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A few words about envy

People often boast the most criminal passions, but in envy, passion timid and shy, no one dares to admit.

© Francois de Larochefuca


The sin of envy is a mortal sin and the most ancient. The first example is known humanity for the Bible, the envy of the fallen angel to the Creator.Envy is the desire of a person to have something that does not belong to him. Subject envy can be anything, both material wealth and intangible things. Envy does not belong to the floor, it is inherent men and women alikeawakening in their soul the lowest feelings. The French philosopher Claude Adrian Helvetius wrote: “From all the passions envy the most disgusting. Under her banner hate treachery and intrigue. " Brilliant writers and poets paid a lot of attention. this human sin. Honore de Balzac, Alexander Pushkin, Shakespeare, Bulgakov. The list of great names is practically infinite, human sins are eternal like the world and never lose their relevance.Envy, like thirst, cannot be quenched. Guy Caligula bright an example of envier. The Roman historian Suetonius wrote about him: “Envy and malice in he was no less than pride and ferocity "

Envy is due to the needs of people that they cannot satisfy, and their ambitions, which are not confirmed by anything. Easier to explain their failures not by their own inconsistency and laziness, but by the injustice of fate, superiors, confluence of adverse circumstances, and so on ... I feel sorry for them — they live in their own hell, because there are always more successful, rich or beautiful. Envy torments and torments, does not allow to sleep, destroys the person. And if suddenly, she stretches her nasty tentacles to you — push her down without regret.

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