A bouquet of paper flowers with their own hands

Live flowers look beautiful at any time of the year. This is a beautiful creation of nature, which we constantly admire, and a bouquet of flowers made of paper is a real work of art. Crafts from this material began to do in ancient times, and in the Middle Ages they decorated temples. Very often paper bouquets are used to decorate festive halls before celebrations.

Materials you need to make flowers

Flowers made of paper are universal objects of decor, and a bouquet arrangement of them will become a highlight on any holiday table.bouquet of flowers made of candy and corrugated paper

For the manufacture of a masterpiece will need the following materials:

  • paper, you can use colored, corrugated or crepe, and also suitable cardboard and napkins;
  • reel thread;
  • sharp-tip scissors;
  • office glue;
  • stapler with small and wide staples;
  • narrow adhesive tape;
  • packaging material;
  • satin ribbons;
  • thin wire;
  • cereal straws;
  • watercolor or gouache;
  • rhinestones, beads, beads.

Bouquet of flowers from paper

For the manufacture of paper flower bouquet will require several square sheets of paper, glue, stapler, and scissors. The sheet must be folded twice in half. Staple layers with a stapler in the center and cut them in a circle. Next, each layer gently knead to the center, starting from the top. If you make a bouquet in a vase or in a pot, and not on the stem, then you should prepare a container or base for the bouquet in advance.a bunch of paper flowersAs a foundation (foundation), it is recommended to use a large lump of paper or a hemisphere made of foam rubber, and you can also make a paper ball using the papier-mâché technique. First of all, you need to inflate the balloon and coat it with petroleum jelly or cream. Next, wipe the napkins with glue and glue them in even layers on the ball. When the thickness of the napkins will reach about four millimeters, leave the work done until the blank is completely dry. As soon as the frame of the napkins dries, blow off and pull the ball. Glue the previously made flowers as closely as possible to the finished base so that the bouquet is beautiful and lush. Leaves of paper of green shade should be glued between the flowers. Decorate the petals with beads or beads.

Gentle paper peonies

In summer, peonies delight us for a short time, so you can make a bouquet of flowers from paper with your own hands. For this you will need:

  • watercolor paints;
  • light pink crepe paper;
  • water;
  • green floral wire and ribbon;
  • a cup that is suitable for use in the microwave;
  • soft brush

bouquet of flowers from corrugated paper do it yourselfCut paper petals of different shapes. One by one, spread on an inverted cup and spray it from the spray bottle with tinted water. It is recommended to take paint of different shades to make the colors realistic. Next, a cup with a petal should be put in the microwave for about thirty seconds. Remove the dried billet from the cup and repeat these manipulations until all the prepared petals are finished. This method allows you to make more realistic paper flowers. Next, fasten all the petals and glue the stem. Ribbon green color to decorate the base of the bud. At the end of the composition, make a few more pions and a couple of unopened buds. Then pick a suitable container and put a bouquet.

Paper tulips

Some people prefer these flowers in yellow, red, white or even bicolour, so choose the appropriate color for the paper. How to make a bouquet of flowers from paper? For this you will need a patterned hole punch, if not, then you can draw a flower pattern and cut out the rest of it. Green twine is used for the stems, a coil of wire or a ballpoint pen rod will be suitable for petals and leaves, and scissors and glue, water and napkins will be required. Cut out flowers should be sprayed with tinted water from a spray bottle. Wiping a napkin, remove excess water from the blanks.how to make paper a bouquet of flowersWhile the flowers are not completely dry, you can do the formation of buds of tulips. Pierce the core of the flower and thread a piece of twine with a knotted knot that will fix the bud. Then glue to lubricate the three petals and put them together, at the same time folding and forming a bud. The two remaining petals close it. Cut a sheet for a tulip out of paper or cardboard, moisten it with water, and remove excess moisture with a napkin. Carefully, in order not to damage the leaflet, draw a rod along it, making longitudinal lines. This is best done on a rug.Next, roll up the leaves at the base and glue them to the stalk of the tulip. Then make another couple of same tulips - and you’ll get a hand-made bouquet of flowers from paper that you can put in a vase or use as a gift.

