this without hesitation. But to convince them that a dark, dense forest with mysterious sounds, published by incomprehensible creatures, without signs of civilization - is an ideal, it will be difficult. The author should so set forth his thoughts and understanding of what he saw to be believed. And you can do this only if you can justify the words on the paper with your sensation.

essay on the theme of beauty og

Writing examples

For the sake of completeness, an example of such aspecific text: "The road ended a few kilometers ago, you do not even know where this forest begins." Abandoned, mysterious, silence reigns here, despite all its horror, it is incredibly beautiful, it is real, natural. and signs of a life.This is what nature has done, this extreme naturalness, one might even say - sincerity, it bewitches.When you are inside of it, you become one with it.There is no falseness or artificiality. should it be, is not this beauty? "

Such a specific work by the OGE "What isBeauty? "clearly shows how to use the syllable in order to convey your feelings." As a description, of course, this passage does not fit completely - there are no details in it. "However, as a justification for his claim about what beauty is - .

 essay on the beauty of the world


The work on the theme "Beauty of the World" is a work,which allows the student to prove himself. Freedom of thought, self-expression, evidence and reasoning - all this takes place in this work. It allows you to put on a maximum. That's why, even at the exams, they ask an essay on "Beauty". OGE, EGE and even entrance exams (for example, to the Faculty of Journalism) - this work is quite suitable as assessing the knowledge and skills of a schoolboy in the program of the Russian language and literature.

However, do not forget about some ruleswriting. It is necessary to observe the structure - the introduction, the main part and the conclusion. Also it is necessary to avoid jargon, slang and overly specific expressions. In terms of content, the text should be comprehended and built logically. And of course, you need to observe grammar and spelling. Then you can be sure that it turned out to write really literate and, importantly, an interesting composition.

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