A hole in a tooth is a serious nuisance.

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Holes in the teeth are a serious problem for many people. What is remarkable, the more “civilized” the people are, the more they suffer from dental diseases. It is caused by the fact that, in particular, people often eat sweet, too hot or too cold food. A hole in a tooth is something that can harm human health and even harm its image. If you wish not to suffer from caries and not be shy to smile broadly, then you need to follow certain rules and take into account a number of important nuances.

How does caries begin

a hole in the toothSo how does a hole appear in a tooth? As a rule, this is caused by the turbulent activity of bacteria in the oral cavity. Their food primarily includes carbohydrates, which, in particular, are found in sugar, bread, rice, potatoes, many fruits and vegetables. These bacteria secrete acid, which slowly eats away tooth enamel. As a result, recesses appear in it. In turn, a hole in a tooth is a place where the same bacteria gradually settle.They continue to secrete acid. As a result, the holes gradually grow. Considering this, it is worthgap between teethmoderate the use of foods containing a high percentage of sugar, or even eliminate such food from the diet. In addition, it is sufficient to brush your teeth regularly to avoid such consequences. Please note that foods containing acid (in particular, citrus, lemon or orange juice), with their frequent use can contribute to the erosion of enamel. And this is the first step to caries. And the holes in the teeth - far from decoration, and, moreover, a threat to health.

How to prevent caries

holes in the teethLet us remind the readers of several common truths that will help preserve health and postpone a forced visit to the dentist for a long time. First, brush your teeth twice a day. Secondly, pay attention to what brush you use. It should have soft or medium hardness. Too hard bristles can damage gums and tooth enamel. It is desirable that the paste you use contains fluoride. Every three months, change the brush. Teeth should be brushed with vertical movements from all sides. Do not press hard on the brush.The hole between the teeth appears more often than behind or in front of them. In such hard-to-reach places for a brush, bacteria usually accumulate. Therefore, the gaps between the teeth can be cleaned with a thread, which is preferably pre-sterilized in boiling water. Do not forget about the language. It also needs to be cleaned, from base to tip. By the way, the electric brush is not better than usual. Its only difference is that it performs more movements. However, each tooth will have to be cleaned separately, which will take a lot of time. The electric brush is recommended mainly for elderly people who find it more difficult to carry out manual movements. It is also important to eat properly. It is advisable to avoid snacking in the intervals between meals. If you have a small child, remember that his nipple should not be in someone else's mouth, so that the causative agent of caries is not transmitted by chance. Even if you follow all these rules? and there are no problems, for prevention at least once a year, just in case, visit the dentist. Use these tips, and the hole in the tooth is unlikely to appear in you.

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