Dream come from the 90s, or How to get to the "Field of Dreams"?

From those who want to learn how to get to the "Field of Dreams", there was always no end. This program is family, kind and positive. In addition, she adds the charm of the opportunity to convey greetings to relatives and friends who gather at the TV every Friday. The transmission grew and developed. She was never too strict, pretentious or politicized. And the kind presenter, in which the children saw the grandfather, disposed to him and always accepted the gifts with a soul. How to get there as a guest or participant?

how to get to the field of miracles

Good old gear

There is in people, even far from the world of spotlights, a bold desire to flash on TV. For this now there are many options. It all depends on what quality you want to appear on the TV screen. For example, you can take the place of the viewer, become a participant or even perform, if talent allows. In particular, how to get to the "Field of Dreams"? This program is known to many people, and for several years it had a high rating and loyal fans.

The transfer takes place on Fridays, when the working week with all its burdens is left behind. The rules are simple, so they will not make it especially difficult. In three rounds involved three people competing in guessing the word. The host, Leonid Yakubovich, reads the hint, accepts and from time to time presents gifts. The program went on the air for the first time on October 25, 1990, but Vladislav Listyev started it. Then he handed over the reins to Yakubovich on November 1, 1991.

how to get to the field of wonders

Game for all times

It seems everyone has heard more than once how to get into the "Field of Dreams" by a player. Indeed, many participants present their own crossword puzzles, original and original. This is difficult, since during the existence of the program, hundreds of thousands of different products have arrived here, so the organizers must really be surprised. Maybe make a crossword of gold chains? Or from the seeds, black and white? Perhaps it will be a crossword with a sequel, which should be done similarly to the quest? A truly original piece will be not only a pass to the program, but also a full-fledged exhibit of the Museum “Field of Miracles”.

how to get to the field of miracles player

If creativity is not enough

There are more options how to get to the "Field of Dreams" party. You can write a letter, which must also attract attention and be remembered. Such a message should be different in volume, that is, we need more than a page at a minimum. But you should not overdo it too much with the length of the opus, since it will simply become boring to finish it. It is necessary to write interestingly and sincerely, because otherwise the letter awaits you to be on the list of rejected.

Also, it would not hurt to be photographed by a potential participant of the show, but the snapshot should be good in quality and original in execution.

Summing up the aforementioned methods of how to get to the "Field of Miracles", it should be noted that the applicant should be interested in the organizers of the program, create an interesting story-business card and confirm his words with a crossword puzzle.

how to get on the field of wonders party

A spectator to be honored!

If you didn’t manage to become a participant, then how to get to the “Field of Miracles” as a spectator? In this case, you can also send a letter with a request to Moscow, on Academician Korolev Street. If the mail already does not inspire confidence, then there is always an electronic equivalent. To do this, go to the official website of Channel One, where there is a very user-friendly interface, and the menu has a special tab “TV projects”. There you need to select "Field of Miracles" and the item "fill in the questionnaire."The letter must indicate that there is a desire to attend the filming of the program as a spectator. If the organizers are interested in your candidacy, they will send a response indicating the days of a possible visit to the television studio to register and issue passes. Usually, future viewers are asked to come to the studio in advance and have a passport with them in order to have time to issue all documents.

The nuances of filming

Dreaming to learn how to get to the "Field of Dreams", people forget about some domestic issues. For example, the road to Moscow and back, as well as hotel accommodation are paid for by the transfer participant. Organizers do not compensate for such expenses. But to settle in the capital hotel is not as cheap as they dream of.

You also need to take into account that the shooting itself goes at a certain time and you should calculate whether you will have time to get on them. It is necessary to take a letter or a telegram from the organizers. Without this, you simply will not be allowed on the TV project.

Leonid Yakubovich himself has repeatedly said that it would be simple to get on the program. Every month, 1000 letters arrive at the program address. Popularity is growing, and now the transfer limits spending.But before the players paid the road and accommodation. But the presenter talked with the management about the possibility of living in the Ostankino hotel. So do not forget the document about your participation in the shooting, because it will be needed when checking into a hotel.

It was also the host’s idea to suggest another hit option on the set. Now it can be done via SMS quiz. To the short number 6800 you need to send the word "FIELD". After that, an invitation to the quiz will come, and if you answer all the questions correctly, you can get the coveted ticket on TV.

field of wonders how to get on the transfer

In the wake of experienced sensations

And what do people who visited the “Field of Miracles” say? How to get on the transfer, in each case is decided separately, but in most cases, emotions go off scale.

So, usually they shoot five games at once, nine people in each. Advances in advance what gifts to give on the air. Interview with players lasts from 3 to 8 hours. The task of the leader is to win over. People with warmth and love recall the atmosphere of the show, call it family and sincere. In the meantime, the attitude towards the show is positive - it will continue.

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