A refreshing use. Compote of gooseberry "Mojito"

Compote of gooseberry "Mojito" is differentan unusual combination of berry sour and a refreshing aftertaste of mint. In the summer, such a compote perfectly refreshes, and in the winter will support vitamins immunity. And the most pleasant thing is that even a novice mistress will cope with his cooking.compote of gooseberry mojito

Tasty and healthy

Two main qualities prepared for the wintercompote "Mojito" of gooseberries is, undoubtedly, taste and benefit. In addition to the standard recipe, which includes gooseberry berries and mint leaves, there are also options with the addition of orange and currant. With this currant you can choose any: red, white and even black, it will add a color drink.

Many mistakenly believe that the "Mojito" and "Tarhun"- this is the same recipe, just with a different name. This is not true. To prepare the latter requires tarhun - a herb from the family of wormwood, sometimes it is also called tarragon. Although, of course, to get a more saturated taste in the recipe for compote for the winter "Mojito" of gooseberries can add a little tarragon.

This compote perfectly quenches thirst in hotdays, and in winter a bright taste will remind you of the warm summer days. In addition, the berries, cooked in strict accordance with the recipe, will preserve the set of vitamins needed during the autumn and winter periods.

It is worth noting that every hostess tasteA drink made according to the same classical recipe may differ. It all depends on the variety of berries selected - some can be sour, others - sweeter.

Classic recipe for compote of gooseberry "Mojito"

The list of ingredients necessary for making compote is small: 350 grams of berries, a glass of sugar, a slice of lemon and a little mint (enough will be 3-5 branches).

Depending on personal taste preferences,you can increase the amount of sugar and lemon, but with mint it is better not to overdo it, otherwise it will turn out too tart drink. It is better to add a mint leaf to the ready-made compote.

Lemon can be replaced with fresh lime or a teaspoon of citric acid.

compote of gooseberry mojito for the winter recipe 1. Gooseberries wash, brush, get rid of bad, rotten berries. Tails do not need to be trimmed.

2. Three-liter jar to scald with boiling water and fill it with gooseberry.

3. Add the lemon.

4. Pour boiling water to the top to the top, close the lid and leave for 20 minutes.

5. Pour the water back into the pan and bring to a boil.

6. Pour sugar into the jar, fill with boiling water and roll.

After the cooked jars with compote of gooseberries are rolled, you should carefully wrap them in a thick blanket and leave in such condition for two days.

Recipe for compote of gooseberry "Mojito" with black currant

The crimson color of currant berries will improve the appearance of the drink, and their juicy spicy aroma harmoniously combines with the soft taste of gooseberries.

For a three-liter can of compote you will need:

gooseberries -300 grams;

currant - 250-300 grams;

sugar - 150-200 grams;

water - 3 liters


1. Sterilize the jar.

2. Prepare syrup from sugar and water.

3. Put hot berries in a hot jar.

4. After the sugar is completely dissolved, pour the syrup into the jar.

5. Order and clean in heat.

You can store it in storage after 24 hours.compote of gooseberry mojito for the winter recipe

Recipe for compote of gooseberry "Mojito" from frozen berries

If fresh berries are not at hand, forcompote is suitable and frozen gooseberries. To prepare the drink you can use the ingredients of both the classic recipe and the recipe with the addition of currant, orange or lime.


1. Bring water mixed with sugar to a boil.

2. Dip unprocessed berries into the resulting sugar syrup.

3. Pour the compote into a jar, roll it and warm it.

compote of gooseberry mojito

Gooseberries - berry is inexpensive, practically growingon the whole territory of Russia, so compote at cost will be much cheaper than store juice. In addition, the fruit easily tolerates transportation and long-term storage. Fresh compote can be cooked a week or two after picking berries.

Do not forget about the benefits, because in gooseberrycontains vitamins of group A, C and P, fiber, iron and calcium. This compote is recommended to drink to people who have problems with urination, chronic constipation.

The compote itself does not have a bright color and smell, but the addition of an orange or currant can help in this.

Important! In gooseberry berries contains acid, so people suffering from an ulcer, enterocolitis and diarrhea have it not recommended. This prohibition applies to drinks made on the basis of this berry.

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