What is a bond

What is a bond? Ivan Kochura March 20, 2013 The calculation of the economy is a very serious and responsible matter. Wrong approach or wrong solutions to economic problems lead to complete bankruptcy. In this article we will consider one of the options for..

Antenna for the home

Antenna for the home. I brought a TV set with the old antenna to the dacha, but for some reason it is embarrassing all the programs, and what catches it shows with a ripple. Advise me what to do, how to establish a clear..

Boring Machines: Specifications, Manufacturers

Boring Machines: Specifications, Manufacturers can be used for processing blanks in the conditions of a simple single production, and industrial serial. Equipment of this type is highly specialized or universal. The latter type of machines, in turn, is divided into horizontal, diamond, and coordinate-boring..

Salad Recipes with Squid and Korean Carrots

Salad Recipes with Squid and Korean Carrots Each experienced hostess has in her stock a variety of recipes that can be prepared for any occasion. Do not make exceptions and snacks. One of the most popular is a salad with squid and Korean carrots..

How does miscarriage happen

How does a miscarriage happen? The time of the merger of the egg and sperm is considered the beginning of pregnancy. The normal development of the fetus can be hampered by various factors, the result of which is a miscarriage. In this article, we..

How to care for Persian kittens

How to care for Persian kittens Cats are cute animals that are loved by children and the majority of adults, and even the one who doesn’t tolerate representatives of the cat breed will be indifferent to a small fluffy lump. So, let's talk about..

TV Knight: history, awards, settings

TV "Vityaz": history, awards, settings The Belarusian enterprise OJSC Vityaz is one of the largest in its territory. This is a diversified company engaged in the production of household, medical and television equipment and other products. TV "Vityaz" takes a large percentage in the..

How to make a black face mask - recipes and tips

How to make a black face mask - recipes and tips Getting rid of many women seems like an impossible mission. This problem takes a lot of time, effort and money, but it is never completely solved. Black Mask - Chinese cosmetological sensation, promising..

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