Paper roses

For the manufacture of this flower will need a dense red and green paper, wire, marker, glue and scissors. Initially, you must draw a spiral on paper and cut it with scissors. If to use figured scissors, then roses will turn out much more beautiful.a bunch of paper flowers with their own handsNext, wrap the ends of the spiral out and twist it so that you get a rose. After the end of the twist fasten it with glue. The circle, which was formed in the center after cutting the spiral, must be bent - this will be the base of the flower. Stick a rose on it. Make a stalk of wire and attach it to a flower. Cut the leaves of green paper and attach them to the stalk. Then make some more flowers and a beautiful bouquet of flowers from paper is ready.

Festive bouquet

To create it, you need to take paper in different colors, scissors, wire, nippers, a vase and glue.Apply a little glue on the wire and wrap the tip with yellow paper. You can start making buds, to do this, take a sheet of paper and roll it twelve times, then cut the petals. Flower glued to the stem and fold the petals in the bud. From green paper to make leaves and stick them to the stalk. The number of flowers must be odd. Ready original paper bouquet of flowers can be put in a vase.

Paper poppies

You can make a very beautiful bouquet of flowers from corrugated paper. To do this, you will need a green ribbon used in floristics, corrugated red paper, wire, and also stalks from artificial flowers. First, cut the five petals of the future poppy from corrugated paper.bouquet of flowers made of corrugated paperFor the manufacture of the core, you need to fasten seven to nine stamens made of wire with adhesive tape. Glue the petals around them and give them a curved shape. Attach a stalk to the bud and at the same time decorate the base of the bud. Maki is easy enough to make even a schoolboy. A little assiduity and patience and will be ready, made with their own hands, a bouquet of flowers from corrugated paper.

Surround flower

Such unusual flowers are perfect for decorating curtains in an apartment, in addition, they will look great on any outfit in the form of a brooch. For their production you will need paper, stationery glue, scissors with sharp ends, as well as a ring or button, in order to secure the product. To give the flower volume you need to make a lot of layers.make a bouquet of flowers from paper do it yourselfInitially, they put all the layers together and cut out a rectangle 30 cm wide and 15 cm long. Of them they make an accordion with folds about one or two centimeters wide. In the center of the accordion should be fixed ring. Get a fan that is glued in a circle. The top layer is compacted to the center of the flower. This manipulation is repeated with all layers. Ready volume flower can be used as an ornament.

Rose with corrugated paper candy

For the manufacture of the composition it is necessary to prepare: thread, corrugated paper, floristic wire, small candy, tape-tape and scissors. First, cut six petals, four centimeters wide, and five pieces, six centimeters wide, from corrugated paper. Next, make the form of rose petals.In the center of the flower with wire and wire to fix the candy, close its wide petals so that it is not visible. Then tightly wrap the middle with the same petals so that the height is the same. Less tightly wrap narrow petals, decorate the base of the flower, make leaves. Then we need to make some more similar flowers, and in this way, we will have a bouquet of flowers from sweets and corrugated paper.

Useful tips and tricks for making bouquets of sweets

  • Composition or a single flower can be given any contour, if properly used corrugated paper. To do this, you need to gently straighten the fold. In order to smooth the contour of the edge of the paper, it is twisted on a pencil, and with the help of the needles it is curled to create decorative elements.
  • In order for the flower to hold tightly on the stem, it is necessary to apply decorative tape.
  • The grounds for a bouquet of sweets are best made from foam, pasted on a piece of cardboard.
  • For figured crafts it is best to use foam, which is wrapped in foil or crepe paper, and only then decorated with candy.
  • These leaves, which are used to create bouquets, must be processed with melted paraffin. In this form, they will keep their shape and will retain their original state much longer.

How to pack a bouquet of flowers in corrugated paper

Such a wrapper will give the bouquet weightlessness and fragility. Unlike a grid, corrugated paper is very vulnerable. It is very easy to make your own packaging in the form of an hourglass. She is collected by an accordion and placed in the middle a bouquet of flowers. Then wrapped and tied with a decorative ribbon closer to the base of the bouquet.

In stores and at fairs you can buy any thing, but what you have done yourself will always be valued higher. Thus, making beautiful and unusual paper flowers is becoming a very popular activity. A bouquet of flowers made of paper will decorate any interior. Make it simple enough, it will take only a little time, patience and fantasy.

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