A plot to work to quickly find and get settled

Often, a job seeker falls into a vicious circle. Everywhere he is denied, and he spends the last remaining savings, but can not find a good place. In this case, help people conspiracy, whose action is aimed at attracting favorable circumstances in the search for work.

Rite of passage for promotion or finding a highly paid position with handkerchiefs

This conspiracy to work is readable to the growing moon. On Sunday during this period, you must purchase two cotton handkerchiefs. The change from the seller is not taken, or even give money for the calculation. On returning home, shawls are well washed, dried, and then sprinkled with holy water. For several hours they should lie down in the eastern part of the room, preferably near the holy images.


Then in one of the handkerchiefs wrapped seven identical coins, as well as seven pinches of millet. After that, the bundle with all its contents must be buried in a deserted place under the tree (it can be any other than aspen).In this case, the words of the plot are pronounced 12 times in order to find a job:

  • “In the fields and in the oak forests every living creature is different from the dawn of the morning until the dawn of the night's labor. And in the fields, the peasant, without raising his gaze, without straightening his back, is working. So I am working, I am spinning all day. I do not know, I do not see a single day, I do not see rest. Come, God, from the holy heavens grace, a reward for my efforts. So that I could work with dignity for Your glory. Amen".

The second handkerchief on the same day is left at any pedestrian intersection, at the same time saying: “Paid!” When the scarf is thrown, turn over the left shoulder and return home another way. Until the end of the day it is forbidden to talk to anyone.

For career success

The same date of the month in which the person was born, you must wear a new dress and wear for three days. While putting this thing on, they utter the words of a conspiracy to find a good job:

  • “I put on myself a new thing, never worn. Punching the way, the road, no one not hozhennuyu. There will be a glorious service to me, prosperity in work, and understanding among the honest people ”.

Three days later, a wardrobe item is rinsed in cold water.It is necessary to spray this water on the place where the person works.

For a good job

This rite must be performed using four candles. They help to attract the energies of the subtle plan faster Candles should be white, black, green and brown (each one). They are firmly installed in the candlesticks. Candles should stand safely, as they must burn completely while reading a plot to work. Also take some patchouli essential oil and some cinnamon. Additionally, prepare a bowl of water and a towel - this will be required for washing hands.

It is necessary to conduct the rite in complete solitude. After all the preparations, they sit down at the table. The ceremony consists in alternately lighting candles and visualizing the necessary transformations. For each of the candles, the words of a conspiracy to work are pronounced (indicated below).

Then they take a black candle in their right hand. It is used so that all the difficulties accompanying the job search are burned in her fire. It is lit, and, looking at the flame, reflect on the problems that are supposed to burn in its flame. Black candle must be smeared with essential oil and after a time put in the center of the table.

Then wash your hands so that the oil does not fall on the other candles. They must be sprinkled with cinnamon.

A white wax candle symbolizes the most conductive ritual. Taking it in hand, they ponder what those positive feelings will be like when they manage to find a good job. Then a white candle is placed on the table. A green wax lamp symbolizes well-being. When sprinkling cinnamon on this candle, you need to think about increasing your income. It is set to the right of itself.

A brown wax candle means the work itself. When she gets sprinkled with cinnamon, you need to be clear about the desired job and responsibilities assumed by this position. She is placed on her left hand.

Lighting candles, the following words are pronounced:

  • When black is ignited - "Sorrow and sorrow burned, all enemies and enemies are defeated."
  • White - "What is mine - belongs only to me."
  • Brown - "I will find a job to my liking yes by right."
  • Green - "Good luck will come soon, bring money."

After the ceremony, the candles should be burned to the very end. The next day, you need to start an active search for a new job.

Success ritual

This conspiracy for success in the work is actively used by Siberian healers. The value of the ceremony is that it has been tested by many generations. To hold it every day at dawn pray the icon of Christ:

  • “Lord, help Jesus Christ, save our souls. Allow me help the difficulty uncomfortable. Work with success to do, yes life to establish. To your glory, amen. "
icon of christ

This conspiracy to work is read every day until the conceived plans are realized. Within the next month, the working environment will begin to develop as well as possible.

Rite of passage

This ritual was proposed by the soothsayer Vanga. He acts very quickly, helping to quickly find the desired job or promotion. To carry out the sacrament, fill the glass with holy water. They read a conspiracy for a good job:

  • “The power of pure water, help me in the matter! So that the rich merchants and the boyars would hire me. To gold and silver is not offended, and the good word is not cheated. I will show myself at work as the master of the most dexterous of all masters, the wisest connoisseur of all the experts. There will be to me merchants and the boyars to marvel, to bestow honors and riches on wealth.As I said, so be it. Amen".
glass of water

The words of this conspiracy for good work are repeated three times. After that, a glass of water must be dried to the bottom. If everything was done correctly, then you will not have to wait long for a new job.

Good luck

If there are failures in the workplace, you can use an effective rite to eliminate them. After the words of the conspiracy are uttered, the person receives a powerful charge of energy and self-confidence.

To perform the ceremony, you must purchase a white cotton handkerchief. On the day of its purchase, you need to go to the nearest forest or wild grove and say the words of the conspiracy to work:

  • “Shel Leshy through the green woods, but found a white scarf. He took that handkerchief, whispered for good luck. I will lift a handkerchief, I will go through the forest. Wherever I come, I will find work. I don’t hear any failures anywhere among the people - I thank Leshego, who brought good luck. ”

Read conspiracy words three times. After that, a scarf is carried everywhere. Usually within two to three months, problems with work are resolved. When the employment is completed, the probationary period is completed and all the formalities are observed, it is necessary to thank Leshyo. For this, the shawl is carried to the nearest forest, and put on a stump.A glass of vodka with a slice of black bread is put on it.

