Meat pie - a masterpiece of culinary art

The aroma of freshly baked dough, favorite filling andan unusual taste of home made pies cooked with love and pleasure, will satisfy the desires of even the most fastidious gourmets. Such a dish can decorate the table wonderfully or simply diversify your daily menu. In this case, consider the meat pie popular with many peoples and reveal the secrets of its preparation. And then you can give vent to fantasy and create at your own discretion, experimenting with fillings, as well as types of dough.
Meat pieBasically, the stuffed pies are closed,so that they stay juicy longer. Bake them on baking trays or in special forms that are oiled or lined with baking paper. For filling, you can use different types of meat, as well as combine it with other ingredients. Now let's get down to a story about how to cook a meat pie.
For this we need a yeast dough,which you can prepare yourself, although you can buy and ready. Since we are engaged in a creative process, we will not deny ourselves the pleasure and do everything ourselves. So, you need to take: 0.5 liters of milk, 6 glasses of flour, 12 g of yeast, 1 egg, 100 g of butter and a little salt. In a glass of warm milk we brew yeast andhow to cook a meat piesugar.This mixture should stand for 10 minutes and form a foam. During this time, we melt the butter, mix it with the egg, salt, the remaining milk and the "approached" mass. Gradually adding flour, gently knead the dough. For a meat pie, it should be soft and do not stick to the palms. Let's stand the test for about half an hour to make it fit.
While our "foundation" rises, we cook meat.Here you can focus on your own taste, you can choose and beef, and chicken, and lamb or pork. For our recipe you need to take 800 g of pork, cut it into large pieces and cook for an hour. In a meat pie it is desirable to put chopped in a blender or simply chopped meat. But before this, we add fried onions, a little broth and stew for 7-10 minutes.
Dough is cut into two parts, one of whichshould be slightly less than the other. A larger piece is thinly rolled out and put on a baking tray. Top with a filling, leaving from the edges for two fingers. The second part is also rolled out and covered on top of the first, densely tearing at the same time all the edges. On top of the meat pie, grease with egg yolks and put in the oven. Bake should be 40-50 minutes until ready, which is determined by piercing.
dough for meat pieThis is a classic recipe, which can be optionallymodify. Meat pie is prepared both from the layered, and the most simple test. Meat can be replaced with minced meat, add grated cheese, potatoes, vegetables, mushrooms, greens, etc. to it. In general, whatever you choose the filling and the basis, it is important to remember that the pie is your culinary work. And you need to create it with full confidence that you will succeed. Then the pleasure from the work done and the result obtained will please you.

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