Rite using cream

Another effective conspiracy to find a job involves the use of cream. With the help of the rite you can find a highly paid position. Since cream is the best part of milk, they allow you to energetically “pull” a good place to the ritualist. For the sacrament, they do not use shop cream, but village, real ones. The fatter they are, the more successful the conspiracy will be.

fresh cream

The product must be poured into a white mug and said three times:

  • “I, the servant of the Lord (name), walk from the house - not from home, from the city - not from the city, the path - not the path. I'm going to look for the best lotion in a dark forest, in a wide pole. Step take a step - find a coin. Another step - I will find gold. The third step - stumble on the treasure, lean down, but take it. The forest cat creamed with fat was drunk, and I got rich. I live to live, do not know the troubles, grief. "

Then three large sips are taken from the mug. What is left of the product, it is desirable to give your own or a neighbor's cat. You can either finish the cream with coffee, or you can offer the household.Before going to bed, beating the pillow, it is necessary on this day to pronounce the words:

  • “Cow-nurse, you gave me the cream. Give me a good job, not to care, but to hunt. ”

Prayer on the day of the interview

Read directly on the day of meeting with the employer. Light a taper from the temple, and recite the words of the plot by heart. Repeat it until the candle burns out completely:

  • "I am riding in a new chariot, in a golden-haired mare. Where I am going, they respect me, they do not offend me with refusals. No one against me will say a single bad word, he will not refuse a single request. Amen."

Rite of Fold

They will help to find a good workplace and simple coins in denominations of five rubles. It must certainly be the surrender, which the conducting ritual received when buying in the store salt, bread and milk. Purposely asking for the transfer of such coins can not be, it will violate the action of the conspiracy to find work.

two coins of five rubles

In each pocket is put on one penny. Before them, the words of a conspiracy are pronounced (seven repetitions for each coin):

  • “I did not ask, they gave it to me.” Higher forces, find work help, discard all sorrow. Amen".

To enhance the impact of the rite on the eve of the interview, you can supplement it with a visit to the church. To do this, go on foot to the nearest church and put three candles near the icon of St. Nicholas, the Virgin Mary, as well as for the health of their enemies and detractors. To make the interview a success, you can also use the action of this conspiracy to work. The boss on whom the employment depends should take you on any odd day. Putting the coins in your pocket, you need to enter the office that day, crossing the threshold with your left foot. At the same time the words are mentally pronounced:

  • "All the coins and the help of the Higher Forces are with me."

Rite of passage at dawn

This strong plot to work is pronounced at sunrise. It is necessary to pronounce it in a good mood. Before you say the words, you need to "warm up" your hands in the rays of the morning sun. This can be done on the street or on the balcony, but not through the window glass.


The plot is:

  • “I will rise in the early dawn, go out to the red sunshine, crossing myself. I will climb the mountain blue, high, look at the world on all four sides. As on the north side the white horse is wild.And on the south side the horse is red, bold. On the west side is the raven. And on the east side of the piebald, pockmarked. This horse was wild and rough - not one soul saddled it, it did not go through the clean fields. I’m taming a horse at a clear dawn, he will walk under me obediently, take me to any direction I want. The key, the lock, the tongue. "

The rite of good fortune in employment

Every time, going to the employer, you must read the next conspiracy to get hired. Especially conspiracy helps in cases where there is no certainty whether they will be hired. Before leaving the house on the left shoulder, utter the following words:

  • “Here, too, God is with me. In this place, at this hour. ”

The spell is repeated 7 or 12 times. After each time, you must cross and say the words:

  • “Lord, send to me, Thy servant your humble (name), good luck in everything. Amen".

Effective plot to work at home

Before embarking on a job search, the prayer “Our Father” is read seven times, and then the following words:

  • “I am leaving the house in the shirt of the Virgin, the wings of the Archangels, the four heavenly crowns overshadow me. With me the holy Apostles - Luke, John, Matthew and Mark.May they protect me from a man and a woman, from sharp arrows and lead bullets. Amen".

Then on a small piece of paper write the following words:

  • "There is on earth, there really is, there is at this moment, there is in God, everywhere."

The leaf is put in a pocket.

successful interview

Effective plot

Before crossing the threshold of the organization where the interview will take place, they utter the words of a conspiracy three times:

  • “I, the servant of the Lord (name), am on a wild wolf eating, I am leading all the beasts of the forest. And you (the name of the receiver) stand before me, lose the word, deaf, numb. A stone of white in a moment petrified. And I will tell you the words: svolok, words 40. All rights follow me. ”

The threshold of the room is crossed by the right foot. The door to the office must also be opened with the right hand.

Rite of passage using old clothes

Before going to the interview put on an old dress, pants, blouse or any other object. Then they become in front of the mirror and pronounce in the address of their own reflection:

  • “I am going, I will experience my fate. Not only yours (point the finger at the reflection), but also yours (with the same finger show yourself). My word is strong. Amen".

After that, the old clothes are removed and a new suit is put on, in which they go for an interview. When you need to leave the house, the thumb in your right hand is clamped into a fist.Unclench it is possible only after coming to the organization.

Prayers and conspiracies to work, like other ordinances, must be memorized. You can read them from the sheet, but this will reduce the effect of the ceremony. Before performing the sacraments, it is recommended to withstand fasting for a few days, not to drink alcohol and not to use obscene words. At the end of any sacrament it is useful to read a few main Orthodox prayers - for example, “Our Father” or “Our Lady of Virgin, rejoice.”

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